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antimesh Anti-Mesh System False Positives


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So we have built in one of the bubble on center and have a teleporter down there. Before your anti-mesh detection if a dino that was accidentally teleported. it would get teleported to above the bubble and push to the surface of the water. (Because teleporters do not work right in the 2 bubbles) Now they die. Could this please be looked at or maybe teleporters working correctly in The Center bubbles. 

This is on NA-Offical-PVE-TheCenter86.image.thumb.png.32385caad8c5ca678cbf06660fdc6fc2.png

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On 1/23/2020 at 10:47 PM, Cedric said:

Anti-Mesh System False Positives

What is a false positive?

A false positive is an instance where you receive a positive result for a test, when you should have received a negative results.  In the case of the anti-mesh system, this may flag you as being in the mesh when you are not actually in the mesh.  


I've created a thread to keep track of the areas in which we are seeing false positive, such as the Ice Cave.  Please let me know which areas you are seeing.  Also note, this is not a discussion about meshing but pointed feedback about areas you are having problems in!

Your feedback is appreciated as it will allow us to fine-tune the system.


Without screenshots of your tribe log and information on what map you were playing on, we are unable to act on the information you are providing.  Please be sure to include this when making reports.



İ can't find how to send screenshot but the cords is

FİRST X= 148524.406 , Y= 241220.672 , Z= -13268.967

SECOND cordinates X= 148332.594 Y= 242199.469   Z= -13482.161

THİRD Cordinates X= 147782.563 Y= 242315.688 Z= -13442.191

if u tell me how can i send screenshot ill send it.

 Server= LEGACY-The-EU-PVE-OfficialServer123 (on nitrado)

İ lose my 400+lvl Anky and 310 lvl giga and 270 lvl doedi

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I Wrote a Ticket and the Support told me to report the Issue on here.

Map: Aberration
Anti-meshing destroyed my Rock Drake while I was next to him and try to get him into a Cryopod. I was going to get some Rock Drake Eggs and go to the Red Zone on my Rock Drake. When I was in the Red Zone at the Rock Drake I put my Reaper out of my Cryopod and wanted to get my Drake in it. When I was standing next to the Drake he just disappeared and the Tribe Log said " Anti-meshing destroyed 'Rocky 175 - Lvl 229' at X=-24830.010 Y=117773.313 Z=-100040.484


Hope I get some help here...

Anti Meshing 2.PNG

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Tribe name (Only The Family)

Sever name EU-PVP-PS4Official- TheIsland230

I signed out for the maintenance update and when I signed back in it said my character died due to anti meshing.. I lost a 271 argentavis and a 257 Anky 

Cords. X=-199097.781 Y=-196510.922 Z=-1.5781


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On 2/5/2020 at 9:25 PM, skittles4free said:

My 255 Megatherium held a bunch of personal stuff, vaults, and dermis's from old friends and tames on previous servers. These were invaluable - more so than the tame. Gone. Somehow it managed to disappear due to anti-meshing. In a sandy beach area where nothing spawns in. Island - South East Shore. Just south of the lava cave. Here are your coordinates for the false positive:

X - 298479.375, Y-183665.766, Z - 14039.4961





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Got killed by anti-meshing when my tribemate picked me up using a quetz while I was riding a doed.

As often happens, when picked up we were pushed down, which resulted in both me and the doed being immediately killed by antimeshing.

Unfortunately I had our power-harvesting theri in a cryo in my inventory - lesson learned. Support obviously won't reimburse for this, so be careful out there. You can lose your dino, and anything in your inventory, instantly through standard gameplay (pretty sure most tribes do 2-person gathering runs regularly).

I don't think location matters since the problem is being picked up by a quetz pushing you down. I've seen other posts in this thread saying even pteranadons can do this (but obviously not to a doed). Regardless, I've attached a screenshot which includes the location.


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PS4 abberation #720 pve official server

Lost my imprinted anky on a metal run on abberation. It was my first run and I was killed and my anky virtually disappeared with all my metal. Had friend carrying me with crab got stuck on branch because encumbered and when he grabbed me with the crab I died and anky did too. I have video of it I can share with y'all if it helps. I'm hoping u might be able to get my anky back as we dont even mesh on pve anyway. Kinda dumb that pvp meshers ruin it for all of us. Love to play still though but need an anky to finish filling these forges. Please help 

Here's video it happens in last minutes of the video.


Typos and everything also cant see attached picture of tribe log when I look at it
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I played this game since Aberration was released. I spent EVERY raptorING SECOND of my time keeping my entire tribe alive through this years.... For what? For this?





I had MORE THAN 1500 DINOSAURS IN THIS GAME. I spent MORE THAN 3K HOURS IN YOUR GAME, WILDCARD. And for what? To respawn a rock and take everything I built and kept alive for years.


I don't raptoring know what "anti meshing" coords are, because my entire tribe log is plagued by "auto-decay destroyed". I just can't understand how you can broke your game like this. I just- I don't understand.

I'm latina, so excuse me if my english is painful. But this... Sigh, I'm done.

Coords in LEGACY-SA PVE The isle 505: 80 44

Rest In Pieces, Damnatio Memoriae.

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Hello my tribe mate and I lost our best spino last night in the blue area on aberration Pve  817 at

X=111734.211 y=93922.586 z=6890.3671


were had just tamed a featherlight and were looking at another and had stopped for a moment and it disappeared. I have video footage of it happening which I have emailed and this is the tribe log included 

tribe Bejemel 

player Reshiii 

player ChestyLaRu



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I was getting artifacts on island 914 tribe of jomal and was leaving the cave after getting sick and died in the lag spot leaving the cave. I lost all my stuff due to anti mesh even though I wasn’t meshing. I lost armor, a cryoed velo, crossbow, arrows, canteen and all the artifacts.  This is not my home server I just farm here.


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