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    Haha. Seems the fear of a wipe is real.
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    Genesis feedback. I've been having a lot of fun on the Genesis DLC, but there are a few things that are rubbing me the wrong way. So I thought I'd put my thoughts into word incase it contributed anything. First of all, Let's start with the Biomes. If I had to say that 1 thing in this DLC was perfect, It's the World design. Every single biome looks and feels fantastic visually. The Bog is eery and dank while still having a sense of wonder due too the Titanic flowers and trees. The volcano feels like a proper wasteland with the Soot-blackened stone, Twisting thorns, and age-worn bones poking out of the Ground. The ocean is a wonderful tropical area with downright alien terrariums, Lunar Is an absolute masterpiece between the skybox and the glowing green veins in the rocks. and the Arctic is a bit simpler, but the Frozen cliffs and Twisting trees do make for a nice aesthetic. I understand why some people where put off by it, but I can see how using HLN-A too teleport between biomes definitly let you go all-out without having to worry about how they connected too eachother. The Biome-specific colors and X-creatures are nice aswell, It really helps the creatures feel like they belong in their enviroment. I do wish that Lunar had More of them though. I can see why it would be a bit tricky to find creatures that fit in there, but The color scheme is really nice, The dinos in the caves don't seem to be effected by it, and all the tek dinos ignore the biome colors anyways. The Enviromental hazards are also a nice touch, It really makes it feel like this world wants you dead instead of just it's denizens. I'm not a fan of the ones that can straight-up Destroy your base and tames with nothing you can really do about it though. I'd avoid that in the future. TL;DR Biomes are wonderful, Add more creatures too lunar, and screw base-destroying hazards. Next, Let's talk about the creatures. The Creatures on Genesis are quite good. The Megachelon and Astrocetus could use some work from a PvE perspective, I don't like how Magmasaurs are capped at 150 unlike Wyverns or drakes. I still think the Excuse given is a bit nonsensicle, but atleast it's consistant with the Deinonychus. Feroxes I see having their uses, Though The upkeep makes them impractical for day-day travel, And Bloodstalkers have not 1, but 2 grappling hooks, which automatically makes them the best thing too be added to the game sense Rexes. However, As a whole the creatures are a bit lacking. There's only 1 new tame per biome, And Some of them feel a bit over-designed. The Astrocetus is fine, But Let's just compare the Genesis creatures too Creatures on Abberation, AKA the best DLC. Ravagers: A pack-hunting pack animal with high weight that can jump high and use Ziplines to navigate difficult terrain Magmasaur: A lava-spewing lizard that can serve as a (slow as heck) furnace, Launch lava balls to deal siege damage, Taunt creatures, and Blast the area around it too hell and back. Karkinos: A large crab that can carry 2 creatures at once, Throw them super far and high, and jump super far and high itself. Megachelon: A Living raft that can give oxygen to anything near it, Use bubbles to blast away anything infront of it, And it takes the "Rare" out of Rare flowers and mushrooms. Reaper: A Mutated Thereapod that can jump good, Do a spin attack to knock things away, and land fliers with a well-placed shot. Ferox: An element-addicted Gremlin that can collect element dust from the ground, Transform into a big boi, Climb Cliffs like a deinonychus, Throw rocks, Do a ground pound do dismount enemy riders, do a triple jump to gain speed and height, and ofcourse has an Addiction mechanic just for good luck. Generally, Genesis creatures are much more complex than any other map's creatures. And while This isn't necessarily a bad thing, The Term "less is more" comes into play here, Especially when it feel like we could have gotten 2-3 more creatures if the other creatures where a bit simpler. I'm trying not to speak like a Developer here, But in the future, I'd reccomend using Aberration as a baseline for creature development, As I find that's when the Balance of Complexity and Simplicity peaked. They're nice, Simple creatures with Specific abilities that help them Serve Local niches and be viable in any map. Also bloodstalkers get a pass, Because Grappling hooks. Next, I feel like we should Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room. This map and Fliers. Belive it or not, I'm actually an Advocate for no fliers. I find that they tend to Trivialize a large part of the gameplay and are one of those things that is boring, but people do anyways because they're just that efficient. So I was Initially Ecstatic to hear that Flier's weren't rideable in Genesis. However... There is a problem. Unlike Other maps, Genesis feels like it was designed for fliers specifically. The Volcanic biome is fine, but Every other biome tends to either have extreamly high locations or massive gorges that have too be navigated through inorder to get anywhere. The bog has the massive trees hiding away resources and the oh-so-important giant bee nests, 90% of the land in the ocean biome is in the form of Massive pillars that nearly no terrestrial creature can get onto. the Arctic is full of Massive canyons and mountains that you have to go through and around, and I'm 95% certain that it's impossible too Navigate the lunar biome with something that can't jump. As wonderful as the biomes are, Nearly all of them feel balanced around fliers. which in turn, means that the only real viable mount is the Bloodstalker. It's not the worse thing in the world, because grappling hooks, but I can see how being locked into 1 specific creature if you want to navigate the world would Irk some people. Compare this to Aberration (I'm making this comparison alot). While Aberration was Just as Vertical as Genesis. It never had the massive pillars that could *only* be accessed by Something with Vertical mobility. every gulch had 2-3 exists so you didn't have to go through the whole thing just too get somewhere that was on the other side. With good map knowledge, you could get you pretty much Anywhere on the map. I'll never forget the day when I realized that I could use the Blue zone's root system as a skyway to navigate the area safely and reliably. Additionally, there where many features added to aberration to make traveling it easier. A primitive version of the Elevator, climbing picks, Ziplines and zipline motors, and ofcourse; the Glider suit. Additionally, nearly every mount added to Aberration was designed to be able to bypass the Terrain in one way or another. Ravagers can use Ziplines, Reapers and Karkinos can Do a super jump, and Rockdrakes can glide. The only New mounts that can't do this are the Rollrat; which is one of the fastest ground-based mounts anyways, And the Basilisk, Which... well honestly Mobility is the least of it's issues. Genesis however, doesn't have this. While you can get some of these things from Lootcrates, Genesis doesn't have any tools that help you navigate the harsh cliffs. You can Get Gasbags, Ravagers, and Karkinos, but those are all in Very small caves on lunar, and thus are pretty late game. The only really mobile creature that you can get that isn't on Lunar are the Bloodstalker, the Ferox, and Maybe the Beezlebufo. Hell, there arn't even any thylas on the map. There just really arn't alot of options when it comes to getting around genesis. TL;DR No fliers is generally good, but Genesis feels too biased towards fliers in the first place, and Lacks most of the tools that let it work on Aberration. And now that that's out of the way, Let's talk about missions. For the most part, I actually like the missions. The Minigame and Racing missions are quite fun, and are a nice change of pace. However I find the Hunting missions tend to overstay their welcome. They're not too bad at first, But They get extreamly repetitive extreamly quickly. All of them come down too "Follow the Glowing trail, Beat up what's at the end of it, and Hope it actually spawns the next time". And It's a real shame that these are the boring ones too, because There are far and away more hunting missions than there are any other class of mission, despite nearly all of the others being much more fun and engaging. If there was one thing about Genesis that I could change, it would be this. Cut out half-three quarters of the hunt missions, and replace them with missions that are more interesting, even if it means there are less of them. Gasbags, thylas, Managarmers, Beezlebufos, rockdrakes, Rollrats, Deinonychus, and Procoptodons could all make for some fun racing missions, Even if most of them arn't available on the map. I'd also bring back the Biome's master AIs as boss fights. I get that there's a story reason that Only Moeder's left, But I feel like it would be easy to Retcon Rockwell Corrupting them or replacing them with AIs of his own creation without effecting the Story too much. TL;DR Missions good, Hunting missions bad. so yeah, That's what I've got to say about Genesis part 1. I don't know if it'll actually contribute anything, but Hey, Typing that out was still a better use of my time than most things.
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    A lot of the servers were already upgraded, we're just in the process of hitting ones that haven't been so far. As for recent server performance/stalls/crashing, we've been doing some monitoring over the past week and have made some improvements, and today's patch that's going out right now (310.5) has some additional data-gathering tools enabled for us to identify more of stalls & crashes, so hopefully we'll be able to get some good data and get some more fixes in.
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    Genesis Logo and bunny ear HLN-A same egg.
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    Drawing process is under the spoiler:
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    Ferox's in the Spring Same egg, both sides painted
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    Trying my luck with my easter Spino eggo!
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    sorry hlna fell off the table
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    Participation for egg-painting competition 3/3 A little help See progress pictures -> Here to Imgur
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    Participation for egg-painting competition 2/3 New horrifying morning See progress pictures -> Here to Imgur
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    Participation for egg-painting competition 1/3 Egg Paradox See progress pictures -> Here to Imgur
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    Here are my painted egg entries I painted them with mouse on PC. First, I made a little eggular diptych of 2 players having a romantic evening watching Supply Crates float down in the night sky while a Rex and some Carnos are off in the distance about to catch their dinner. My boyfriend lives in another country and I don't know when I can see him again as my country is in lock down but at least we can be together in Ark! And lastly I made an Ark Logo-inspired Stay At Home propoganda I had to lower the quality of the pics so much to be able to post them so they look quite bad but here are the imgur links : https://imgur.com/FYEsfIu https://imgur.com/9L933eF
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    I know it's not the best but it still counts right?
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    ARK YGGDRASIL PVE COMMUNITY x6 Taming, Gathering + XP Breeding Yggdrasil Servers was started in OCT 2017 to create a nice community and gaming environment for players to come and have fun. We are mainly UK based but we have players from all over Europe as well as the US. We have a Discord channel with active admins along with a Website (http://www.ark-yggdrasil.com) and Forums. Yggdrasil servers are hosted and based in London UK and run on some of the latest cutting edge hardware. We also have an ingame shop and a Cross-Ark chat system so you can chat to fellow players in global chat while they are on a different map. A lot of our players are big breeders and store their Dinos into Orbs using the Dino storage Mod which really helps keep the server running smoothly and means you can keep on breeding. We have tweaked many of our server settings to suit players that love to breed and if you are into breeding your going to love how it works. The server forums are also open for players to vote and have their say on how we run the server. We encourage any new players to join up on our website and read the rules. We have rewritten the beacon drops so that our servers have a really nice tailor made and sensible loot system. It scales up with each colour drop. Element from Bosses is doubled and they also drop Tek pieces and improved Tek Blueprints as well as really nice loot. If you want to come and check out our nicely run PVE community and have some fun then you are more than welcome to come and give us a try. KEY FEATURES OF JOINING US Our 'Cross-Cluster Chat' system allows you to talk to everyone no matter what map you are on at the time. This is a great feature and brings everyone together. NEW - We have just customised our lootcrates on Genesis so it also now gives nice loot thats balanced and also in line with the rest of our maps. All Six of our clustered servers (aside from Primal Fear) are linked together so you can travel between them with dinos and items. We also have a voting system in game that allows you to vote for us and claim points in game which you can use to get skins and other items. Suicide command in chat is great if you get stuck (No more eating poop!) Server rates switch automatically from x6 to x8 on weekends and back again on Mondays. To Join Our Servers Click Any Of The Banners Below MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE TO ALL OUR MODS BELOW BEFORE JOINING (So you don't timeout). *NEW* VANAHEIM - CRYSTAL ISLES - PVE SERVER THRYMHEIM - ARK ETERNAL (HOPE MAP) - PVE SERVER GENESIS - NASTROND SCORCHED EARTH - MUSPELHEIM - PVE SERVER VALGUERO RAGNAROK EXTINCTION THE ISLAND ABERRATION GENESIS ONLY MODS CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THEM ALL IN STEAM CLUSTER MODS ALTERNATIVELY CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO ALL MODS THROUGH STEAM If you have any questions feel free to come and ask us on Discord Look forward to playing some Ark with you
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    Unbelievably frustrated with Ark and Wildcard Last night the vaults I've been using as my safety storage were deleted by the patch, along with ALL my tames and gear on this server. I only recently came back to Rag after playing Genesis and didn't have a base on the server I'd previously called home for quite a long time. But I did still have vaults hidden away that have been in place and safe for over a year. I was on the server and in the vaults literally minutes before the servers went down for the patch. I had laid blood stalker eggs before the notice that the servers were going down and had been watching their temp and incubation. Then, when the servers went offline for as long as they did, when I finally got logged back in the eggs had already died because I couldn't be there to tend to their temperature. At the time I thought THAT was my biggest frustration. But no, then I realized that it wasn't just a couple eggs gone, it was EVERYTHING I had that the patch had killed. I've been playing Ark for years and love the concept of the game. What I don't love is Wildcard's seemingly complete disregard for most of us players. Sure, we pre-ordered the season pass and then had to wait, and wait, and wait again for Genesis. Those sort of things I can deal with. They happen. What sucks are the constant and seemingly intentional choices to screw over small tribes, solo players, and new players. All they seem to care about are forcing people into mega tribes. Every patch, every new dino and feature, seems to exclusively benefit the mega tribes and add to the toxicity of the game. When Wildcard started getting the tiniest bit involved in fixing meshing, the first thing they did was to create a "daylight" rule, meaning that if there isn't daylight directly above a spot you can't build there unless the spot is a designated cave. So all of the sudden 50% of the features on some maps are no longer usable. There are hundreds of caves, alcoves, nooks and crannies where a solo player or small tribe were able to build and protect themselves and their hard-earned gear, but then after that change everyone was forced out into the open. Literally the best places to build on most maps were gone. So solo and small tribes had it that much tougher. Still, I have scoured every map I've played on looking for safe places and secret hideouts to build, because as an almost exclusively solo player I need those hideouts. But no matter what, I've had to accept that any base I build is toast whenever it gets found. The largest base I ever built had all 100 allowable turrets, each of which was full. The base was also invisible (hidden behind a waterfall) until you were almost touching it, so attacking the base defenses had to be done completely blind. There were also limited directions of approach, so all the turrets could be concentrated on the attackers at once. But when a mega tribe found me they went through me like butter. Because Wildcard has skewed the odds in the favor of attackers with every single new dino, patch, and update. Did we REALLY need another airborne soaker with Extinction to make it that much easier to offline raid solo and small tribe players like me? The gasbag as a soaker just seems like the most blatant "screw you" to players who would like to protect their own stuff rather than live by stealing from others that Wildcard could have come up with. How does a hot air balloon make sense as a great soaker of bullets? Who came up with that genius slap in the face to more defensive players? I'm guessing no one who has ever heard of the Hindenburg. Even the very few changes that on the surface seem like maybe they'd benefit smaller players really just benefit the mega tribes, like eliminating C4 dodo drops. Larger tribes don't need C4 suicide dinos to wipe smaller tribe bases, so getting rid of large scale C4 dino drops didn't make small tribes or solo players any safer, it only benefited the large tribes because it took away one of the only ways smaller players could get retribution against larger attackers. It is literally impossible to protect yourself on official servers unless you want to join a mega tribe and live online 24 x 7. Taking a cue from the real world, bases should require sacrifice to raid. Remember those concrete pillboxes from WW2, the ones that could be manned by 3 or 4 person teams that could hold off hundreds of enemy soldiers? I may not have watched every WW2 documentary, but I've watched enough to know that none of those pillboxes were ever overrun after some soldier confidently exclaimed "stay behind me boys, I've got a helium balloon, those guns can't touch us now!" On top of the overt design choices made in favor of the mega tribes, it has also ALWAYS been those same mega tribes who are the cheaters. The DDoSers, the meshers, the dupers; they all seem to stem from the mega tribes, not solo and small tribe players. And they seem to be the ones least likely to face consequences. Case in point, I was DDoSed about a week ago by a member of a mega tribe. I could provide player names, screen shots of the chat party members, audio of him confirming he was polling my IP, and timestamped router log files of the actual attack. I submitted a ticket to Wildcard, and they referred me to the server team and closed the ticket. I don't think they even read the ticket, just saw the word DDoS and sent booted it down the road. I submitted a comment that it wasn't a server issue and asked them to please READ the ticket, and they responded by deleting the comment and leaving the ticket closed. I've submitted a trouble ticket about the disappearing vault issue from last night, but I have no doubt I'll receive the same STELLAR support I've gotten every other time I've had an issue. None. They seem to have no problem whatsoever with screwing players over, but no willingness to make things right for players. At this point, I think I'm pretty well done with the game. I have no interest in investing the time to start from scratch yet again, and personally I'm pretty well over dumping more of my money into a company that seemingly couldn't care less about its customers. My guess is the only response I'll end up getting from Wildcard will be a forum admin deleting this post as is their pattern whenever people express their frustrations on the forums. Maybe if we had a better channel for expressing those frustrations, or heaven forbid ever saw those frustrations addressed then the forum moderators wouldn't be reduced to the role of PR police. But it is what it is. Wildcard, you had a brilliant concept. Here's to hoping people collectively get fed up enough to let it die. Maybe then you'll pay at least some small attention to your customers.
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    Globally Banned Yo he sido baneado injustamente. Por dos motivos. No he hecho ninguna trampa y, si alguien de la tribu la hubiera hecho, yo no soy responsable. Wildcard imputa los errores de diseño a los jugadores. No es lo mismo usar un truco para colarse por debajo de las .texturas que entrar por una entrada que está mal diseñada, sin ningún tipo de truco, sin entrar en el undermap. No es imputable al usuario este tipo de errores porque no es posible distinguir que sea una falsa entrada. Además, no se puede hacer responsable a un jugador de las acciones de otro. Esto es una práctica abusiva denunciable y un incumplimiento del contrato de compraventa. Imputar errores de diseño a los jugadores no es legal. Cosa distinta es usar un truco o trampa con lo que estaría totalmente de acuerdo. En este caso, al parecer era una falsa entrada que ha sido corregida después. Quiero reclamar legalmente y denunciar el uso abusivo del Ban por Wildstudio
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    here’s probably some better photos
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    with this: NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Spino_Character_BP_C",ToClassName="Bog_Spino_Character_BP_C") I am changing all regular spinos spanws to x-spinos with the lines starting with this ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer= I am adding dinos (including x-spinos) to different spawnpoints on the island. Reason we're adding spinos and barys, they are our favorite dino, but we find them too rare on vanilla rates. The reason we are adding the other dinos, we prefer the island map, we find it's the best balanced and polished for 2-4 players, but we want to experience some of the other dinos in the DLCs we've purchased.
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    Love it! Wish I could build that big without the xbox having a hissy fit on my frame rate.
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    Ark Becoming Unplayable I've survived a few years now with this lag on console and it's come to the point that the game will crash at any random point in time. servers need a reset and this game should use their millions in budget to overhaul the graphics. i can't even press travel to another server without the game crashing before i can even do that; thus ensuring the loss of my items. Even standing in my own base which i don't build crazy large for the simple fact that i'd rather not be kicked. I play on servers with 30ping or less which makes absolutely no difference than playing on a server with 150. Anyone got any ideas on how to stop my game from crashing at random points in the game
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    You really going to listen to some random rumour sayer? Be smart. If WC was going to close down servers they would say so in an announcement. How the raptor do these people know anything? Don't listen. Do you believe the news on Facebook too? XD
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    Yeah just I'm thinking of actual minibosses and I also think alphas should harvest cause people sometimes use that as an advantage to kill them
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    Those listed above are the same as those we adjusted and added to the game.ini through Nitrado. They worked just fine. I used the Beacon app to generate the drop codes with what I wanted in them and then added them.
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    These aren't the same thing. The body sleeping is part of the map save file.
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    I didn't say it wasn't popular ,but it is losing people because of the way its run. I was talking performance wise , the lack of optimization and lag/bugs not being fixed. The game this far out shouldn't be running this poorly and seems to constantly get more and more bugs in it , because of lack of testing before release.And the size of it is utterly rediculious.
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    left my own tribe, lost everything So, I had a cringy and terrible tribe name and wanted to rechange it. I tried to rechange it but the server admin made it so that I can't change it for like a few years. Without hesitation, I decided to just leave the tribe and make a new one. I immediately hear the sound of my armor getting broken and discovered that my turrets turned against me. Is there a way to get all my hard earned stuff back???
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    Gigas coming to an Official Genesis server near you! Big fat F to any challenge now. Run every Alpha mission with 1 giga and call it a day. Time to wait for the next map! I Hope Crystal Isles releases well after Wildcard gets their hands in it.
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    I can agree with this. In fact, change megalosauruses entirely to just being cave-dwelling dinos who don't need to sleep (otherwise give the sleeping function to ALL non-nocturnal dinos, and whoooo-ee, I can hear the rage on that already). Make them their strongest in dark settings, whether at night or in caves, and their weakest in lighter settings (sunlight, manmade light, light pets). Or how about go the troodon route, and make them just normal during the day? They're not hyper-aggressive, they don't sleep, but they roam about (maybe keep the sleep function optional?) and at night, they're just absolute terrors. I just want to see my sleeping landmines become useful other than on Aberration or at night
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    on pvp i'd guess its mega tribes that have the skiffs, and they most likely rushed the genesis content and did the boss to learn the engram, most likely all their tribe members have it. i'd find it hard to believe someone would just give skiffs off to randoms on PvP just considering it requires 170 element to make one. PvE does it really matter? I can see some possible issues with it, but for the most part, its just a replacement for the ATV that they removed from the game: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Tek_ATV
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    nono we like the food, but we do not like the waiters and waitress and the boss how they server it to us and sometimes like evererytime we find a hair in our food.
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    This makes as much sense as asking the owner of a restaurant to sell his business because you don't like the food... normal people would simply not return, letting others that does enjoy themselves.
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    I personally wouldn't pay to play it . After watching how they ran (or lack there of) survival of the fittest into the ground ,then gave up on it , I don't think wildcard is capable of running this game smoothly. IMO this is as good as it will get.
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    Show us a screenshot please. Ark my be full of bugs but the visuals are realy great.
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    Thanks for fixing Linux version (waited for 2 month to be able to play after Gen release). But genesis is unplayable in lunar biome. White screen...
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    Up the ram and get a GTX 1660 , there not that expensive and can run ark on epic easily.
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    Please enjoy my egg painting! I play on xbox one official servers and I painted using a controller
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    One of my favourite dino's in the game are snow owls so I just had to paint on an egg
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    Me and my boys gave it a go
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    We held a community egg painting contest last weekend and this was are winner from it! Video Link
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    I honestly don't know if i did it right because it's so small and pixilated but here's my baby/chibi wyv with bunny ears (PS4)
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    Inspired by the bog biome:
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    Inspired by the lunar biome:
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    hears my eggs for the egg contest i'm not a good artist but i had fun making these and i am relay enjoying what I've plated of ark with my tribe buds lol hopefully y'all can see my drawings on the eggs my phone would not upload the right quality
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    My daughter and I wanted to try our luck and I hope that the post landed here correctly :). (Hope that's ok that there are 6 Eggs because my daughter had so much fun to paint them (I love her Bloodstalker ^_^)
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    ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems=(SupplyCrateClassString="Lootcrate_lvl1_C" ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems=(SupplyCrateClassString="Lootcrate_lvl2_C" ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems=(SupplyCrateClassString="Lootcrate_lvl3_C" ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems=(SupplyCrateClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_Lootcrate_lvl1_C" ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems=(SupplyCrateClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_Lootcrate_lvl2_C" ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems=(SupplyCrateClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_Lootcrate_lvl3_C" these will work to override the 3 lootcrates you can buy from hlna with hexagons, either the first or the second 3 but if you add them all to the game.ini and set them up properly they will work
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    A reminder that as Cedric said, this is not a place to discus meshing. Please give detailed locations with co-ordinates if possible to areas you are getting false positives on the map.
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