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  1. This sucks because I'll be with my family.
  2. Why you guys want more people to buy this game when I can't support the one you guys have already, to weeks with a ticket of lost character and no respond already lost all my dinos 3 more day the base gone, so why buy the game when still why a bunch of bug, crash, people's multiplying stuff so please be real this game is to much for you guys. Thank ypu
  3. Good luck guys keep up with the good work ARK
  4. Will we have any 2x or 3x maturation time this month or anytime soon?
  5. Question? My tribe is on legacy server, from what i seen wildcard could delete the legacy server in any moment, can I move from legacy to the new server n how I do it
  6. does anyone know what servers is not getting deleted. I'm on one of the list above for xbox my tribe is huge please help
  7. Great news, I'm glad wildcard make so important move. I just wanted to know if we are getting the scorched armor, and the survive of fittest on Xbox
  8. what would you like for one of the ptera egg and whats the melee

    1. FrenchFries


      It depends on what color you want. You can look at the screenshots on my profile on xbox. NINJATURTLE456. You might have to scroll a little though

  9. How can I do trades 

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      I'm on xbox first of all, I would like to get the birthday suit,

    3. kevinm10


      im on pc man :( dnt play on xbox no more




      Ok, if you know anyone else please let me know. Thanks

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