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  1. Chibi Rarity Am I the only one frustrated with the drop rates of chibis? Like I understand they wanna make things rare...but it's completely RNG based and for some of us who have been farming the chibis this entire event...i still dont have all of them. I'm missing a few. And in order to buy them from someone else, i have to spend at least 500 tek for something like an HLNA...its upsetting since I have been up getting raptor claus presents 3-4 nights a day and getting some to all of the presents...this RNG table in my opinion needs reworking
  2. megaHammer

    Event Colors

    Event Colors 2 things. Is it possible that when the event colors are released, can it be listed that whites and blacks are added? Last event, black was not a color listed in the event colors on the CC, but it was in the event. I'm not complaining they added it. It's just nice to know that maybe normal white is going to be in Winter Wonderland instead of just nearWhite? 2nd. Can we get some new colors? The 4th of July was awesome. Halloween was meh. Thanksgiving was great with new colors....but honestly? No one wants browns or tans. We want ALL of the blues. ALL of the purples (maybe 49 in more than just one region?) ALL of the blues. Etc. Idk getting the same colors every event are meh. Imagine a negative christmas where the colors are reversed - black and purple and orange. Or anti valentine's is all blacks and blues instead of reds and whites. Switch the colors. Give us all at once. Etc. Dear devs/event planners, Can we also get a higher event colored dino spawn chance? Or a little star next to reaper queens if they're event? Sincerely, I'm tired of being pregnant all event
  3. Loving all of these. And to be honest, I would love to see more improvements to what being an ally is. All it is now is a different chat box and being able to build close to each other. I'd like to see the same "ally option" for doors or even letting allied dinos become mate boosted. I am really hoping that the dev's start looking on how to improve pve- it seems their focus recently has been all about PvP.
  4. not gonna lie. the people who transfer the same day patches hit are the ones at fault XD you never move characters on servers if the server list is yellow or if it says deploying XD
  5. So...what? We main on a ragnarok server. I've heard that the tame cap is less here than on like the island? not confirmed tho? Anyway. We get [][] storage tribes popping up on our map all the time. We hit tame cap....but cryos were supposed to help? oh no. They do quite the opposite. Once a server hits cap, and you cryo dinos to help out the tame cap, but there is no point. you've cryoed 30 dinos while your tribe mate sits and watches an egg and not once does it uncap. You get to 50 podded dinos. still no change. Only to find out when you accidentally uncryo a dino while cap, you uncryo it as if the server isn't capped. So now we have Chinese and other dino storing tribes bringing cryoed dinos over in the transmitter, and uncryoing the dinos even when we are capped...The whole point of cryopods was to help tame cap. We sell and give away cryopods all the time to all players....Soooo. Why are we allowed to uncryo dinos even when the server is tame capped? Also, how can we prove that a tribe is a storage tribe? They pop up like McDonald's (I'm in the US here) or any other chain fast food place that you never watch get built. you only see them randomly there one day.... I'm really annoyed.
  6. Still recruiting for conquest?

    3.6k+ hours into official PVE. looking for a change.

    let me know.

    -Mega#7312 (disc)

    -meganotosaurus (steam)

    1. Llamma


      I am recruiting for conquest but I couldn’t find you on disc.. mine is KillerLlammass#3086

    2. DeadStatix


      Llamma u can add me if you want DeadStatix#6729

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