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  1. I have a 1080 TI, but have been having similar issues to those others here have described. ARK will freeze, and once terminated via Task Manager, BSOD. The BSOD messages have varied but typically BAD_POOL_CALLER All my issues started when I upgraded to driver version 411.70 around 28/9. I tried drivers 411.63 and had similar issues, and 416.34 yesterday. For me, I have gone back to 399.07 and had no issues. Story with friends is similar. One hasn't upgraded drivers and has no issues, one has and is seeing similar problems that I am.
  2. My two cents as PVE player: I agree that pictures like the one in this crunch are an bad example of pillar abuse. Land grabbing with long term plans(months of no activity) or to claim large sections of the map aren't ok. But some pillaring is appropriate: - Resource protection (stone/metal/obsidian/creature spawns) is a common reason that pillaring is used and new players build without knowing what they are blocking. - Laying out your claim to land when starting out if you don't want someone building right next to you preventing you from finishing planned layout. A structure you can build in your first few weeks will differ greatly in size from a long term setup. - Foundations/Pillar and ceiling to prevent wild spawns in the confines of base walls. Large tribes that tend to pillar huge sections of the map are likely to just build bigger spawn blocking structures causing more frustration for servers that for the most part have bigger issues with server tame caps.
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