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  1. Here's a mysterious mystery! Played ark this morning, no problems at all. Tried to log in for the past 3 hours and it says "can't find server". This game is soooo frustrating and bugged.
  2. Every server just crashed. Prolly lost my last wyvern in the desert because of it, along with my reaper chibi. Why is it always such a struggle to play this game? Never spending another penny on this or any other game associated with WC.
  3. For Christmas, all I want from WC is a game that works. No new content. No new dinos. I'm tired of losing dinosaurs that I spent days feeding, imprinting, and raising to server lag, or who knows what...they just disappear! Threw my boss rex out of cryopod and just poof. Sick of it tbh. I need to start making videos of the ridiculous stuff that happens. Great game, but its 50/50 on fun and hair pulling frustration.
  4. Great game, terrible developers in regard to server stability and gameplay. I dont understand why new content keeps coming out. I really dont.
  5. No one should spend another penny on this game until the developers fix the constant crashing, and numerous other issues. This game is fun, when it works. But mostly just aggravating.
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