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  1. As i agree with your issues about meshing and falling through floors, we have literally had no breeding boosts for easter. You can type in eggcellent adventure in the search and look at past easter event details and see for yourself.
  2. I find it amusing... in the past your excuses like “we’re just a small team” were an acceptable reason to not fix issues in the game as fast as people would have liked. but now your team is apparently big enough that you can send original members off to work on a whole new game when ark is actually more broken than before.
  3. They’re planning for their dlc delay lol give them a break ??
  4. Falkor** not trying to be THAT guy and correct your spelling but if you’re going to name him that i’d want someone to tell me if the spelling is wrong lol
  5. I dount see how that would make sense though...they cant even figure out how to stop dinos from falling into the map let alone the number of tames and knowing which are platforms and which arent lol its either they’re tames or they’re not...
  6. Ok please explain this then... How would 20 dinos of my tribes tame count not go towards server tame count. Not being a jerk. It just doesnt make any sense... And i know they have to build on them. Its safe to say there are multiple quetzals with ramps on pve servers.
  7. The whole quetz platform counting as 20 tames is not helping cap at all either. You figure, if theres 15 different tribes on pve all having atleast 1 thats 300 tames right there.
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