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  1. The Dinosaurs and other prehistoric critters, especially being able to tame them. its what drew me in to begin with. Of course, the open world survival, the lore, breeding, battles, ect are all awesome sauce too, but the dinos is what brought me here and kept me around.
  2. I have always personally seen Ark as a dino game with various amounts of sci-fi and fantasy thrown in. Of course, I would prefer a more primitive setting, but like i said in an earlier post, all the tech and fantasy stuff makes things more interesing.
  3. I think Wildcard would be crazy not support Ark 1, even after the second game comes out. I imagine any newcomers will want to experience the first game even a few years from now.
  4. I agree, i think we do need all kinds of graphical options to help improve performance on console. I don't care if Ark looks ugly, if i wanna play a pretty game, i got plenty of other ones for the eye candy.
  5. I like using them for heavy transport over long distances on SP. Sure, Gasbags are just as good, but Titanos hit a hell of alot harder if push comes to shove. Throw in a couple Giga guard dogs, and you have a nearly invincible form of transport.
  6. I mean, this is literally a Sci-Fi setting. Its a bit expected. Sure, the dinosaurs is what drew me in and what keeps me playing, but everything else makes it even more interesting.
  7. Except for certain DLC ones like for the Center, you can get all the trophies/achievments on The Island
  8. I didn't read the whole thread, so i dunno if its been suggested, but for us who play SP, why not give us an option to turn off nerfs for EVERYTHING? I mean, if i wanna go around one shotting everything with a Giga, or traveling the across the map in 30 seconds with a Wyvern or Mana, that should be for me to decide, since im only playing by myself.
  9. Wyverns not having a saddle or not being able to breed doesn't bother me. I do think that, however, that Raptors, Thylos, ect SHOULD NOT be able to rip you off of one, since wyverns are considered to be Apex predators. It would also be nice, if Wyverns actually landed correctly, instead of the goofy way they do now.
  10. Lol, 7 Days to die. More like, 7 deaths a day when we all first started out....
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