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  1. Neovenator somnum exterreri Temperament: Nocturnally aggressive Time Period: Early Cretaceous Genus: Carcharodontosaurian INFO Neovenator is a carnivorous theropod somewhere between an Allosaurus and a Megalosaurus in size. It inhabits the rubble, ruins, and rock piles of Fjordur such as Minas Truth and the Dwarven Mines. Though relatively dazed and docile during the day hours, this creature's true colors show when the sun goes down, literally and figuratively. When dawn approaches, Neovenator begins to wake and enters the first stage of nighttime transformation. Bioluminescent spots resembling marks from big cats such as leopards and jaguars glow with varying hues of green, blue, pink, orange, and yellow, and the Neovenator will become more energetic. During the second stage, the Neovenator will leave its territory in search of suitable meals. Due to its rather nasty habit of eating spoiled bits of meat, its bite has an acidic and corrosive property, which isn't even the worst part, as a deadly bacterium known as Pestilentia Multorum thrives in the unkempt maw of the Neovenator. When the bacteria is ingested, the Neovenator faces no ill effects and even manages to weaponize it as a hunting tool. At the third and final stage of transformation, the Neovenator has now fully woken and uses its crippling bacteria bite to hunt things as absurdly large as Titanosaurus. Neovenator has adept climbing abilities on par with a Deinonychus and has night vision similar to night vision goggles that it can share with its rider through its spines. It can also swell up its throat pouch and expel the glob of acidic bacteria at something. Unique variants have been introduced, such as the Stonekeeper Neovenator that features rock like scutes on its body, the Deep Cave Neovenator, which glows with bioluminescent gems and crystals, and the Alpha Neovenator, which features a skull on its head. TAMING Taming a Neovenator is like playing with biological warfare. However, they can be domesticated. First, find an airtight suit. Hazard gear, gas mask, scuba gear, and tek gear will all adequately protect you from the disease (but just a gas mask or scuba won't protect against acid). Though weaker at day, they will only accept food at night. During the early hours of the night, you will need to kill dinos or humans, but you need to remember to NOT harvest the body. Let the body sit until it's about to decompose, then offer it to the hungry creature. Neovenators are instinctively aggressive to anything rotten, so as long as you aren't carrying spoiled meat, the Neovenator won't attack. RIDING A NEOVENATOR Once you've tamed a Neovenator, you can use an arsenal of attacks to help immobilize and devour your target. - Press LMB to bite (inflicts Acid Burn, new buff called The Pestilence (drains 5% of total health over a three second period, only works on creatures up to the size of a rex) - Press RMB to roar (aesthetic only) - Press C for night vision toggle - Press SPACE for jump - Hold SPACE to latch onto surfaces, that, unlike Deinonychus, can be latched onto both upside down and vertically - Hold LMB for acid bacteria liquid (can be aimed with crosshair and will be fired upon release of LMB, must be refilled and charged with spoiled meat, liquid capacity goes up with hunger stat) MISC Featuring variants such as: - Stonekeeper Neovenator (Found only in Minas Truth) - Ghost Neovenator (Fear Evolved) - Deep Cave Neovenator (Found only in Dwarven Mines) - Alpha Neovenator (Found in place of any Neovenator)
  2. i played on my boosted pve non dedicated session and built an awesome base. then i admin abused so bad that i spawned in a tamed x dragon (his names cadmus), a broodmother, summoner, r reaper queen, a breeder of all alpha dinos, and some other things then spent half an hour coloring them to my liking
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