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  1. Let me tell you how your review (and your ridiculous final score) looks like. I'll make an example with automotive industry. So today I'm gonna make a review of Lamborghini Aventador. Engine: It has a massive, 6.5-liter powerplant. V12 produces 700 horsepower, which is an enormous value for a car. However, the newest Scania truck generates 730 HP from even bigger engine, so Lambo is not the best in this matter. (Well, Ragnarok has the desert too, right? Comparing two completely different instances = two totally different maps.) Sound: Heck yeah, one of the best engine-music! Twelve cylinders play a beautiful sonata. But again, it is sometimes too loud, there are many more quiet cars nowadays. (Lots of pros, a few cons.) Space: Two comfortable seats are all you can need in such a sportscar, especially when there's a huge V12 behind your neck. Well, it could be better - aforementioned Scania has even a bed inside! (Again, pointless comparison to newer and different Ragnarok.) Performance: Aventador is quick. Veeeery fast. And agile. You'll enjoy it A LOT! But its suspension is kinda hard, if you plan to make a daily ride to a supermarket. Watch out for some speed humps! Ways to improve: You know, Lambo has a price tag of 400.000 EUR and for that money they could improve its fuel consumption. Definitely they should think of a remake. (Pointless idea of facelifting a car, which production has ended 3 years ago.) Final score: 1/5, avoid at all cost. Right, it's fast and pretty, but there are better vehicles in overall. It's not worth even 400 EUR, not to say 400 thousands for such loud, thriftless train wreck. (Final score totally from the outer space, not matching the whole review.) I don't know if you'll get the point, but... nevermind.
  2. So how can you compare a whole Ragnarok map to Scorched Earth (released before Ragnarok)? You could also make a review comparing Ragnarok to Aberration and say that Aberration is meh, because Ragnarok is bigger and has more to offer and Aberration is boring and dull (underground biome all the time). It was obvious for me to compare only Rag's desert to SE, which is... a desert. Compare two cars, not a car with a plane. Whatever, that was no the point of my answer. As Invincibleqc confirmed, score of 1/5 when you said about many pros and only a few cons is a misunderstanding of the main point of a review. I'd nod to 3.5/5 for example - lots of cool stuff, but a little bit monotonous. But "avoid at all cost" and "incomplete train wreck definitely not worth the money" after you said so many bright sides of this DLC... Come on.
  3. Yes, that can be seen even on in-game map. It's clearly unfinished and lacks of details. That's why comparing Ragnarok with SE is pointless.
  4. Bro, I'm sorry to say, but you have no idea how to make a review. I marked quotes, where you are positive about this map and also these parts, where you dislike it. So you say that new items are very nice, creatures are various and unique, music is great and map has many awesome looking places. However, it is kinda dull and boring because of only one biome existing. And the story lacks a proper ending. Tons of pros with a few cons. Score: 1/5, avoid at all cost. Really? Like... really? People who play ARK for a long time already visited Scorched Earth and were excited during their first days on the desert. And people who just start their adventure with ARK will be satisfied with Scorched Earth, because it's something unique to The Island. Scorched is quite small map, that's the fact, but as long as you explore it without using fun-ruining flyers, it suddenly becomes huge and dangerous. There's no point in comparing SE to Ragnarok, because Ragna's desert is huge, empty and boring (I'm still disappointed that they wasted 1/4 of a map). SE is different. Better. Worth its price then, when I first bought it, and now, when a newbie thinks about purchasing it.
  5. Quotation from Ark Gamepedia: (...) Furthermore, unlike other Creatures, X-Creatures can be leveled up 88 times, can exceed the official level cap by 50 levels, and will gain Experience at a rate of 2.5x for killing them. So if I understand correctly, the absolute max level after taming for X-Dinos is 500.
  6. Air conditioners are working on very small radius. To efficiently use them to keep your house warm, you need to install lots of them, which depends on a size of your base of course. Single A/C unit has a range of two foundations. But it should be noted, that its effect is +100 insulation on the center and decreases with distance (reaching zero two foundations away). So basically, you have to install an A/C on every two foundations or even denser. In my opinion, the best and the most aesthetic way to survive on the Snow Biome is a fireplace (or multiple of them). A fireplace gives almost 3x more of insulation (+285) than an A/C and it creates a feeling of warm and cosiness, especially during a long, snowy night. I used to live on a Snow Biome and I loved situations, when there was a huge snowstorm outside and I was sitting with my friends next to the fireplace.
  7. I had an idea to use Devkit and try to create my own map, but modding ARK is far too irritating. 95% of mod maps are incomplete for various reasons, some of them because Wildcard releases patches almost on daily schedule nowadays, which doesn't help modders. One thing fixed, another two broken. Also, I used to play on Crystal Isles when it was still playable (no constant rain etc.) and I did not use dinos. Well, I had a parasaur for harvesting nearby bushes and a dilo as a guard dog, but I was always travelling on foot or by boat. That was much more exciting than flying from one border of a map to the other in three minutes. I hope Wildcard will not ruin Crystal Isles. Or even if they do, Isolde and her team will make a fix-mod to restore all this magic they've made before.
  8. Yes, exactly. Bad because of the absurd amount of sci-fi and high-end technologies. Maybe I'm an oldtimer, but I prefer to kill a raptor with a pike or crossbow after a fierce battle instead of using auto-aiming shoulder-mounted missiles or flying whalebomber. I'm dreaming about a big map with various biomes designed from the scratch to be crossable on foot, including caves (you hear that, Extinction?!). There's no challenge in battling giganotosaurus with a griffin or wyvern, but it begins to be great adventure if you have to run from pack of wolves using only your own legs.
  9. So, in my opinion: The Island = true. It's the very first map, different biomes, 10 interesting and various artifact caves, but quite small as you said. Good as a map for beginners. Scorched Earth = decent size? It's smaller and way more monotonous than The Island. Only three, easy caves. Boring after a week of playing. Aberration = again, decent size? This map is huge, especially when you measure its depth. It was totally different than previous maps and really exciting. New mechanics, no flyers, difficult caves, radiation zones, The Surface - awesome and challenging map in general. The Center = nice map, attractive design of "Black Carnivore Island", quite innovative caves. Lots of "easter eggs" (Skull Island), tons of dangers if you decided to traverse this map without flyers (large amount of leedsichthys for example). Ragnarok = nothing to say - the best map so far. Huge, creative, various. Unfortunately, only three artifact caves (very good tho - exciting mini-bosses mechanic). Valguero = small? It's one of the biggest map... Sometimes I wonder if you really played there or just read about it. I'm currently playing on Valguero on my private cluster and set a main base there. Map is beautiful, Redwoods is really pretty and I love an idea with a lake in the center instead of the ocean on the borders. Extinction = right, biomes are not really big, but only if you play on officials, where 95% of good/pretty spots are taken by other tribes. Extinction is another map on my cluster and I really love it. Desert biome is smaller, but a lot better than original Scorched Earth. Wastelands are great and challenging. Only the caves are very disappointing, as you are forced to use managarmrs or other huge dinos. No way to beat it the hardcore way, on foot, with grappling hooks or climbing picks. Genesis = understandable. I never played it and don't want to. Not interested in sci-fi combined with dinosaurs.
  10. Come on, this is becoming a proper d**kmove now, Wildcard! We tamed thylacoleos and megalanias. Built some enforcers. NONE of the dinos will attach to the wall in this stupid cave. Why are you forcing us to do the cave YOUR way? I don't want to tame dumb managarmr, I'd rather spawn and forcetame some gigas or simply cheat fly to get this damned artifact. You're so short-sighted that it literally hurts.
  11. Probably because of risk. If someone raid them, all that dinos can help to fend the enemies off. Not to mention that raiders can destroy cryofridge and steal all the pokeballs. Almost like Team Rocket.
  12. If I'm not mistaken leveling a stat above this limit will set the value back to 0. So if you level eg. walking speed above the limit, it reverts to 100%.
  13. Did you try to scroll the mouse wheel? It works when in Spectator mode, maybe it'll work with fly.
  14. Aaaand... what's your point exactly? I can't see any relation in you cheating and Wildcard doing something wrong.
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