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  1. Hello, I am here to propose my idea of adding Neovenator to ARK. Before I start I will say why I choose this Dinosaur, I choose Neovenator because during my work experience I had the privilege to work in an actual Dinosaur Museum called Dinosaur Isle on the Isle of Wight in England, I never knew about Neovenator until then, since then it's been one of my most loved dinosaurs and I believe it would make an amazing addition to ARK. You will find out why I have added this quote later on. Common Name: Neovenator Species: Neovenator Luxuriosanguis Ti
  2. Instead of what you suggested, my thoughts are to use its name as the main focus, Carcharodontosaurus means Shark Toothed Lizard. It would just be under Rex size but slightly faster. It's role would to bleed down creatures with a new unique bleed mechanic, the more you move, the more you bleed, if you stay still the bleed goes away but if you keep the other Dino moving, it takes masses amounts of damage. If a creature dies by a bleed then a blood rush mode is activated where they are fast, they deal more damage and have a slight damage reduction. The bleed can stack as is it's not a normal ble
  3. Server 1282 Genesis, flying with Skiff and it caused my Magmasaur to get killed by anti-mesh.
  4. H.L.N.A teleportation to North Bog Biome causes you to be pushed into the water under the mesh, it either pops you up or you and your tame get destroyed by anti-meshing, Genesis.
  5. Griffin's are the special creature of Ragnarok. Continues to add Ice Wyvern.
  6. Did you nerf the velos damage? I brought my velo to a 25k node and it was nearly killed, and it's honestly made me upset, they were my favourite creature in ark, it sucks now. Thanks.
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