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  1. Make ele transferable! Nothing worse than spending days grinding and feeding gachas and owls for dust. Not to mention gems, ore, and gas on Ab to get 3 ele. That is if u can find more than a couple that aren't closed in by other tribes.
  2. Server Disappeared? Ab official 905 just gone. DILO, had 9 drakes out that I cant pod. No access to server. U r all clowns and idiots. Ur managers and decision makers have tainted this companies reputation and integrity beyond redemption. Worst EVER.
  3. Black screen every 5 mins, couldnt re-equip a saddle once I put a skin on it, 50 prime jerky for a random chibi? Won't be getting any chibi's. And that's all in the first 30 mins. Classic WC nubs.
  4. Global chat, search not available DILO? Always something with this game.
  5. Why have a mission that automatically pods ur dino and dumps its inventory when started without warning the player first? So flipping stupid. I lost so much kibble and structures because I had NO IDEA THAT WOULD HAPPEN. You developers really should employ some common sense game testers. There is so much stupidity in this game it is nearly unplayable. But, your continued unapologetic approach to customer service and lack of integrity to the gamers are why so many people will never buy another game developed by WC. If your company was a business ppl actually went to purchase items or services (store, restaurant, retail, bank) it would be out of business. In short, terrible mechanics and poorly implemented game.
  6. Gaming Issues Why is it so hard to throw a pet off your shoulder? Why is it that half the time you exit a Mech on a Teleport pad you get stuck inside the teleporter? Why do you bother adding a spider to the game that is so clearly mechanically broken? Why does a basilisk hurt you when you're on a Rex yet it's biting the feet of your tame? Why isn't there some kind of Animation when you're entering inside the volcano while it's erupting at every entrance? Or at least some kind of warning before you go in and die because the volcano is silently erupting. Why are dinosaurs invisible on the moon or the enforcers? Can't even see them but they constantly hit you. Why are all my teddy boxes completely empty even after you said you fixed the problem? I lost tens of thousands of ingot Polly Crystal and gas. Thanks a lot. I'm just scratching the surface but do you guys or your team ever have game testers employed for you? And if so when they encountered all of the same problems did you choose to just ignore it and roll with the game as is knowing how awful and ridiculous all these things are?
  7. Here's a mysterious mystery! Played ark this morning, no problems at all. Tried to log in for the past 3 hours and it says "can't find server". This game is soooo frustrating and bugged.
  8. Every server just crashed. Prolly lost my last wyvern in the desert because of it, along with my reaper chibi. Why is it always such a struggle to play this game? Never spending another penny on this or any other game associated with WC.
  9. For Christmas, all I want from WC is a game that works. No new content. No new dinos. I'm tired of losing dinosaurs that I spent days feeding, imprinting, and raising to server lag, or who knows what...they just disappear! Threw my boss rex out of cryopod and just poof. Sick of it tbh. I need to start making videos of the ridiculous stuff that happens. Great game, but its 50/50 on fun and hair pulling frustration.
  10. Great game, terrible developers in regard to server stability and gameplay. I dont understand why new content keeps coming out. I really dont.
  11. No one should spend another penny on this game until the developers fix the constant crashing, and numerous other issues. This game is fun, when it works. But mostly just aggravating.
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