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    Welcome to another edition of Fanart Friday! We regularly showcase some of the incredible fanart and creations from the community in this weekly series. You can view the artwork in a short video format on our social media accounts along-side this post, which servers get a closer look at these works of AR(K)! Want to see your video, art, screenshot, etc, featured here? Tweet it at us and use #FanARKFriday and you could be here next week! Blue Dragon - Argent Chaosthief - Cosplay and Jerboa Djaymasi - Helicoprion iguana12345678 - Morellatops Campfire Jaime Gago - Rex and Raptor milokamilo - Eotriceratops Saurimys - Rock Drake Scutal - Choose Your Side Sitharias - Castle Valguero xcheekypj - Gasbags
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    Ya when it comes to maps and events i think you guys got shafted. Though switch has it worst. The only reason why id want mods is to fix the devs mistakes and maybe crystal isles which is basically rag and ab fused together. Speaking of which, @Jatheish @Jen @Chris can we get an official statement on whether you guys are looking to add crystal isles? Even a we are considering it but arnt certain response i think would go a long way.
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    See thats where my situation comes in, im a singleplayer guy, theres bugs they fixed on their official that they are letting rot for SP and unofficial/dedi. Ever since the tek cave released the skylord artifact along with all the crates refuse to spawn in the NW cave on island. So you either cheat or the whole endgame is ruined for you. It really pisses me off they fixed it only for their official servers. Im ps4 btw. Ya the flier nerf was hard, but partly needed, i think they took it way to far tho, a speed cap would of been better then a complete lock. I too feel bad for switch, from what i hear abstract is guns ready to give switch more love but wc refuses to give them the ok. Dont get me wrong, i love the holiday events, i just dont think its cool to destroy so many players characters and then have new limited time content when players arnt really able to take full advantage of it with trying to regain lost ground or eventually scraping their new stuff when they regain their old character, if they ever do. A postpone might of been a better choice for the easter event. My beef was with the actual patching, as always i see basically nothing being done thats visually obvious to me. Really the only thing that actually effects me is manas suck even more now. Im thinking to myself, maybe its a good thing i never tamed 1 of these and do i even want to anymore? I feel like the dragon i actually bought should be better then the free 1s, especially when the pay to have 1 is THE ENDGAME dragon, and the endgame tame of the endgame map. Tek was highly disappointing til extinction. It wasnt upgradable so even chitin could easily out do tek before. Now on extinction ONLY, you can get upgraded versions, finally making it the endgame armor and weapons, though they forgot the shield in the loot tables XD. The mobile version irritates the crap outta me, it obviously has to be scaled down and yet they add new stuff to it that i wish we had. A special griffin that we dont have as well as the fact they can breed em...Thats so uncool wc...I want mutated griffins...With imprint. Btw, your alright, i enjoy talking to you.
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    You should add the ip, I dont find your server.
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    So why are you commenting about "small things that WC messed up" when you play ARK on your phone? Destroyed vaults, lost characters... but no, those are "small things" and the most important issue is to get this pathetic event on mobiles. About these screwed S+ Wood Railings - I could replace them with ARK Homestead Wood Railings, but they are so ugly... I can't get it that one guy who was responsible for Structures+ mod has done better job with vanilla structures than Wildcard themselves! That's a shame for WC. They can't even create something pretty from their own bricks. And now I have to rebuild part of my house to replace S+ Railings, but I suppose it's only a tip of an iceberg... I'm scared of next "patches" and "fixes"... Basically, I'm prepared to my house being totally demolished with next update.
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