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  1. For the sake of the dinosaur gods, someone make this manticora land, preferably before Genesis.
  2. You have noticed that the code of conduct is against the free expression of opinion. If you express something that is contrary to an "internal policy" that does not favor players, you are simply banned
  3. I had plans to renovate my aquarium at The Center, tame a Squid couple and start a small submerged base using the tek water cubes, but by stopping and reading Community Crunch 16 and understanding that Ark will only be supported until 2019, I got a huge discouragement, I have about eight thousand hours of game I started in ark when the dinos did not bleed when taking damage, there were no boss battles, if you think there are bugs today I can say that it was double or even the triple that amount to eight thousand hours ago, I feel like I've been a beta tester online by this time until the company matures and moves on to another.
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