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Gorgonopsid: The Bloodhound of the ARK!


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Gorgonopsids, named after the Gorgon of Greek myth, were a group of predatory stem-mammals that lived before the dinosaurs during the Permian period. Related to Purlovia, they were the top predators of their time.

Also, if you did not know. This is the ONLY creature ARK has confirmed to appear that never did. Back in ARK’s early days there was a list of all the creatures they planned to add on Steam. All of the creatures on that list were added eventually, with the exception of the Gorgonopsid. The gorgonopsid used to share this title of “Forgotten Creature” with the Giant Crab, but Karkinos has been added in Aberration.

          In-game Name: Gorgonopsid

          Dossier Statistics -

          Species: Inostrancevia ______________

          Time: Late Permian

          Diet: Carnivore

          Temperament: Aggressive

It is a mid-tier tame, being a decently powerful mount similar in scale to Thylacoleo. However, the gorgonopsid also has a very specific but incredibly useful ability.

This gorgonopsid would have the strongest sense of smell on the ARK, able to use its nose for a variety of different uses.


Ability 1: Tracking

By holding the sniffing ability, a crosshair will appear on the rider’s screen. When released onto a creature in sight, regardless of what it is, where it is, or who it belongs to, the Gorgonopsid will be able to tell its general direction, allowing the rider to track this creature across the map, regardless of its location.

This can act as a more organic form of the transponder, as you could give the gorgonopsid the scent of your flyer before you travel. In the event you die but your flyer lives and buzzed off somewhere unknown, you can take out your gorgonopsid to find it.

This also has utility in PvP, since this ability can identify and track enemies from a far distance without their knowledge, for the most part. Players will be completely unaware of their tames being tracked, but players will be notified if a gorgonopsid is specifically tracking their character. Another counter is that gorgonopsids lose the scent if the creature they’re tracking is put into a cryopod. Gorgonopsids will remember their last scent if they themselves are put in cryopods, however.


Ability 2: High-Level Tame Finding

While there are creatures like the glow pets that have the ability to detect high level creatures in the area, gorgonopsids have a similar ability that is more direct. When using this ability, the gorgonopsid will show the direction of the highest level creature within a certain radius of itself, and is highlighted to the rider upon being viewed directly. This ability can be refreshed by using the ability again, and the target will change if a higher level creature has moved within range.


Ability 3: Wounding Bite

With a particularly powerful bite of its saber teeth, the Gorgonopsid leaves a wound upon the creature it attacked. This does not act like the bleed status, but it does give the gorgonopsid a much stronger scent to follow, allowing the rider to track the creature with much better accuracy than merely gaining the scent from afar. On top of this, since the Gorgonopsid has a much stronger scent from the wound, it allows the rider to see the stats of the wounded creature, akin to an organic and more widespread form of the HLN-A. This would be invaluable when looking to tame certain creatures or scouting for weaknesses in the mist of a battle.


Bonus Ability Proposal: Sensory Support

Acting as a companion to other tames, the gorgonopsid could greatly extend the range of nearby creatures with similar sensory abilities, like those of the Fjordhawk, Parasaur, Dire Wolves, Troodon, and others.


Community Suggested Abilities:

-Able to sniff out explosives and other hazards.

-Able to sniff out explorer notes (A suggestion by the Myotragus creator. Shoutout to Myotragus!)

-High Jump to aid in exploration and tracking across rough terrain

-Armor Piercing or bleed due to its saber teeth

-Senses and warns of creatures in ambush (Thylacoleo/Purlovia).

-A stealth ability to sneak up on or sneak past creatures and tames.

-Other ways of tracking:

          -Using the scent of eggs/tames/dermis to be able to track specific species of creatures in the wild

          -Using the scent of stolen items/creatures to track down their original owners

-The wounding bite was a community suggestion that was so good that I had to make it one of the main requested abilities. Thank you all!


If you guys have any other ideas based around the theming, please post it down below and I'll include it in this suggestion! I think it’d be a fun way to bring this forgotten creature back to ARK!

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This was believed to be the largest gorgonopsid. Definitely proof that God's post and draft buttons are way too close together. Fortunately for us they went extinct well before the dinosaurs even became a concept. As a adorable as this things looks with that derpy smile I think we can all agree it would turn its next victim into a statistic. In game I think this thing with Studio Wildcard taking liberties as they normally do with their creatures could probably make it a little bigger. It should be an early to mid game tame. Maybe instead of a saddle you could put a harness on it with different module attachments. One could be a auto turret powered by gasoline and consume rifle rounds for ammunition. Another module could be a sensor that shows things that are buried/hidden and explorer notes similar to a direwolf but instead would display this to any nearby tribemates maybe a radial option to extend this to tribe allies. 

Anyways so yea this was a creature that existed before dinosaurs. Its a synapsid just like Dimetrodon was. 

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15 minutes ago, SheudenFritz said:

 In game I think this thing with Studio Wildcard taking liberties as they normally do with their creatures could probably make it a little bigger. It should be an early to mid game tame.

I imagine it being similar in size to Thylacoleo, another decently powerful mid-tier tame that has its own useful ability.

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Species: Inostrancevia alexandri
Time: Late Permian
Diet: Carnivore
Tempremate: Agressive

Wild: Among the many carnivorous creatures among the Arks, Inostrancevia alexandri is by far the most brutal among them. As quick as a sabertooth and just as powerful as Allosaurus in terms of bite, Inostrancevia is one of the more deadlier animals, attacking anything as soon as they catch a whiff of whoever as crossed its path. Thanks to its long sabertooth-like canines, it is able to cause bleeding to its prey, making it easier to track them down. Often theorized to hunt in packs, This infact not the case as Inostrancevia live a solitary life and perfer to keep their distance from one another.

Domesticated: If one is able to tame this vicious beast, They will find that Inostrancevia is a valuable creature to have. Thanks to their powerful muscles, Inostrancevia is able to run for long periods of time with little stamina drain, making them great for traveling the vast arks as well as proving themselves to be the perfect defensive against the Arks more annoying creatures. Their massive size also allows them to carry alot making for an effective beast of burden for any tribesman looking gather massive amounts of resources. Clever Tribesmen can also make use of Inostrancevias special bite. When biting down on an animal, this bite will not inflict damage, rather allowing you to track said creature should you wish to add it to your tribes arsnel. Additionally, tribes have set their Inostrancevia to gather specific resources from dead creatures. Raw Meat, Hide, and Raw Prime just to name a few will make them handy in filling troughs for your carnivorous tames.

Taming: To tame this beast, The player will need to come prepared for this hefty endevor. In short, you will have to fight it, literally. Swords, Sheilds, Guns, whatever method you perfer to use. The more you block its attacks and fight back, the more tired it will become, causing its torpor to rise up. Of course with higher levels comes more attacks you have to block and more attacks you have to inflict. Once it gets exhausted, you can feed it its favorite food raw mutton.



Tamable: YES (see taming method)

Rideable: Yes (Saddle is unlocked around level 50)

Breedable: Yes (Gestation)

Favorite food: Raw Mutton

Size: Around the size of a Megatherium.



Health: 900

Stamina: 2000

Oxygen: 150

Food: 1500

Weight: 3000

Melee Damage: 100

Torpidity: 5000


LC: Bite, On average this attack will do around 25-35 damage, This will apply bleed onto the opoosing creature and enemy player. Holding down this button will also allow you to inflict the dino with a "tracking" effect should you wish to track it down to tame.

Pounce, Similar to a raptor pins, Inostrancevia will pin down the creature/player and start rapidly biting.

RC: Claw Swip, this attack does around 30-40 and causes knockback to the attacking creature and enemy player.

Charge, Upon building up enough speed, Inostrancevia will charge towards the opponent dealing damage (around 35) and temporality dazes the opponent.


I want this beast to serve a purpose for players wanting a creature that will make life easier for them. I also wanted to make this creature sort of an "Upgrade" of sorts for those wanting a creature with the strengths they would want to see in something for Ark. The taming method is one that i feel is unique and, while difficult, the pay off of nabbing this beast will be worth it! Hope yous guys enjoy and If you have any suggestions and other ideas, leave them down below. Happy submitting everyone!

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lets get this boy in the first place  , dont let it lose by a freaking goat ffs and a bison its a very cool and unique creature to have in a DINOSAUR game  can be good for caving adventuring and a battle mount in general killing easily any heavy armored tame with his big fangs , also wildcard had plans to release him in first place in the early ears of the games developments , so pls people give this cool Symapsid the redemption it deserves VOTE FOR GORGON !!!!

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It's an interesting concept, I would suggest an inostrancevia too, but I imagined him in a slightly different way, I imagined him being a creature specialized in collecting resources that are dropped from other animals, like you can train one to collect more leather and another to collect more prime meat like the moschops system but for a stronger and more resistant animal

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12 hours ago, SpyroTheArtist said:

Thanks to its long sabertooth-like canines, it is able to cause bleeding to its prey, making it easier to track them down.

Could this be made into kind of a taming tracker? A special bite, doesn't do much damage, but now you can track that creature, come back and tame it later, or follow it if you lose track? I think this is a very good dino idea!

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6 minutes ago, fakeSODA said:

Could this be made into kind of a taming tracker? A special bite, doesn't do much damage, but now you can track that creature, come back and tame it later, or follow it if you lose track? I think this is a very good dino idea!

Huh I didnt think of that! I actually really like that idea! Thanks for the suggestion!

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In case the Myotragus doesn't win, I'd love if the Gorgon had a really potent ability to sniff out explorer notes from a great distance, as mentioned for the dinos. That's one thing I really want with the Myo, that ability to sniff out explorer notes far better than the Dire Wolf which I myself, and people I've seen basically never use.

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  • OnCue changed the title to Gorgonopsidae Tracking/stalking/sneaking ability


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