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  1. So what happened yesterday?

    Everything EU was down, ark servers, sta, & the nitrado website itself.
  2. If you do this, then you'll start walking up to bags with 1-2 seconds left on them lul
  3. Legacy Official PVE Server Backups

    Ark when it meets TheIsland_Ruins...
  4. They take less damage from the fire breath & can use veggie cakes, if you go with Rex's you'll start seeing a screen of death messages halfway-through
  5. Officially killed Beta Dragon on Official using Officially overpowered Therizinios whilst shooting Official assault rifles!
  6. What's the strongest creature you own?

    Level 305 Tuso with 100k health + 500% damage
  7. pve WTB Alpha Ragnarok and Center bossfights

    Dragon basically has colisions off, will fly through dinos and structures. Rexes will be killed in minutes in da arena. Best way is to use guns/theriz's + cakes, Rush it while it's landed and shoot while it's in the air.
  8. pvp Join on a tribe on medium Drag run

    You can't tame the dragon...
  9. Alpha, that's gonna be a fun one.
  10. Blocked Oblesks Cant do anything

    There's limitations, just because something's there doesn't mean you're allowed to do it.
  11. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    What about a way to say - freeze a dino, so that it's rendered as a structure insted of an entity with the ability to still lay eggs. would allow for kibble farms with less lag, aswell as bringin down the cap a bit.
  12. 'Novelty' boss teams?

    Kentros pack a fair punch against brood, havent seen anyone attempt monkey with them though.
  13. Something happened

    OC-145 + 146 still isn't showing up, battlemetrics has it listed as invalid
  14. Something happened

    Most of OC is still down for me, query error.