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  1. I wrote "They despawn, delete, die..." You clearly don't comprehend well. What a silly way to get out of early bird. Glad I could help.
  2. What? You literally said in the title Managarmr eaten by wildcard. Then in the body you say "all gear and tame lost" and again "will wildcard return all lost gear and tames?" The patch notes posted is what's happening to your Managarmr's. I've lost 5 of them the same way. They despawn, delete, die sending you to a respawn screen without a death message. The patch fixed it - so far no deaths. Did you even read back what you wrote?
  3. Thank you for this update!!
  4. For the love of - whatever you love - fix this now! Between just two tribes on an official island server, we've lost four to despawn while riding. Any random lag spike and poof, off to the respawn screen for the player. No death message, no mana, no gear. C'mon, this has been going on too long w/o a fix or even a response from WC. There's tickets open, reddit posts, post on this forum, etc. I've been riding one around naked trying to record the bug; I have a recording of the bug that just shoots you up toward the top of the map, but hopefully someone has video of the despawn bug so WC can see it.
  5. I've been sent to the respawn screen while riding one along the beach. Seems like it may be related to lag spikes, but since the server lags so often it's hard to say. Third loss on my server to the same bug.
  6. That and the ability to make your tames stop moving when mating. You have to use multiple leashes when mating Managamr's or one will push the other through the mesh.
  7. That read like a laundry list of excuses that barely passes the sniff test. The average bear (QA tester getting their paws on the DLC) would want to test Meks against some base defense. That simple action would've discovered the Mek "base wipe" ability pretty quick. Was everyone just flying gasbags and noting how pretty the map was? Not only do you need to improve your longterm communication and response time, but a better QA strategy as well.
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