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  1. megaHammer

    Tame Cap....STILL

    So...what? We main on a ragnarok server. I've heard that the tame cap is less here than on like the island? not confirmed tho? Anyway. We get [][] storage tribes popping up on our map all the time. We hit tame cap....but cryos were supposed to help? oh no. They do quite the opposite. Once a server hits cap, and you cryo dinos to help out the tame cap, but there is no point. you've cryoed 30 dinos while your tribe mate sits and watches an egg and not once does it uncap. You get to 50 podded dinos. still no change. Only to find out when you accidentally uncryo a dino while cap, you uncryo it as if the server isn't capped. So now we have Chinese and other dino storing tribes bringing cryoed dinos over in the transmitter, and uncryoing the dinos even when we are capped...The whole point of cryopods was to help tame cap. We sell and give away cryopods all the time to all players....Soooo. Why are we allowed to uncryo dinos even when the server is tame capped? Also, how can we prove that a tribe is a storage tribe? They pop up like McDonald's (I'm in the US here) or any other chain fast food place that you never watch get built. you only see them randomly there one day.... I'm really annoyed.
  2. megaHammer

    Water Transmitter

    Just wondering for everyone who has a water transmistter- How deep does the transmitter have to be to not kill your dinos when you port them in? Building a water pen and want to do it the right way.
  3. megaHammer

    Server won't uncap! Killed 8 and uploaded 12.

    Well, I'm here to put this out there, and WC needs to do something about it: Hope y'all have heard of the wandering dodo/jerboa mills. I'm not gonna pretend like they aren't a thing. Maybe things can't take up tame slots unless claimed, because then these mills would be failure. BUT! WC needs to do something about tame cap, period
  4. megaHammer

    Yet another Tame cap solution

    This would be a good idea. That way people who try to flex by showing off hundreds of their colored wyverns can actually put those to the test. what's the point in it being pretty if it can't fight? I was thinking-devs make mutations more common, or take off the mutation cap, that way breeders don't need 20 new females every couple of weeks to breed with those males that are mut capped. Increasing egg laying, now people don't have to tame 3 females to 1 male for a kibble farm. Decrease tribe cap. Also, limiting steam IDs to a certain number of tribes, like 1 per map, that way people can't store dinos on more than one map. More maps you have, less tribe cap you have. That way storage tribes really can't do storage. Also, with extinction coming out, they are doing the whole cryo storage thing. that might help to have vaults full of frozen dinos that don't need to be rendered in. putting dinos in a stasis mode so breeders can use the dinos they need, instead of leaving them out. Also kind of goes along with the original topic-you cryo a dino, there is a slot open for you. this way, you don't risk losing tames by getting deleted in ark data, or taking up someone else's server cap.
  5. megaHammer

    Extinction TEK Engrams

    May I introduce: Torpor gun-% of torpor, instead of set number Binoculars-gives you all the stats of wild dinos, so you know if it's worth KOing AC units on the silly side: campfire-AOE heal like forkknife torch-hypo and hyper insulated stats tent: portable small forcefield generator in miniature size repulsor plates: S+ mod item that basically acts like a human slingshot
  6. megaHammer

    How addicted to ARK are you?

    Considering one of my favorite dinos is the giga, and considering I also love to breed.....maybe my addiction is too much... These littles are my newest project. Pink ones all born with 285 melee, and the cyan is introducing new color into my line.
  7. megaHammer

    Dino you wish ARK hadn't nerfed

    TBH gigas...they are the hardest (easiest) things to tame. SO OP in the wild, but so bleh when tamed... Haven't really been around for the nerfing, but I mean transitioning from wild to tame, there are a bunch of dinos that kinda got nerfed that way. like ravagers. so op when in wild packs, but kinda meh when tamed.
  8. megaHammer

    unconscious players on mounts

    Or you know, steal people's batteries that they are using to farm element...the small things
  9. megaHammer

    Easter Tames

    The truth to this tho
  10. megaHammer

    Easter Tames

    I think I just drooled on my keyboard
  11. megaHammer

    Easter Tames

    Well, it sucks I can only upload one picture, as I didn't sleep the entire event, due to going tame crazy...It's hard to pick a favorite to share with you guys, as I have so many more things. I got a cyan yuty, pink giga, pink wyverns...I just wasn't able to get any drakes or reapers. This Easter event drove me crazy because my 2 favorite colors are cyan and pink...I'll be posting more to my steam profile screenshots if yall are interested. but here is the basi I tamed. only a level 22, but she's gorgeous
  12. megaHammer

    Portable Grill

    Wouldn't it be nice to be able to craft a portable grill and carry it around on your giga so you can cook prime meat right there in the inventory? I'm thinking it would be sweet and use gas like the chainsaw does. Yeah, Qs and other platformed dinos could be able to follow you around, but what about wyverns around the scar? start cooking the meat right there, so you don't have to kill one thing and come back. The thing would probably weigh a lot of units (45-50) so you only take it when you need it, but I think it would be a great addition. Any thoughts? Also, since everyone is gonna claim to get a phoenix and use it...like...not all of us poorer kids have them
  13. megaHammer

    Alpha Dragon (Island)

    I ran it around February 20th or so. Can't tell you an exact date. It was definitely after the TLC 1 update patch, as I didn't want to bring my VDAY rock drake to the island because I had to go find a drop to do it and not use the transmitter (hence why we ran alpha drag...), so yeah, after the update. Also need to mention that we lost 3/4 theris and the yuty by the end of it. I did notice the cake problems, but since it was my first run on alpha, I can't speak for the fire breath change.
  14. megaHammer

    Alpha Dragon (Island)

    I've ran alpha Dragon once, and we used 1 yuty, 1 pig, and the rest theri riders (like 7/8). All the theris were born with at least 350 melee, and after leveling, you want 20k health and the rest into melee. Theri riders brought 30-50 cakes for their theri, as to heal when their health started getting low. all asc saddles of course, even though that doesn't matter with the fire breath. We tried to go for each theri has a mate boosted partners, but you can only do so much with so many people. Although, I plan to run it again with everyone on their own, imprinted theri. Or even try it with rexs, since if you aren't using AI, you don't need to worry about the lava. We did use shotguns, but honestly, with the dragon in flying stage, I feel maybe assault rifles might do better, since the shotgun spray won't be as effective. once the dragon took off, we hopped off and shot the crap out of it. One person stayed on the theri to protect yuty and pig from ads. Some even suggest to bring 1 rex rider, as to more easily kill the ads with the rex's height. As only so many theris can fit under the dragon for the DPS session as it lands, taking turns on which theris need to brunt the force of the flame breath. Rinse and repeat with each landing/flying phase...