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  1. Yeah that's exactly it. I was wondering if maybe they registered a false snap point when I went through and replaced the stone with metal, somehow? But that doesn't make sense either, cause I've done that to other structures and had no issues.
  2. Yeah, greenhouse triangles can still be picked up. I don't know if it's actually a bug or if it was intended, though. But never the metal ones.
  3. Are there some funky auto decay timers going off? Was away for about 36 hours and log on to find that a bunch of my metal triangle ceilings and a greenhouse triangle ceiling were "auto decayed". It makes no sense cause they were very much attached to other structures. They acted like they were on the "solo" 12 hour decay timer. Exactly how it sounds. They were attached to structures. It was a seemingly random choosing of triangle ceilings, as there are many that remained. And it was easily within 36 hours of being away. Not the usual 15 day timer that is for attached steel structures. Le
  4. I transferred my boss dinos in to server 301 to attempt the Broodmother fight for the first time. I started off with the Gamma at the red obelisk, which I beat but my character didn't transfer out with my dinos. After 15+ minutes of conducting uncivilized behavior, my character: Druss, met an unfortunate end. Not one to be deterred, I immediately respawned back and ran back the the red obelisk where my loving dinos were lulling there none-the-wiser. Under the pretense of being able to collect my loot off of my recently deceased body, I, (clothed in the same apparel that I entered this world)
  5. Looks like almost every server is locked out. Couple gens and all the crystal seem to be the only ones with people.
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