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  1. Sorry than! Realy totaly missunderstood and since i didnt even try to download since no of my servers got deleted i didnt knew that!
  2. TBH if i get the Server Files it doesnt matter WHAT u use at host... u could use your own PC (server will just be online as long as u play. not recommended)... u could use a Server Hosting Service such as Nitrado or gamed... but since u are are unhappy with that i can recommend for you... pay money.. get a server... Host it on your own server in your own Basement or get it to an data Processing service Center! PS. what u are Complaining about is like getting a Driver License (server data). Ive got my Driver license (server data) but now i cant drive bc i dont have a Car (Server) I
  3. also can just suggest to Tame Dodos and make a Mate party
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