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  1. But... you can always play solo on officials, right? Just don't join any tribe, be on your own... I don't really understand your problem.
  2. I recently changed PC to a new one, because my old graphic card (GeForce GTX 580) was almost in agony. Only one of two built-in fans was working, it was almost 10 years old. But my GPU was really brave and tough till the very end! First of all, it should not even run ARK (something like GTX 660 is recommended as a minimum), and even with just half of the fans working, it could maintain relatively safe temperature of 90-95*C (of course, with almost all graphic settings on ultra-low with resolution of 1024x768, and with all windows open in my room and with additional huge desk fan standing right in front of the GPU, almost inside a computer case). I had an alarm set in MSI Afterburner at 100*C to react in time. Good ol' GTX... It let me play ARK for almost two years in such poor condition. Now I have triple-fan GeForce GTX 1660 and with - let's say - 85% of ARK settings set on max-high with res. of 1920x1080, it can maintain ca. 60-65*C. So, to summarize my useless mumbling, it's nothing to worry about, if your GPU reaches 70's, especially if it's GeForce (Radeons have usually lower high-temp. tolerance).
  3. That's quite nice specs, however, 8 GB of RAM memory is just enough (another 8 GB wouldn't hurt). ARK is very badly optimised, so 70*C on medium settings with this specs (especially on laptop, which has usually worse cooling capabilities than desktop PC) is what I would expect. Yo can try to play with some particular settings in ARK, such as resolution (both screen resolution and its scalability), shadows, bushes density etc.
  4. Oh, great. Because of topic merge, my answer makes no sense now. Whatever.
  5. Sooo... you created a topic just to cry about being raided? And provided as little information as possible? "Stamm von ..." means "Tribe of ...", which is a default name of tribe in ARK when you start playing. No server info, nothing. Get a grip...
  6. Hmm, it may be related to this (Ark Gamepedia quote): The dermis of non-tameable creatures only display on their native maps. Therefore, creatures like the Broodmother cannot be displayed on maps like Aberration or Ragnarok. However, you can fight Dragon on Ragnarok, but maybe it is considered as non-native, because it's native map is The Island (same with second Rag boss - Manticore, being native to Scorched Earth). I'm not sure.
  7. Or set it to wander and aggressive and then quickly unclaim. It will die eventually, killed by something bigger.
  8. Keep in mind that there are 16 spawn locations for Deep Sea Loot Crates, but only TWO are active at the same time. So basically it's looking for a needle in a haystack.
  9. Same for me... Can't place anything holding text. Signs, billboards, gravestones, stockings... But I could place them like two or three days ago. EDIT: In general, the whole game is running slower than few days ago. Main menu is loading longer, textures on the server are loading slower... Nice, Wildcard. You are able to screw even few-megabytes tiny-fix of your fix of previously fixing a fix for another fix...
  10. My bag often show up on the roof of my house, directly above the bed. May be a hint.
  11. Happened to me as well. Actually, it happens almost every time I join the server. I can recognize this state - I'm standing on the bed instead of laying. Fast-travel to another bed solves the problem. But sometimes (very rarely tho) it happens after few hours of playing. It looks like my character left his body (I receive fall damage while riding a dino for example). Then I know that I fell of my body and have to quickly re-log. Quite dangerous if happens mid-battle...
  12. Pachyrhino can also be equipped with multi-person saddle and it weighs 200 units. Roll rat - able to carry three people. Drag weight: 245. Tapejara - another three-seater. Drag weight: 149. Why Galli then? That's just inconsistent. That's why I'm so angry. WC seems to do just random stuff to pretend they're doing something. Good, bad, whatevs. Still something.
  13. As far as I know, Gallimimus can't grab players like Proco (pouch) or Kapro / Megalo (jaws). If it really is related to meshing, then it's another detour to not fix it properly by Wildcard... Another great example? Chairs. Man, chairs are totally helping with meshing! So instead of trying to fix it, WC just removed chairs from the game. Climbing picks? Oh boy, people use them to go undermesh! Let's just instantly kill all players that unwittingly found a hole in the texture. Easy, right? If you can raid people from undermesh by carrying kangaroo with quetz, just make kangaroo heavier than mammoth. Poof! Problem solved!
  14. Could you explain what kind of relationship lays between meshing and drastically increasing drag weight of four in-game creatures?
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