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  1. Kai905

    Coffee in game?

    Sad part is that coffee and bacon are already in the game on primitive plus... sucks they dont just add it to the rest of the game... my tribemate and i tried primitive plus on single player to pass time and its got alot of nice things that regular ark doesnt.
  2. They’re planning for their dlc delay lol give them a break 🤣🤣
  3. Falkor** not trying to be THAT guy and correct your spelling but if you’re going to name him that i’d want someone to tell me if the spelling is wrong lol
  4. I dount see how that would make sense though...they cant even figure out how to stop dinos from falling into the map let alone the number of tames and knowing which are platforms and which arent lol its either they’re tames or they’re not...
  5. Ok please explain this then... How would 20 dinos of my tribes tame count not go towards server tame count. Not being a jerk. It just doesnt make any sense... And i know they have to build on them. Its safe to say there are multiple quetzals with ramps on pve servers.
  6. The whole quetz platform counting as 20 tames is not helping cap at all either. You figure, if theres 15 different tribes on pve all having atleast 1 thats 300 tames right there.
  7. Kai905

    Bee hives

    Anyone have bee hive issues on aberration ? Not sure if its just ab but our bee hive broke and the bee wasnt there. Bag with honey but no bee. soo we went to tame a new one... 4 bee hives and no bees.
  8. 6 days of this crap... really ? Any other servers experiencing this ?
  9. Kai905

    Reaper King mutations

    We use our current reapers to go get pregnant on. Easiest way we have found yet and dont need traps. Just having atleast 1 tribemate helps alot if a 2nd one shows up while trying to get pregnant. Also we just lay in the bed while in baby stage so you dont need to eat or drink. Just watch tv or something for those hours of baby stage but i am still curious about muts on console because my last one has a mint green belly and i’ve never seen that in the other 18 reapers we have lol
  10. Oh ffs, he said it twice that if you’re there at the drop its yours whether its in his base or not. Simply put... its common courtesy that if someones there before you, you let them have it or whatever the case may be. Something everyones missing apparently.
  11. Just curious what people thought of this scenario ... you lure a dino into a trap and begin shooting it, then i swoop in and start shooting it aswell. Dino drops and i get the tame.....is it stealing or just luck of the draw ?
  12. Kai905

    Halloween Event?

    Anyone know What these valuable stated items are that they mentioned ?