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  1. They're an american based game. It has everything to do with an on time release.
  2. I am so disappointed by everyone. There are literally people being murdered. Abused. Sentenced to jail because we are trying to change our country for the betterment of a race. So what they're not prepared to handle an event and also the release of a new map. Yeah, i get it. they're not on time like always. But take a look around in the world. Please. Can you not put yourself into someone else's shoes and have a little bit of faith? I guarantee you a lot of people would be saying the complete opposite if these things were supposed to be released on time. "how dare they when innocent people are rioting and being beaten" This is an American based game. Ced is fighting the long fight. We are all ready for change. Get your heads out of your butts for just enough time to see that they're trying to be considerate. Everyone's lives matter right now. You guys should be angry, but this is not the time or place to be.
  3. not gonna lie. the people who transfer the same day patches hit are the ones at fault XD you never move characters on servers if the server list is yellow or if it says deploying XD
  4. Still recruiting for conquest?

    3.6k+ hours into official PVE. looking for a change.

    let me know.

    -Mega#7312 (disc)

    -meganotosaurus (steam)

    1. Llamma


      I am recruiting for conquest but I couldn’t find you on disc.. mine is KillerLlammass#3086

    2. DeadStatix


      Llamma u can add me if you want DeadStatix#6729

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