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    L in chat for this suggestion…I mean…F
  2. Love the suggestion, you get my vote for being something unique which is not overly OP but is decently strong. A few suggestions tho, 1. Tone down your tags a bit maybe lol 2. Maybe negate damaging Tek since it’s the ‘best’ material so to say. I wouldn’t want one of these guys smashing my hatchery when I’m AFKing
  3. Changes would be, firstly reduce either damage on quills, or remove secondary effects. If the saliva thing is super hard to get, then it is fine I guess. If it's meant to be a mid-game creature (I would highly recommend it not to be, since it then faces competition from Thylas, Allos, Carnos, Shadowmanes, Manas and a host of other dinos). And for the pounce, after you get pounced for the first time, you just come back with a bola and kill the raptor (even Gallis can be bola'd) and just spend extra time doing the same, which makes it a nuisance more than a danger
  4. Imagine having something to throw/launch over a distance, which blows stuff up…fr tho Magmasaurs launch explosive projectiles and grenades exist
  5. Imagine having a dinosaur that is useful for raising babies, oh wait… Also Maewing is super early-game, more so than a giant hadrosaur would be
  6. I think no ‘real creature’ is surrounded by vines
  7. I salute you for your greatness! This is truly a brilliant idea
  8. How do we measure the “strength” of survivors?
  9. Megalodon is already pretty weak, do we need a counter to it?…Also it just seems like a Dunke with more attack power…
  10. It seems you like being meshed…do you know that the in game world doesn’t have ‘soil’, it’s actually just a hollow layer. So the dens will be created, into nothingness? It’s shocking, I know.
  11. 1. Pounce is an annoyance, more than an actual threat 2. You use gg too many times for what is essentially a lower-mid tier creature 3. Instant mutations makes the whole point of mutating null and void 4. The quill effect is also quite OP, considering similar tier creatures such as Thorny Dragon are invalidated for shooting 5. PvEers (like me) actually love Raptors and Deinonychus as early game mounts (not a criticism but in response to smth you said earlier) In short, this thing is too broken for where it fits in
  12. 1. This is a video game, if someone is afraid of snakes inside a screen, then I don't think shouting at it will help. 2. You mention that the Tek Para won't be able to detect because it's more Tek...but isn't Tek supposed to be more 'advanced' 3. Sure, everyone probably has a headset or headphones, but many like me prefer to play ARK with their speakers. You can't force someone who doesn't have a headset to buy it specifically for use for 1 creature 4. Detecting the 'concentration' (I assume this means frequency) and loudness isn't possible that well, since if you notice the radio for e.g. always has the same garbled voice for whatever you say
  13. I do believe the one in ARK is supposed to be Gigantopithecus blacki? Of course all creatures are named differently to avoid dino nerds, but I guess it is Blacki
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