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    Merry Christmas! Proud of you guys. I fly all over on official and unoff looking at your buildings and stuff. You all are a bunch of very creative people. Love all I see. Artistic use of glass, metal, and stone designs. Log cabins. Heck even the beach bob's thatch houses look so eloquently rustic! I am very surprised at how artistic people are just in a passing game. Where everything we make is like sandcastles. Also appreciate staff who work through the holidays to make other people's fun last. Ty WC employees. Good job all. Merry Christmas.
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    We at Studio Wildcard would like to wish you happy holidays! We're looking forward to the Genesis release and another exciting year for ARK!
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    Stockings crashing game So a few times when I have tried to hang stockings my game has crashed. I've gotten this message. This is a consistent problem - I can't actually select my holiday stockings in the game without it crashing right now. You can see it crashed the exact moment I select my stockings to hang. It says I have 32 holiday stockings in the area (pretty sure that's just 32 holiday items in general though). I wasn't having problems placing items til now.
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    It would be beneficial to both players and GMs alike cause a lost toon is already a fusterating enough ticket process when mulitple maps are involved on dino imprints and such. Not gonna rehash much i think Poppet has said much of what needs to be on the subject and hit all the points possible with it.
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    This issue has to be taken up with support: https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us
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    On a private server you can crank out an imprinted wyvern that just have to pause momentarily to eat a dozen manas and poop out the Giga they had for breakfast. All thanks to the fact that wyverns were 'nerfed' in the game, knowing people would compensate with a mod. 'Balance issues' over dinos seems like a weird thing to tweak when 'official' PvP servers have much bigger issues with keeping new players. The entire game is built around progression, and you have throngs of advanced players wiping out new player for their morning jollies. How does tweaking the mana and forcing people to a mod to compensate do anything other than exhaust people's patience and frustrate long time players who have invested their time in the game? IMO, a far better solution would be to introduce new in game settings that allow server side configuration of stats for specific dinos. For instance, being able to adjust stamina drain rate on a specific creature for a specific task. Then cripple the official server's to hearts content and let private servers decide what they want to do. Then as a server admin, if I decide that on my server too many people are relying on wyverns, I can make my own adjustments.
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    I agree 100%. The way the game is designed, with so many settings, and such a vast difference in the impact of those settings... you would think that they would leave game balance issues entirely in the realm of configurable settings and then configure the official servers the way they want them, leaving private servers to choose their own path. This is exactly why I believe WC should be responsible for considering the mods in their own game development. They may claim the mods aren't official and they don't have to support them, but they are absolutely THE CAUSE of all the mods. You just know that their reasoning is "well we can nerf the mana and someone will create a 'classic manas' mod."
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    I don't understand why people have to be toxic? They literally just wished us happy holidays and people are getting mad at them, like cool it and enjoy what you have! *cough* *cough*
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    So is this the fifth or sixth update in the past week? Trash devs.
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    For Christmas, all I want from WC is a game that works. No new content. No new dinos. I'm tired of losing dinosaurs that I spent days feeding, imprinting, and raising to server lag, or who knows what...they just disappear! Threw my boss rex out of cryopod and just poof. Sick of it tbh. I need to start making videos of the ridiculous stuff that happens. Great game, but its 50/50 on fun and hair pulling frustration.
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    And once again, you just ruined the game because of some crybabies. 'omg manas are too OP blablabla' Don't even expect rebalancing them. We all know how the flier nerf ended.. 2 years and we still waiting for it.
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    if mana is nerfed, does that mean manas will also be fixed so that they wont disappear on island anymore?
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    Wasn't there a public server to test such things out before they came out? One of the most versatile creatures in Ark is now so annoying to use that I better hop on a Wyvern or Rock Drake and do something else. I spent the last 2 weeks breeding Manas and got nice babies. Won't bother raising them at this point. They'll just stand pretty in the base.
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    Tried that too sends it back to 8 hour timer
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    we are really hard at creating dinos, everyone who plays knows how long every imprint is, and the producer poops in our head and don't give a poop about us, I have video on my Xbox live of just one gigantosaurus disappearing in limbo, and Today to help I have one more video that when you release the dinos they just disappeared and it appears that he was removed from the game a lack of shame in the face of the producer lost a gig and 3 rex today because of this! there simply they come and stick dlc pay no content in us! fix the game instead of sticking dlc and pushing things to us players
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