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  1. LAN play impossible without Internet?

    i think its not working i tried too, but nothing
  2. How to tame the pegomastax, easy!

    thanks for the video, its very helpfull
  3. Best Way to Get Beeswax?

    thanks gaulks it helps me
  4. Best Way to kill Alpha Rexes?

    its simple. Tame a giga and problem is solved
  5. Dino Info Tab

    yeah man very good idea. I agree
  6. My Friend Have a Problem

    try to check some videos on youtube
  7. Quetzals not spawning

    I didnt find any quetz for two days man
  8. Artifacts Bugged?

    its normal dude. dont worry ur not alone
  9. server 534 has been offline for more than 15 hours

    yeah i have the same problem