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  1. So after the aberration update my game is unplayable, even after i resetted the setting or set them to low. when im running everything is stuttering even if the fps are around 40. Anyone have the same issues?
  2. aldiator

    What's the best way to catch a dunkleo

    for an easy tame, build an underwater pen, which u can use for other tamesalso, if u build it large enough ^^
  3. aldiator

    pve Rex stats for boss killing

    is the easy dragon doable with only 2 peeps`?
  4. thats so true. if u are looking for some high level ocean animals u basiclly have to wipe them all on your own to get the respawns going
  5. aldiator

    pve Rex stats for boss killing

    did somebody already kill the dragon on easy on PVE new? any suggestions on how to do it?
  6. aldiator

    pve Rex stats for boss killing

    some1 killed the hard ape on island yet? what rexes stats should be the minimum? im thinking about 30k hp + 600+ dmg + 80 armor saddle should do it
  7. aldiator

    RIP ARK? More Content or More Fixes?

    more communication with the community would be great also...
  8. aldiator

    Teleporting to bosses question

    Yeah i wouldnt risk it, just stand under your dino
  9. aldiator

    fishing nerf fishing discussion

    can u get any bp + any quality, even asc., through fishing?
  10. When will S+ be implemented?
  11. aldiator

    pve Rex stats for boss killing

    Maybe off-topic but i could help others. My brother and i did the medium ape and spider on new PVE Official Island last week with 19 Rexes and 1 Yuty. Rex Stats after leveling up were: 30k Hp + 500 Dmg with 50 Armor Saddles. The rexes lost about 10k Hp (Ape) and 10-15k (Spider) Maybe that helps somebody who is not really sure if his rexes can do it.