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  1. Updated stats: h7280 s3900 o270 f15600 w1326 m602 born level 356
  2. Yup I agree, 3.7k stam is a little unnecessary, but it does come in handy when we do alpha Rockwell. On bears Rockwell is great fun and that extra stam helps. I'm a long way off needing to nerf it so for now I'm keeping it and any new muts for it. What have you got health and melee up to?
  3. If anyone still has this thread thought I'd update you on my bear stats, I now have 5.8k health 3.7k stam and 508 melee.
  4. This would be an awesome addition. For us serious Arkies, the time spent putting fuel of any type back in all the different things, after a take all, adds up over time.
  5. Got a new health mutation last night, 5.2k at birth now.
  6. 4.9k clean health is insanely high. Hand on heart I must have tamed anywhere from 50-100 130+ bears, majority being 145 and 150's, highest health I ever got was 3.9k, second highest was 3.7k. The danger you face with such high combined stats at the start of a bloodline is that 376 is the max start level, so at 322 you only have room for 54 levels, which is only 27 possible new muts before bloodline level too high.
  7. 484 mutated stat, started at 402.
  8. Thanks for advice, I have 484 melee now so going to stick with my current bloodline, way to much time invested to start fresh again.
  9. Yup still playing, no 3.9 still highest clean, I have 5k health at birth now so I can't complain too much.
  10. UPDATED: I started a fresh blood line of bears, starting stats: hea 3.9K sta 2.9K oxy 1.3K foo 15.8K wei 1.1K mel 402 current stats: hea 5.8K sta 3.7K oxy 645 foo 17.4K wei 1.3K mel 508
  11. Today on official pve ab surface drop run I found mc haz chest and mc haz helmet bps. Crystal run time.
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