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  1. Hi skullman,

    Please carefully read my entire post before you offer me a solution.


    As I have shown in the other post I'm using the last driver Version and there is no Problem with my driver or graphic card.



    After I have closed BattlEye I was able to start ARK again and it works. A friend of mine has asked me how could I play 22 hours ARK or why I didn't logout?=> Well it seems that BattlEye didn't shut down the connection was still up for 22 hours and occurs the crash and blocked himself, maybe.


    Thanks! ;)


    1. skuIlman


      Run the BattlEye process as admin? Might allow access to the blocked system file.

    2. Kerbi


      As I did written the process itself didn't end itself because of a bug.

      So the process itself did block itself so I have end the process and it works without admin rights.

      By the way games who need admin rights are quite old or bad programmed.

      But thanks anyway ;) - its still a bug or bad programmed BatllEye problem. BallteEye should recognized that itself is still running. This is an amateur developer problem. But the developers of such a system should be more skilled.

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