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  1. impossible to ride pelagornis on official server with flying mount off never thought fishing from gasbag, i should try you can fish during the fishing mission, it will spawn chair, just then use/swith to your own rod also, about BP, best way IMO is to gather exagon, and exchange for some red loot crate (35k) good luck
  2. Extinction pve 493 OFF since 7:30 pm Paris time server down please reboot server like all other server lag every 2min please fix this
  3. same here, on Oceanic biomes too (fats moving missions, but also off missons when searching for some high lvl creatures) also got disconnected in Bog during sarco tracking missions... but NEVER on snow where i spend most of my time, not on volcanic too nor lunar. i can get disconnected after 3minutes on the bad day The only solution that helped me was to go around the map slowly to precharge the map where the manta race would happen for example, but even if it helped, i got disconnected later during the race (guess i didn't charge everything Eh) i reseted
  4. sorry to say that, but i don't want Genesys to come in lesst than 2 weeks with the actual experience we have of Ark starting a new dlc come with it's own problem and flaws, which additionally to the current situations (even out of event) will be unbereable and i say that also for WC, man you going to be trash talked for the rest of the season
  5. our main pve server official is not protected by battle eyes, impossible to find it in the list, but appear on my favorite list also on it, we are getting disconnected every 5/10min because of battleeyes or lag spike also sometimes it asks for a password when you try to reocnnect(Oo) #officialserver
  6. regarding PC patch notes of [304.3] Does it means we are allowed to change our INI file without risking getting ban ?
  7. i've had issue with Battle eyes loop when trying to connect to beta test server in steam >everything works perfectly >tried to install update from beta test server in steam (14GO~ish) >>battle eyes loop, impossible to connect >>reupdate to install normal Ark (yay back to update xxGO again '.' ) battle eyes working again you can still try to switch that ?
  8. [QOL] Pick up nearby (F) - more new function to come ? Are the Dev team going to release more QOL improvment before the new start with Genesis coming in January ? i liked the idea to get more options following all the idea added in https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oMHjs3UiR2OwvUn0V6QQogL4uT0XRtxrua8Gs6mFa5M/edit#gid=0 made by Cedric even though the new 'PICK UP Nearby' wasn't on it, i wish you guys would add much more on each of your SPRINT ! i feel like the game is getting more attention to the details recently and i believe the community likes it!
  9. today i learned, that i can desactivate those mother freaking skins everytime i jump from server to server ! you made my day
  10. S0DA

    best metal spot

    Tek Leggings lose their elements charge, so you won't be able to move as soon as you upload your char on the other server (keep that in mind for solo player) also, there is a HUUUUUGE difference between anky with 600 melee and 1000. it' s completely noticeable so i wonder how you were able to determinate that 600 is enough from 600 to 1000 i get an increase of ~60%+ more metal (pve official on 2x) cannot test beyond 1100~ish
  11. S0DA

    50k veins solo

    the hard thing is to walk around with a giga, it gets stuck pretty easily. though, you should focus more about the main node, and let the small one get destroyed, a bad for a good in my opinion.. it's hard to hit the dinos, so if you really want to save them, the best is to have a bunch of Velos i guess (tanky enough ? i don't use them and it's too long to uncryo them) You won't get any big element from them anyway
  12. they don't eat from inventory when you are on rendering, it has been said multiple time you just need to be present to keep it alive
  13. Same, hapenned a second time on extinction, purely got dead, my mana and bulbdog. nothing to retrieve when i came back i use Nvidia 1050 GTX TI i won't fly anymore with managarms on official because of fear to loose them... sometimes i got jumped high in the sky after a big lag, even without clicking more to jump, but i don't die i'd imagine that when you get propulsed that high, the game instantly kill you beyond a certain distance ? could it be ?
  14. Happened too, on Scorched Earth, Official PVE 2days ago no trace (i should place gps on dinos when going for a long raid in cas eit happens again) haven't been killed like in the Twitch video , i've just been 100meters in front of what i saw myself second before doesn't seems like a lag or something ... It would have been dead already but no message (couldn't check the sky to see if it was floating)
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