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  1. Personally I prefer a delay regarding Genesis. Doesn't matter how long. IF (and i stress IF), they will release a DLC that is at least half or less broken than Extinction was. Any rush and childish complaining about it begs for disaster; and the whining will increase. I don't want any more server wipes because of bugs after the release, I don't want broken spawns of end-game creatures in your base, I don't want server crashes, exploits that enable looting on PvE, creatures dying during lag spikes or stuck in meshes. I am sick of these things that keep persisting and sometimes only get exacerbated with each patch and update. I finally want a polished, sufficiently tested out DLC that justifies every cent I spent on it. No rush; any delay is acceptable; people understand if you keep them informed. Just do a better job. What releases have been before can't be imposed as an acceptable standard, sorry to say this Ark Team. You need to do better.
  2. My chibi also lost over 10k XP during the last server restart. Official PVE.
  3. You can only expect less from PvP servers. PvE is your solution.
  4. Progress is something. But with the frequency the servers crash and the rollbacks after each update, with 2h saves, imagine how many lost characters there will be after a transfer. If you would transfer after that 2h save and the server crashes/restarts in the next 2h, bye bye character. And since de devs will not implement for whatever reason fail safes to recover your original character, this will never be implemented.
  5. Same on Island346. Spawns are extremely rare, even with killing fish. And the fact that there are bases all around the spawns does not help. A ticket didn't solve the problem. It was so bad before some bases auto-decayed, that nobody could fight alpha Megapithecus for months.
  6. Yes, still a bug. Especially on Aberration. But still encounter it on Extinction and Island.
  7. Pro: - Chibis and the fact that they stay after event is over - Island winter theme was beautiful. Would be nice to have such a visual overhaul on all maps. Great work on that! - 2x boost on everyhting Cons: - Chibi drop chances are broken like hell (a vault full of Chibis and I have about 20, maybe 30 different types from hundreds of coals and mistletoe; I have an army of moschops, megatherium and daedons, it's ridiculous and really got me hating the system). Out of over 350 chibis, I have 3 rock golem as a rare drop, that's it. - The quality of loot from Gacha Claus is a joke; I got a ton of stuff Beach-Bobs can find in any drop - The idea of a Winterwonderland event is great as a concept, BUT ONLY if you can actually play during the event. During the last week ALL servers in my favorites list and ALL my Ark friends lists were completely unstable, constant global disconnects (not only during server saves), 255 ping issues/rubberbanding, server crashes that sometimes lasted most of the day with the accompanying rollbacks. Even Aberration had these problems (it's a first). Filing outage reports did nothing to help, it only got worse every day. We couldn't leave the base, especially after I started losing tames to the bad lag and disconnects. You really need to check your server network. It can't handle more than 20 players WITHOUT an event on any server until serious performance issues occur. - Decorations get deleted after event. I would like to be able to keep them and pick them up anytime I like and place them again whenever I want. - XP amounts to level up chibis are also a ridiculous grindfest. The fact that they seem to reset XP from time to time doesn't help. - On aberration there are at least 2 locations on the Red Obelisk Surface where Gacha Claus drops presents outside of the border.
  8. Some new weapons are coming to Genesis, like the shoulder mounted tek cannon/rifle/sniper
  9. An event where lag, disconnects, rubberbanding, constant crashes and rollbacks are not the main part of the event...
  10. Oieru

    Servers are unstable

    I don't really understand why the topic has been moved to the Aberration discussions, but well... So much for reading into the stuff we write. You mention one server as an example out of a whole list and the rest gets ignored? By the way, the problems still persist, on all servers: Aberration220, Island346, Extinction493 etc.
  11. Oieru

    Servers are unstable

    It has been a week since my last option, Aberration220 became unplayable too. At least I could play on that during the event, but now there is no other option. It is so bad, that even a GM got a disconnect during an appointment...
  12. Servers are unstable EVERY SINGLE server on my favorite list is unstable with disconnects every few minutes, crashes every few hours and constant rubberbanding. Aberration220 never had such issues until the last few days of this event. Every single ark player in my friends list complains about these same issues on all their servers. It has gotten so worse, that we are unable to do much on any server. It is ridiculous. @Cedric filling out outage reports has done nothing to alleviate the problem (I lost count of how many I have filled out); the problems are worse, not better. Before launching more patches and new content, please make a priority to see into the issues of the entire server network. They can't even take 20 online players without an event, yet alone when there is one. The game has become unplayable.
  13. Default Favorite Servers menu I would like the favorite servers tab to be the default tab always when opening the "join ark" menu. Every time I transfer, the default tab reverts to the whole server list. Which means I have to always wait 1-2min for all the official servers to be loaded, time in which the game stutters and all buttons are non-functioning. Very rarely the game loads the list smooth and without stutter. 99% of the time I am joining anyways a favorite server, so I don't see the point of having to filter out again the whole server list.
  14. Same here, stocking crashing game when trying to place it. Official Server. Managed to place 2 a few days ago. But today it just crashes the game.
  15. Wasn't there a public server to test such things out before they came out? One of the most versatile creatures in Ark is now so annoying to use that I better hop on a Wyvern or Rock Drake and do something else. I spent the last 2 weeks breeding Manas and got nice babies. Won't bother raising them at this point. They'll just stand pretty in the base.
  16. The Mana is now only good for putting it on display on a taxidermy base. As it was said before, I am also tired of some meta PvP to dictate things. A lot of us aren't playing PvP and are playing for fun. With this change you just took out a big fun part. I'm playing for fun, PvE, to relax, not to stress over raids and kills. Manas are useless now. Nobody just walks around the entire map. Maps have terrain differences, often high cliffs that Manas wouldn't even be able to reach now. And even just walking is annoying, because of the constant pooping. Not to mention they are constantly getting killed during lag by being teleported outside the map area (fascinating how this gamebraking bug still persists; yet you waist resources on absurd nerfs). So imagine what happens now when you have to constantly land and spam the jump and dash button; disaster and so annoying! Not to mention that GMs are not allowed because of the internal policy to replace any tame/item and raise any baby; they will only give you a level 201 creature in return for your loss; it's like they are making fun of you on purpose. The only safe map was aberration were this didn't happen and there they are completely useless now as they can't get out of the radiation zone. You are again imposing changes focused ENTIRELY and ONLY and ALWAYS on PvP! If you only care about the PvP players just say so and remove the PvE mode entirely. In conclusion:
  17. My event colored chibi got deleted today in the transmitter because of a server crash. So that basically sums it up for me.
  18. Deleted characters are a constant fear. Ark is designed with transfers in mind. Doesn't work without (at least you don't get the full experience).
  19. Oieru


    Your problem is PvP. A sad side of this game and humanity in general. What you need would be separate changes to PvP and PvE. Or a switch to PVE. Or a switch to something more nice, like Kerbal Space Program
  20. Same here: Extinction493, Island346, Abberation220, everywhere the same. I get the parasaur notification, but nothing loads and can't move, no menu options, nothing. I get only the sound from the loading menu. And my babies have apparently hatched, great...
  21. Same here: Extinction493, Island346, Abberation, everywhere the same. I get the parasaur message, but nothing loads and can't move, no menu options, nothing. And my babies have apparently hatched...
  22. Suttering Dino Animations With the latest patch, to decrease CPU load client-side, they introduces an option called "animation staggering" which makes it look like creatures that are further away stutter and render at only a few FPS. To revert to the fluid motion of rendered creatures go to advanced options (second tab in the options menu) and untick "animations staggering".
  23. Where the hell did you get that number from? Not even in the glory days of Ark did they have 9 million players. Game breaking bugs reduces it to this: https://steamcharts.com/app/346110 Ark is the 11th game with most players on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/stats/Steam-Game-and-Player-Statistics?l=t
  24. Since the update, animations on dinos that are a little further away are stuttering. It is really annoying and takes the immersive feel of the game big-time.
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