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  1. this planted one zone all for pillars (left zone the green obelisk)
  2. Hi guys! i player in server 193 pve office server (scorched) There was a problem that was not very pleasant during the game today.During the construction of the my base, neighbors come and say this. ``Do not build a building in front of my base. Erase everything you have built and move it to another place.(where? u planted 1zone all for pillars) Otherwise, it is war..( war? in the pve?) And your base is blocking the way (me? or you?)``. The green is base neighbood ok guys, near the obelisk, one or two tribe planted pillars throughout the territory, But is not it good for everyone to share? And do they have the right to force us not to build a building?
  3. ALL PVE Server Official 1 Server dino cap 2 Lag in weekend event (cant join the server) 3 Pillar field
  4. ulgi81

    Ragnarok Dino Cap

    i need too tame griffin but cant tame for cap There is no other way. Just waiting......
  5. This is a serious problem now. Many tribes collect and tame the unused dinosaurs. for example 60giga or +-60ptera (for why? in pve) But...These are not the problem, It's your hobby. The problem is that the hobby is that other people will not be able to enjoy the content.(for sever capped dino) One of the ways, change limited dino tribe for account player.Then, many tribes will welcome new players than dinosaurs. Then a lot of tribes will not collect unused dinosaurs.
  6. ulgi81

    Piller Issues

    The server PVE It was a problem before. Now it is becoming a more serious problem. In the past, it was to secure as much land as needed. But now, It has become a goal to prevent others from using it....If this situation is not improved,cant see new people anymore. Now the new server is a pillar field.... It is a reality that is becoming a game of land-playing rather than co-operating and enjoying each other.. Due to some selfish shortages,It is very sad that regulation becomes more difficult. Please, leave unused land for new people.
  7. ulgi81

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    The server pve .... NEED URGENTLY SOLUTION TO SERVER DINO CAP!!!!AND LAG The biggest problem is that many tribes have more than 60 dinosaurs of one species.. exp 60 giga or 60 ptera etc (for why?) Need change limited the Tribe for player exp 500 limit tribe for 150 limit for player Unused dinosaurs will disappear.