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  1. love it.also how big would it be?you said it would be a few more meters larger than species you've seen.also if im not able to submit my indom im definitely voting for this.
  2. like i said I already know this.And besides its a cool idea and even if they dont let me submit it ill just wait till another time.
  3. also please no hate i already know its not a dinosaur and yes i know that the new map is reverting back to primitive stuff but i just want to get a chance for it being voted.
  4. they are making another voting process for everyone and i need to know when it starts cause i want to submit this.
  5. try it out.It is very usefull in early game underwater exploration thanks to the fact that it can give you oxygen.
  6. actually the yuty does have uses.It has a roar which makes allied dinos have a buff.It also has a debuff roar which effects smaller creatures.Also the carchar probably wont do very much due to it not having a very strong bite so it probably wont even be able to break wood.Then again they did make the giga destroy stone even though it has a weaker bite than the rex which cant beak stone.So wildcard surprise us.
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