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  1. And it takes almost 2 GB of data to download... Five explorer notes (basically a small box on a map) and two skins! What the hell is wrong with you, Wildcard?!
  2. At least 2.5 GB for a hotfix... C'mon, I don't even play officials, I turned this stupid, buggy event off on my private server and still I'm forced to download 2.5 GB to even launch a game! Really, Wildcard? Fix for an overspawn takes 2.5 GB of (probably full of new glitches) files? Are you kidding? Together with that primitive Steam update system it will take three days to finish downloading... I'm so tired of your incompetence that I wonder everyday why I'm still playing Ark. Probably only because of friends. No regards.
  3. Sorry, bro, but is this poll really necessary? There are bugs in game present from the very beginning (2+ years, come on), do you really believe that WC will now focus on fixing them? Fixing bugs doesn't give you money. Paid DLCs - yes. I guess for Wildcard this choice is obvious.
  4. This might be related to Fear Evolved event. You probably heard about hundred thousands of raptors and wyverns overspawning on Valguero and/or Ragnarok. There were also reports about massive numbers of Megalos, Drakes and Karkinos on Aberration. I have my own server set on Aberration at the moment (v 300.1) and I turned off this buggy event immediately. No signs of overspawns. If you'd like to turn off Fear Evolved, just add "-ActiveEvent=None" to your server's start command (without quotation marks) and then make a wild dino wipe. Maybe this will help.
  5. Did you try to wipe all wild dinos after the update?
  6. I wonder if anyone from admin/modding team ever response to this. Probably not, because WC doesn't seem to care about long-playing people, long-lasting and game-breaking bugs, but just to entertain new kids with fancy colored dinos (and their problems such not having Genesis announced on Switch). Sad.
  7. Primitive+ is dead, bro. Wildcard abandoned this project. There are numerous game-breaking bugs which were not fixed for almost 3 years. Wouldn't count on any positive response in that matter, unfortunately.
  8. Few bugs after patch v299.27 I wonder if this thread is worth creating (do Wildcard team really read this "Bug Reports" section?), but I'll give it a try. After this insanely big and glitchy patch v299.27, few things doesn't seem to work (not only on Aberration probably). 1. Smithy has a capacity of -1/75. There were such bug with Forge earlier (it had -2/8). 2. Loot crates are glitched - even if I find freshly spawned loot crate on Aberration (timer 80/100 for example), it disappears after only two or three items collected/dropped. I hope I explained it properly. Even with - let's say - 8 items inside a drop, it disintegrates after I pick 2 or 3 of them (despite the timer being even 100/100). And why I started this topic with such negative attitude? There's a bug with toilet, on which you can seat, do your business, flush, get fertilizer, sit again, make another fertilizer and so on. And it's not being fixed for at least a half of year. Not complaining tho, I don't need a Dung Beetle or compost bin anymore.
  9. Yep, that's riddiculous indeed. 1.3 GB downloading for two hours for now and it's still not finished. And 1.3 GB of just few things fixed, which fixed other few things meant to fix something else not yet fixed. Wildcard coding incompetence + Steam updating system = colossal catastrophe. Every time an "update" is being launched.
  10. Wow! Two new emotes cooked with shocking 100 prime jerky, same childish, old candy with new wrapping, two recolored skins (Murican top hat & default underwear with new textures - amazing), three already-existing skins (torch, signal pistol and rocket launcher) and probably tons of new bugs and glitches. 250 MB of another crap to be downloaded. Yeah, definitely "all you need to have summer fun". Enough, Wildcard.
  11. Unfortunately I don't have an access to my private server host's machine, so I'm unable to launch this flushdns command. That's pathetic that we have to wait for months until Wildcard do (or not) something with their own game. Yesterday, before patch 296.104 release, it was rubberbanding and lagging, but still possible to play. From today, it's literally unplayable. I have to wait 2 or 3 seconds after pressing 'T' to move an item from/to my inventory. And I'm being teleported few meters back every half a minute. Crafting 50 stone arrows with 400% of crafting skills take literally two minutes instead of fifteen seconds. F**k this sh*t, I'm out.
  12. Nie chcę być uszczypliwy, ale to chyba Twój pierwszy kontakt z PVP, jeśli jesteś oburzony, że gracze wzajemnie się zabijają. Na serwerach nie ma adminów. Wildcard nie dba o własną grę, która po kilku latach od premiery nadal jest betą, więc i na granie we własne dzieło nie będą tracić czasu. Jaki to serwer (nazwa, cluster), na którym gracie? Jesteś pewien, że w Waszym clusterze nie ma Aberracji? Jeśli gracz na Rock Drake'u nie cheatuje ani nie oszukuje w żaden sposób, to domaganie się dla niego bana jest bezpodstawne. To, że ma prawo zabijać innych, a kwestia tego, że przy okazji zniechęca tym innych do grania, to już dwie różne rzeczy. Zabija, bo to PVP. Serwery w ARKu pełne są trolli, którzy nie robią niczego poza psuciem zabawy innym. Obawiam się, że czas się przyzwyczaić. Ja i moja ekipa próbowaliśmy różnych serwerów, clusterów (PVP, Classic PVP, NoTame) i map (Wyspa, Ragnarok, Center) i nie ma szans na spokojną grę. Prędzej czy później ktoś Cię zrajduje, i to najpewniej nie tak, że sobie wejdzie drzwiami, tylko wyczyści całą Twoją bazę do zera, żebyś się nawet nie trudził odbudowywaniem, tylko od razu zmienił serwer.
  13. Hi, @Sphere. Thank you for this post. I'm running my own private server, too, but it's not located directly on my machine, but within the external hosting company (Linux). I have an access to all components, including FTP, command line, configuration files (INI) and so on. But I wonder, where should I type this flushing DNS command? Any idea? I'd be very grateful for any hint.
  14. But as I mentioned few posts above, on our private server (The Island, freshly started - empty map, max 4 players) we had rubberbanding as well, since the auto-decay timer reinstated. It must be severely messed game code, which is not fixable even for their authors.
  15. Unofficial servers are as laggy as officials, so me and my friends suffer that too. We have our private server, used to be on The Center map. Until the arrival of Eggcellent event, it was running smoothly. Then it started to lag and rubberband because of all of that stupid bunny dodos, oviraptors and all their eggs. After the event finished, the game remained laggy as hell. And then, around a week ago, it magically got healthy again. Not a single lag or rubberband. So we decided to change the map to The Island and on the new map our server was running perfectly, too. For few days, when another "fix" was released (auto-decay timer back on). So again, we have massive rubberbanding on our serv and we can't do anything about it, which is insanely frustrating. We are four persons on an almost empty map (just started) and we can't even kill a bunch of dilos because they (and we) are teleporting all around with lags. So just to let you know - we can only wait. But WC don't really care about us, so it may take months to be fixed.
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