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    No point commenting here to help this guy because they’ll just throw it back in your face if you don’t agree with them. This can be seen across a multitude of their topics. Agree or get face palmed.
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    I'm not ignoring the "issue," I am telling you that the "issue" isn't an "issue." They rarely, if ever, popped perfectly out of the back for me. Most times it was as the myriad of people in this very thread have described it. Using a single example (or even 3 or 4 or 10 examples) of it not happening will not convince any of us for whom it has definitely happened for, that in fact no, our memories are faulty and we never had to break ceiling or foundations to claim babies. I don't have video of it happening to me, because I'm not a content creator. But 50 more videos of babies popping out of the back will not convince me that my memory of all the times it has happened, from Early Access to current ARK, are faulty and that you are supremely correct in that this is a new bug that needs to be fixed and that you have discovered it.
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    It's not new, Cyber. I and others who have bred since breeding was released know that this has happened. Maybe not every single time, but I clearly remember it happening in Early Access. You can facepalm everyone's responses all you want, but we are just letting you know that we know what you are talking about because it has happened (again, not every time) to all of us at some point. 6 more videos of people showing the births of mammals wouldn't convince me that it is a new bug, because it has happened to me with every dino you listed. Hell man, I had triplet DireBears that I had to Cryo the mother to even claim (and that was somewhat recently) because they were so stuck inside her body. I remember routinely ripping up the floors for Doedlets and baby Beavers. Sometimes it happens more than other times. Sometimes it happens more infrequently. And who knows what the exact cause is? Is it a slight infirmity in a specific design area of a ceiling or foundation that they clip into the tile just barely more than they otherwise would, so the baby pops out and gets stuck in the mother, or in the floor? I dunno. Is it maybe a slight change to the mesh in the area that makes the floor clip into the foundation or ceiling a little more, so collision issues are caused? Could be. All I'm saying is, if several people are telling you this isn't a new issue, but yet one that we have all experienced intermittently during our playtime, doesn't that mean anything? Is it possible that it IS most definitely an existing problem? It's like the guys who claim that Manticore will land and don't see it as a problem because they've done 20 bossfights and never had a problem. All it takes is one time, and people can get lucky and not experience a bug for a long long while and when it happens, all of a sudden it feels like a new thing. But it's not, you just haven't been victim to it yet.
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    And? Everyone who breeds mammals knows this happens and it isnt 100% of the time..Linking random videos of one time births doesnt make it credible. Sure, like ive already stated it might be happening to you more now but many have said already its always happened. Why are you pushing it so hard? File a bug report and a suggestion and focus on that.
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    Alpha Tek Cave Attempt 2. So a group of 6 or 7 of us us had another go at the tek cave this evening. This time we all prepared much harder and had a plan. Me and d1nk contributed 10 theris (and a but tonne of veggie cakes, at least 40 in each), 4 rexes, a yuty and 2 otters. We had fun getting everything into the cave, my rexes didnt make it in but the rest of our stuff did. The rest of the group had a bit of trouble too. The plan was simple. Half the group would roam ahead on rexes and clear the way while the other half were tasked with getting the masses of theris and rexes through the cave. I was in the group to the rear, dragging all 10 of our theris along with my yuty. The tactic worked well, to a point anyway. We unfortunately lost d1nk half way down, a bit of confusion in the clearing team and he ended up in the lava with his rex. RIP. The rest of us made it down eventually. Even though I was in the rear group and saw little combat, the trip down was a stressful. One loose theri and the rest would follow into the lava. But I managed to get all the theris down and the rest of the rear guard got what dinos of theirs made it into the cave to the teleporter. After cramming all of our tames into the boss arena, we layed into the overseer. A few others lost a couple of dinos I think but we defeated the oversear without too much of a problem and noone else died. The dragon definitely causes the most greif. Saying that our theris did well and come out the cave at full health with only eating about 10 theri cakes each. Honestly there was a time I just thought that I would never complete the Island Ascention at all never mind on Alpha. Its great to finally hit that acheivement. Definitely need to do it again though and get d1nk the ascention too. After that its got to be Rockwell.
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    Run wild on the beach! ARK’s Summer Bash 2019 event has everything you need for fun in the sun: fireworks, patriotic top hats, swimsuits, and more. Plus you can show off that beach bod with new flex emotes, or make special candy that gives your tamed dinos a festive look. From July 2 to 16, it’s time for some star-spangled survival -- ARK style! Event Details Boosted Rates (Including Valguero). Does not include servers with existing game modes (i.e. Classic PvP, Small Tribes) 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation) 2X Player XP 2X Harvesting Event-colored creature spawns Seasonal candy that, when eaten, gives tames random dino colors (50 cooked meat) Sparkler Skin (10 cooked meat) Fireworks Flare Gun Skin (25 cooked meat) RPG Firework Rocket Skin (50 cooked meat) Summer Swimsuits Skins (male and female) (50 cooked prime meat) Uncle Sam Tophat Skin (100 cooked prime) Dino Uncle Sam Tophat Skin (100 cooked prime) Flex Emotes (100 prime jerky) Dino Colors: Navy Red White Sky blue Brick Blue Silver Parchment Mud Orange Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark All the best, Studio Wildcard View full article
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    It's just not right is it haha I love soaring around, especially on the Owls since they were introduced
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    YOUR dinos did not. Mine did, dinks did, Luewens did, yekrucifixions did, cowgirls did. Still sounds like you got lucky for a while (which can happen in ARK)! But that time is over. Welcome to the normals club.
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    And 95% of all hundreds of mammals i have been breeding have been stuck under parent. Since the early access. its a rare occasion that they dont get stuck under. Well gachas babies are actually ones that dont get stuck. 25 gachas born in last 2 days and not a single one has been stuck under the parent. Official servers.
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    +1 that this has happened since Early Access. Especially on Doeds. It's a thing @CyberAngel67, I for one can guarantee you! I also understand of course, my singular guarantee is worth about as much to you (in terms of convincing you it has definitely been a problem) as one video of mammal-breeding working fine is worth to me (in terms of convincing me that it is a NEW problem).
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    Guys are you serious right now. They fixed a bug only i had and youre talking about this ?? DILO ... im jst thanking them so come down ...
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    Also they should add the thylacoleo instead of troodons
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    Yup, most underrated creature in Ark! But be sure to bring a male!
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    Megaloceros for any cave that does not have purlovia. It's a beast in caves.
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    Not normally one for taming raptors (I tend to focus on fliers) but flew over this and couldn't resist its colourful charm.
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    I didn’t even think of using them there because I’ve already built a traps there for them but that sounds brilliant! As for the gap, if you placed foundations inside the cantilever you can use ceilings to extend up to 2 tiles further out, completely eliminating any gap at all and allowing for one continuous base.
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    Never thought I'd see the day that someone was complaining about NOT having to pay for something...
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    Bethesda-Zenimax (the part of the corp that makes their multiplayer ESO) pushes gambling. I was okay with fantasy gambling in Fallout Vegas but irl gambling no. I will always love Skyrim lore above all but Bethesda lost me when they started nickle and diming. No one will ever be as bad as EA tho. Ark Survival is like Skyrim with dinos. Old 3d graphics that emphasis dull colors so you don't get motion sickness. But has splashes of color. I noticed the rainbows in Valguero!
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    I use the same tactic as wazzamaniac. Its easy once u have a good drake. I use the same tactic for getting pregnant as well. No trap, just drake. A trap limits you to 1 spot and the inpregnation often fails because of dinogates blocking the queen
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    A rock drake, with a charge pet, is definitely NOT suicide. I have killed multiple without any issues. It is much less of a hassle to kill the queen where it is than to kite it all the way back with it hitting you the whole time, which not only wastes time that you could use to kill another queen, but also makes you take more damage in the long run. You have control anywhere. If the battle ends up being too hard, say in the rare occasion 4 of them are on you, climb on the ceiling or glide away. Traps are totally unnecessary and just kill spawns because people want to build them right on top of key dino spawnspoints. (on my official server, karkinos barely spawn in the green zone because of traps. I do not want this to happen to queens either.) Drakes allow more mobility and let you seek out queens and kill them on the spot. Plant zs litter the entire red zone. Any battle damage is healed in an instant.
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    Dont use traps unless you are in singleplayer.... Seen too many traps littering the map, killing spawns. Get yourself a single drake with good melee and hp and you can accomplish the same, use plant zs to heal as they are everywhere down there. Its easier to kill it on the spot than kite it, anyway.
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    Been playing since forever, on XBox and PC, and.... Not just mammals, but any creature (especially small) that is birthed or hatches can and quite often do: Fall through ceiling tiles Fall through foundations Fall through the map Ride a magic carpet into oblivion at the top of the world ** These are not limited to size, shape, color, or spiritual predilection. This is NOT a new issue, it is a continuing one. I feel that if this has literally "never happened to me!!!!!!!!" that you are lucky and I am jealous. You're probably not lying, but you are definitely wrong if you think this is a new issue. It happens. Move on. Get over it. PRO TIP: Put mommy on a sloped wall or wooden ramp with her butt pointed downhill. Baby comes out and rolls to the floor about 98% of the time. The other 2%, see 1-4 above. ***I've actually removed entire sections of bases looking for babies under the floor. Once you have excluded all other possibilities, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.
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    But thats the thing. I would be so suprised if doedi births actually happened like in the video. 95% of time doedi baby was stuck under the mother. And i have bred hundreds of doedis. Back at early access i had to have doedis on ramps or top of hatchframe for the babies to not get stuck under. And like i mentioned before. Gachas are only mammals that i currently have babies not getting stuck under them. So please stop trying to argue its a new thing. And who knows maybe that video was from single player and that its the server environment and lag that causes them to get stuck on officials.
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    will the ARK devs add the rest of s+ to the console Im Just wondering.
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    You can even see in this video, where it pops between the back two legs. This is what used to happened, this is not what happens any more. Instead the baby is now dropping up near the front two legs and like I have tried to explain, that is new!!!!! This video demonstrates how they used to drop up to about 2 months ago
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    Yes but you are ignoring the issue, the issue where THEY USED to pop out at the back of the DINO.... ALWAYS.... Somewhere in the last 2 months, they no longer do. I know this for a fact because I have been breeding Doe's every week for the last 6 months, every time, pop from the back, the videos I even posted here, show them popping from the back. Now, they don't pop from the back any more. That is the issue, that is why they are now getting stuck 100% of the time now. Even official servers in June 2015 to 2017, they always popped from the back. You can search it online and you will always see the dino drop from the back of the Dino. There are hundreds of thousands of videos, that show it popping from the back. Even the videos I linked above, all popped from the back and sometime after those videos around 1-2 months ago. THEY NO LONGER POP FROM THE BACK ANY MORE. You can say all you like you have seen it, but you have never seen them not pop from the back. There are video's on youtube that back this up, but like I said they don't pop from the back any more. They just appear right under the mother now. THAT IS WHAT IS NEW!!!!!!
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    And when I bred for all that time on Official Xbox and never saw it either. NEVER!!
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    Gacha's have never had this issue ever........... And Gacha's where not around in 2015 either!!!!!! And this is not sometimes it is every time, that is new!!!!!! Like I said, I have been breeding for a long time, probably bred hundreds of thousands of Dinos in 4 years and have never seen it happen. I have a good breeding farm on this cluster and these tames have never had this issue ever, now it happens every time. I really don't care if it used or it may happen. I care about the fact that the moment the Gacha's started doing it all dinos are now doing it, where they once did not!!!!
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    Gacha's has NEVER done this NEVER, they ALWAYS shot out, like the video shown above. Now they just spawn underneath the mother. There is a BIG difference as getting caught from time to time, than just spawning in the same spot. As you seem to have never breed Gacha's then I am sure you don't know the issue then, because as the video shows they 100% shoot out, all live have done this for me, all of them. But now, Gacha's don't shoot out, they just appear right under the mother, Dire Bears are 100% the same, Wolves are the same, Casteroids are the same. They have always dropped from the back end of the mother. NOT THE CENTER OF THE MOTHER. AND IT IS THE CENTER DROPPING THAT HAS CHANGED RECENTLY AND AS STATED GACHA'S ARE THE ONES THAT ARE 100% NOTICEABLE BECAUSE OF HOW FAR THEY SHOOT OUT OR SHOULD i SAY HOW FAR THEY USED TO SHOOT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have provided recent videos of it not happening on a Gacha, Thyla, Direwolf. I have been breeding on PC since it was first released on the PC, Doed's, Bears, Casteroids, Wolves and everything else that Gestates has NEVER done this to me, NEVER. And in the last 8 months alone, I have breed over 1000+ Gatcha's, killed a vast majority of these breeding to get a decent Element Dust Farm, Not once had I the need to move my Gachas....... Until recently, when I had 8 Gacha's who had around 10 baby's stuck in them, as the video above shows on the Gacha, they shoot out from the back and has been the way Gacha's have breed since Exctinction was released. During that time, I have breed countless Beavers, Wolves, Bears and Doed's and not once has they ever, ever just dropped beneath the mother. This is not a once in awhile when mating that the baby and mother gets stuck, this is a they just spawn right under the mother now issue and is affecting every Dino that drops Live young. And the videos are all recent videos prior to this occurring and since then it is now an issue. I am not a novice breeder, far from it and this is new, very new issue. The fact that Gacha's do it, is testament to that. So how do you explain this!!!
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    PVE/PVP (I play pve exclusively) Clustered. Full transfer benefits. No tribing up allowed. I am aware that people respond to this suggestion, "people will group up anyway even without the tribe benefit." And I do not care. I still want to play an official with no tribes.
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