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  1. Hay wildcard you need to fix your game , solo player has become unplayable because of your game crashing every time we do anything .... please ...fix it with the next update
  2. Can you please leave a link for that subform
  3. Then the 3rd party needs to get on it already
  4. Update Ark on Nintendo switch Please update Ark on the Nintendo switch, we would love to play on the free maps like valguero and ragnarok, build with the s+ triangles, and we would like primitive + on the switch as well, please give switch the same updates as other consoles have had , even if you need to make the maps paid dlc on the Nintendo e store , I would pay like 5$ just for valguero....you could bundle all I mentioned for like 20$ and we would buy it .......that said it's free on ps4 and xbox one so we should not have to pay
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