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  1. Now this creature would be UDDERLY AMOOSING. I'd have no BEEF with them adding this!
  2. The Shantungosaurus is a behemoth of a creature, standing at the same size as the mighty T-Rex, and possibly just as formiddable. In the wild the Shantungosaurus is protective of it's herbivore brethren, if it sees any creature hurt one of it's "herd" it will attack, not caring how large or how powerful the creature is, it has been seen doing combat with Rexes, even attacking, despite the odds being stacked against it, the mighty Giganotosaurus. This creature cares possibly too much about the lives of it's fellow herbivores. Some might call it suicidal, but I think it's rather noble.
  3. Already got mine written up. I gotta get this thing entered as soon as the event starts.
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