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  1. I started a fresh blood line of bears, starting stats: hea3.9 sta2.9 oxy1.3 foo15.8 wei1.1 mel402 current stats: hea4.7 sta3.4 oxy645 foo16.8 wei1.2 mel449 cubs were popping 338 so decided to nerf oxy and speed, now popping 265.
  2. Some creatures have an option to disable auto feed when hungry, otters I believe but I might be wrong, I think all creatures have this enabled, so if they're not on passive and they're not at full food they'll eat any corpse in range. If leaving them on passive is not viable then try target distance set to lowest, not sure but this might reduce the range they'll aggro a corpse. Hope this helps.
  3. I run alpha monkey and alpha brood regularly, anyone's welcome to join, you don't need to bring or do anything, just sit back and admire my Rex team annihilate. No payment needed, donations in poly
  4. After a 17 day wait I had a response on my ticket. Lost characters cant be retrieved, imprints cant be changed and they won't give me any ascension levels back. I'm waiting for a response again for an appointment to meet an admin in game who said all he can do is sort out tribe ownership and level me up instantly to 103. Hope this info helps, good luck.
  5. I raised two tickets for my lost level 131 character as used him on two different servers, only need one server sorted really so was going to close one ticket but am unable to see how. Can anyone advise me how? Or is it not possible?
  6. That's what exactly what we do ^^ Not done rag boss in a few weeks but I'm sure they haven't patched this yet.
  7. Damaging manticore while flying seems to get it to land so if a few of you take in some decent pumps getting it to land shouldn't be an issue. What ever you do DO NOT kill manticore with a gun, that's how you loose the element, a Rex with item collection enabled needs to kill it. If you don't know always kill dragon ASAP, the fire breath does a % damage so doesn't matter if Rex has 70k health it'll drop real quick. When dragon dies it's really common to get stuck on it so back up when it's about to drop. Another issue is the rock elementals, best method for them we've found is to have a Dino like a jerboa transport in with you that has offline protection. You'll need co op from another tribe for this but it's strangely satisfying watching 4 or more rock elementals trying to kill a jerboa to no avail. If your on official Xbox pve hmu, I'll come help.
  8. If you know how to build on pillars you can build a decent sized indoor water base on the iceberg at 30,10. I've not built as big as I could have but I have an indoor water pen that can fit 2 Mosas in.
  9. Today on official pve ab surface drop run I found mc haz chest and mc haz helmet bps. Crystal run time.
  10. You'll need a giga and tribe mates for this but titan killing gives crazy xp. Giga doesn't have to be that high level, just walk in front of titan, it won't be able to hit you but you can hit its head. Have tribe mates on dinos you wanted leveled near by and bobs your uncle.
  11. Count me in, I have at least a dozen tribe mates and alliance members who would be up for that as well. Even if it doesn't work out quite as you've planned it's well worth a try.
  12. I agree with Baklap and Pipinghot, if you want to understand and become efficient at taming, the Dododex app is a must. Another app you could use is SA Companion. An advanced feature on both apps is to input the weapon your using. As Pipinghot mentioned above it says how many tranq arrows or darts you'll need but this is for 100% weapon damage. If your using say a mastercraft crossbow with 220% damage it will be considerably less arrows. Inputting your weapon on the app is an awesome feature that I didn't use at the start but wish I had. Also with taming, a magnifying glass is extremely helpful. You need to get close to look at its torpor with LT while it's equipped. This can be dangerous but as a rule of thumb when dinos are about to go down they'll flee, at this point they're safe to approach and have a quick look at their torpor. My last bit of advice would be to trap anything you want to tame. It makes the whole process easier. If you manage to find and tranq something 150 and start taming it, if it's hit by anything you loose efficiency/extra levels. Most 150 perfect tames will be either 221 or 224 on x2 when they stand up. If the Dino takes any damage while it's asleep the extra levels drop fast. Good luck and happy hunting.
  13. I have tek geny on lowest range, 8 tek troughs around it filled with meat and 5 adult gigas in range which last couple weeks before their food starts depleting. The tek troughs are my dino raising station so I keep them running 24/7, so I literally never have to worry about feeding my gigas. Tek geny on lowest range uses about 10 ele or 1k shards a week, I farm alpha monkey which drops 110, think my tek geny has about 17k shards in it right now. I play on xbox official pve and am willing to help anyone get a similar set up, just hmu.
  14. Created this post to see what the best direbear stats are on official servers. I play on Xbox pve official and my bear stats are as follows: Baby level 334 hea 4560.1 sta 3300 oxy 1377 foo 16800 wei 1222 mel 425.7
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