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  1. Server 1282 Genesis, flying with Skiff and it caused my Magmasaur to get killed by anti-mesh.
  2. *Vietnam Flashbacks Intensifies*
  3. H.L.N.A teleportation to North Bog Biome causes you to be pushed into the water under the mesh, it either pops you up or you and your tame get destroyed by anti-meshing, Genesis.
  4. Improvement on raising timers There's a lot of dino's in Ark which could use some adjustments to their raising timers, especially some of the smaller dino's. Here's an example, a Compy takes as long to raise as a Rex. An overhaul on some of these timers would be great!
  5. Griffin's are the special creature of Ragnarok. Continues to add Ice Wyvern.
  6. Did you nerf the velos damage? I brought my velo to a 25k node and it was nearly killed, and it's honestly made me upset, they were my favourite creature in ark, it sucks now. Thanks.
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