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  1. In my tribe we lost some Wyverns and Tropeo, when flying through the Crystal map we noticed a huge amount of lost flights even at the bottom of the sea we found Wyverns, I'm wondering if we already have the old custom of losing the characters and now losing the dinosaurs what are we doing in Ark?
  2. My question is simple. Will there be no pronouncement or satisfaction regarding these losses, whether from engrams or characters?
  3. a mesma situação aqui meus companheiros tribos me enviou a foto do meu personagem dormindo mais quando eu entrar no servidor, a fim de criar outro em
  4. I lost on two different maps Two at a time after this patch
  5. Eu perdi em dois mapas diferentes Dois de uma vez depois deste patch
  6. NA-PVE-Official-Valguero551 - (v309.53) - DOWN I had to abandon the NA PvE server The Center 406 because it was impossible to play due to constant server crashes, I moved to the NA-PVE-Official-Valguero551 server - and the same situation is happening, anyone who knows one of these two stable maps could incite me. Before any moderator comes to ask me to fill out a bug reporting form, I have been doing this for at least three months. At the time of this post the PVE Valguero 551 server is offline.
  7. For the sake of the dinosaur gods, someone make this manticora land, preferably before Genesis.
  8. If your requirement for paid products is mediocre that's your problem
  9. In a conversation with my Ark friends, a group of about ten to twelve people who have migrated from legacy servers and have been playing for over two years, particularly me and three, came to the conclusion that Ark would only improve as game / software if WC would merge with a more technical / professional gaming company that has the ability and experience to solve critical game issues throughout its lifetime, or even sell its franchise to save the game, for she alone has been unable to technically advance this game.
  10. If it was one time or another it would be normal but I have been playing this for three years and it is always like this, or you get used to it or leave the game, it literally will not change the WC shows this since early access
  11. Sometimes simple questions reveal great discoveries. Is this game having fun or stressing you out?
  12. You have noticed that the code of conduct is against the free expression of opinion. If you express something that is contrary to an "internal policy" that does not favor players, you are simply banned
  13. I play on Ragnarock 383, when I was going to prepare to make the boss in the alpha my friend sent me a message that I had lost all Rexes waiting for Maticora to land, notice we made this boss a thousand times, and every time it was the even suffocate until the manticore lands, so that after the last update what was bad just got worse.
  14. I had plans to renovate my aquarium at The Center, tame a Squid couple and start a small submerged base using the tek water cubes, but by stopping and reading Community Crunch 16 and understanding that Ark will only be supported until 2019, I got a huge discouragement, I have about eight thousand hours of game I started in ark when the dinos did not bleed when taking damage, there were no boss battles, if you think there are bugs today I can say that it was double or even the triple that amount to eight thousand hours ago, I feel like I've been a beta tester online by this time until the company matures and moves on to another.
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