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  1. I wanted to wish you the best of luck. I was recently in that same situation. It'd be nice to see a cloned character added to the season pass, but that ship has probably sailed long ago. Good luck!
  2. Gen 2 965 is down a couple of times every hour for about 15 mins each; sometime much worse. I don't know if it's exploits, DDOS, or just bad performance, but it makes make me wonder how Ark 2 will perform vs Ark.
  3. Raising a Giga that wanted care in 8hrs. I added an additional 45 mins to account for the lag, and logged back in 8hrs 42min later and was still 15 mins too early. The lag is getting worse. We're losing 1 hour every 8 hours on my server to lag. That seems....
  4. The Steam in-game view online players option has stopped working as well. At first I thought WC did something to improve server stability, but just a few minutes online, flying fish everywhere.
  5. That read like a laundry list of excuses that barely passes the sniff test. The average bear (QA tester getting their paws on the DLC) would want to test Meks against some base defense. That simple action would've discovered the Mek "base wipe" ability pretty quick. Was everyone just flying gasbags and noting how pretty the map was? Not only do you need to improve your longterm communication and response time, but a better QA strategy as well.
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