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  1. For the Quality of Life stuff I think the boss fights should be reworked. If you compare Valguero requirements versus Center its a joke. At the very least the Center boss fight should require less trophies.
  2. Yea on Center the redwoods was basically non existent, no dinos, bugged trees it was a mess and my thought was exactly that. Did they test anything lol. Its a complex game and coding no doubt but really no one flew to redwoods during testing? Planet of the Apes need their fiber, please fix.
  3. All the hype for this event, would have better off doing a maturation event!
  4. Right, if that were happening surveys wouldn't be needed but its not. Something has to change. In most dino loss cases its faster for me to breed out a new one than wait for first response.
  5. They need to add a survey after ticket closure and address concerns from those surveys.
  6. We have become so accustomed to getting what we want quickly but people need to remember support is a complicated balance. Most companies do not and will not get enough people to keep your wait time lower than a few days due to shear numbers. 2 days is somewhat reasonable but me personally every case has been 5+ for first contact. That is to long.
  7. Really, 1.5x maturation for Mothers Day, random 2x couple of weekends ago and nothing for Fathers Day. WHAT A JOKE!
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