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  1. God this site is ridiculous to navigate on a phone. Anyhoo I really hope that they're working on this. Maybe.... I don't know call me crazy, but maybe putting almost every dino in the game on 1 map was a bad idea. Just a thought. A third of them could go. You can jump to other maps if you want anyway.
  2. 25 minutes of gameplay is what I get before the game crashes. I'm on PS4. This is just bad...I don't want to even start up the game anymore. Forgot about the texture problem if the game doesn't work. What the actual hell?
  3. Tamed an owl and he can't keep his shape. If it does pop in, it lasts for a second or 2 and goes back to looking like a floating origami mess. Is console getting an update sometime soon? This sucks, makes me not want to play at all.
  4. (PS4 single player) First off let's talk about the textures....or lack there of. Before it was a sometimes thing, if you turn too quickly dinos and structures would look like playdough. On lost island it's all the time. Also there's an issue with certain dinos and the ground. They jitter in place and sometimes sink into the ground. For the 4th-5th day in a row my game crashed mid air, I think it's the autosave... maybe ? Super frustrating because, like today... just now. I had finished taming a high level rex and on the way back the game crashed. The save it chose was before I even left my base, loosing quite a bit of time. Please look into this.
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