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  1. What about one way transfers from PVP -> PVE?
  2. The-EU-PVE-Ragnarok33

    It's listed as 'dead' on battlemetrics aswell.
  3. Was listed as offline on battlemetrics, now listed as 'dead'.
  4. When 33, 34, or 35 go down, all 3 go down. Stuff like this is nothing new & has been happening for months on these 3 servers
  5. Biggest bait thread I've seen in a while.
  6. Fert egg timers

    Having the same issue here, timer always resets with >30 seconds left on it & it spoils a lot faster than usual when i have the tribute page open,
  7. lost all rexes for no reason

    You managed to get a response? I sent in a ticket back in january & never got a response ;-;
  8. Rex Lvls when breeding?

    Depends on stats, but any dino on official thats >450 gets despawned on server restart
  9. Ragnarok wyvern nests query?

    Most of the nests spawn in the scar, althouth 1-2 may spawn in the wyvern cave by the cove
  10. Crafting skill useless with Caped BP

    The durability doesn't reset on restart
  11. AFK Fix incoming - Source : Reddit

    inb4 people start using afk macros
  12. Nothing you do on unofficial counts. There's no thrill to spending 5 minutes to get a level 500 giga. People play official because there aren't mods and abusive admins.
  13. ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack Announced!

    hopefully it doesn't allow transfers
  14. so tell me what did we get for pre-access

    wipes and dissapointment