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  1. same, roughly 40 25 near the cave entrance just kicks you and wont even load the map up now. it was fine before this recent update/event.
  2. Kai905

    Beaver Dams & X Otters

    We had a beaver spawn on our server on xbox but it was a lvl 20 so i let it go expecting more spawns...havent seen one one here before or since
  3. chibis were great, but like everyone else said, the rares were just a bit too rare...it made the prices for trading them insane. Shapeshifters selling between 2k tek and 75 bucks was wild to see. and it made me realize something else...this 2 day mating timer is unnecessary. 24 hours or less is plenty for cool down between matings. And pleassseee stop taking our decorations we earn. Make them so we can pick them up and put them away til the following year.
  4. Im not saying to wipe all of the legacy servers. Just saying when new maps come out to only make them available on official servers. You’ll see more legacy people making the jump to official to play on a new map they like and it’ll leave more legacy servers empty to wipe. They’ll still get their $... and standing behind their word of not supporting legacy, you’re absolutely right. So they should stop supporting them by giving them new stuff.
  5. How is there still no real response to this ? Even on official now ice golems cant be taken off server
  6. Heres my 2 cents, if you want people to eventually make the move to official...STOP GIVING THEM NEW CONTENT. i mean, if you keep giving them new content it gives them no reason to make the move. Those 10 , 20 or 30 whatever servers could be better off used as officials when new maps are released. New maps are a nightmare to join when they start out for the first month or 2. It doesnt make any sense to keep legacy going this long after full release of the game.
  7. Just do away with legacy all together. If you’re not supporting it they might aswell play single player... atleast then they can boost their rates orrr make the move to official.
  8. I would love more unique items but i want to be able to keep them. Like the other person said, we have to race and fight for event items from raptor claus and then they just take them away. I would have liked to keep my christmas lights. And put my christmas tree and stockings in storage til next time. Not just lose them after working for them.
  9. Bring back zombie wyverns and zombie dodos.
  10. As i agree with your issues about meshing and falling through floors, we have literally had no breeding boosts for easter. You can type in eggcellent adventure in the search and look at past easter event details and see for yourself.
  11. I find it amusing... in the past your excuses like “we’re just a small team” were an acceptable reason to not fix issues in the game as fast as people would have liked. but now your team is apparently big enough that you can send original members off to work on a whole new game when ark is actually more broken than before.
  12. They’re planning for their dlc delay lol give them a break ??
  13. Falkor** not trying to be THAT guy and correct your spelling but if you’re going to name him that i’d want someone to tell me if the spelling is wrong lol
  14. I dount see how that would make sense though...they cant even figure out how to stop dinos from falling into the map let alone the number of tames and knowing which are platforms and which arent lol its either they’re tames or they’re not...
  15. Ok please explain this then... How would 20 dinos of my tribes tame count not go towards server tame count. Not being a jerk. It just doesnt make any sense... And i know they have to build on them. Its safe to say there are multiple quetzals with ramps on pve servers.
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