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  1. It took awhile, as i don't have a lot of characters so i don't transfer much, but i was duped. Thanks @Markdh31788 you were spot on. Downloaded the dupe on a rando island, and fed it to the dilos. The dude did not have engrams so it looks like was duped going in to rag. What a wonderful game.
  2. Unable to transfer I moved my Genesis character to Rag to run the boss and get engrams, but now I can not transfer off of Rag. I tried the transmitter and the obbi. I find what server i want to go to and click join with survivor, and all options grey out, but nothing happens. There is no error like when you have some thing that is not ready for upload or not transferable. I'v tried several servers as the destination, but still can not get off Rag. With the ticket ques going off the rails. I'm Hoping someone out there knows DILO is going on and how to fix this. I don't want my genes
  3. I know I am over a week late to this topic, but the donation(s) I tried to make when they were playing donation bingo just came out. It said it timed out at the time I made it so i didn't think it was going to be made at all. Kinda sucks because the amount I donated was not donated during the bingo so i would have got that spot. and since it was finally ran 8 days after game day it doesn't add into the game day total, or was even put towards the 8x. It for the kids and I'm cool with donating to the cause. I tried to donate 4 or 5 times and Extra life counted them as duplicates and
  4. I started playing a month or so after the game started in beta. Good ol PVPVE. When the titanomyrma were added it made my little nub base uninhabitable as it was right on spawn and i couldn't kill them. So I moved and made a new house and right before I called it quits for the night. a carno came over to beat up my new house. All i had was a 20 something trike and the 30 something Carno was trying to eat it. I stood on top of my house and somehow managed to knock it out, then spent the next few hours T-T taming it. I named him Fluffy. Fluffy had a long and eventful life, from that o
  5. Traded a butt load of ingots for a wyvern and had to make several argy train trips. Forgot to shut the door and someone helped themselves to the contents of my unlocked bookshelf, egg fridge, and fabricator. Even on PVE thieves are a bain, luckily all the ingot boxes were locked. Spent the day restocking though it will take awhile to replace all the lost BPs
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