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  1. Yes, since gen 2 came out it has really big files so I am not mad or surprised that the Easter event came out.
  2. The change willl be very quick because having to ark accounts on your pc at the same time would cause a lot of lag. Less lag would happen if you were in the same server.
  3. Hello there demoralizis13, Ark is cross-platform but you can not play the same ark account through steam and epic games you would need a separate account. # support invincibleqc
  4. I am getting boarded of being cramped in a boaring wooden raft in ark. Does any one have any images or vids of cool raft ideas. Just send the link down below.
  5. I will tell my friend that thank you!!!
  6. Do you need a saddle for the turtle guys in the island because i saw someone taming one in a pve map and it was killed. i thought the turtle dudes were passive tames?
  7. I play on primitive plus and it loads fine but i have very strong internet. Does anyone know if there is a longneck rifle in primitive plus... So far I have been loving the new builds in primitive plus and the knew arrows but otherwise the gameplays is not as fun as regular ark.
  8. Why is primitive plus so hated?
  9. how do you install structeres plus into ark?
  10. Also does ark season pass expire?
  11. Is structures plus worth the money thank you
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