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  1. Hope has 925 giga's coming soon
  2. Tell that to anyone trying to get eggs at any colour event.
  3. people who were pregnant during the reaper purge can still give/gave birth, loads of reaper again on my server
  4. I would like to see these facts on how it cant be done, because i for one have seen first hand a guy on reaper clean up nests on more than one occasion.
  5. or they become cheaters, because WC not enforcing there CoC makes it seem like that only way to keep up. Egg stealing as example, guy comes in on reaper, kills 4/5 magmasaurs all the while standing in lava, picks up 4/5 eggs and walks off.
  6. if you place a pillar and a ceiling before you place the platform and build up to water level, then using ladder and k mode to line up the side of the platform with the ceiling you can build threw it with large walls
  7. i was able to mindwipe 1 character but the others i have the 1day bug
  8. all of which are blocked by behemo gates and walls. not only that but 2/3 caves spawns are dead because of bases. where are we ment to tame the specific dinos that only spawn in this cave? if this was PVP it would be fair game, but its not.
  9. This guy said it was because he didn't want people taming his karks Tried to tame one and he will walk out with the rex and eat it in the trap people still built in non buildable caves, tickets closed without replies, very disappointed.
  10. Is putting rexes on aggro in the kark lunar cave considered griefing? asking because a tribe has proceeded to do this to stop people from taming karks on our server
  11. Map : Aberation Coords : 43347.902 39916.699 -115174.1091 Issue : got push into nest mesh by rock drake while getting eggs
  12. Map : Ext Coords : -258697 -169529 -50995 -37.72 -1.21 Issue : tried to land on that cliff edge and was teleported to wasteland, nothing in the log.
  13. Map : Island Location : Herb Island Coords : 271092 281213 -13750 -65.78 -15.99
  14. 11,296 on main account and 4,132 on alt account, alt account is mostly afk feeding babies 80% of the time
  15. Either Boss transmitters or 24hr decay timer on all obelisks, you cant even get on ours most times 360 blocked, people leaving wyverns on the walkway up for weeks, has been reported but can do nothing as they are not blocking the teleport ring
  16. What is being done about those effected by cryofridge glitch? Tek boss teleporter, with the way the obilisks are nowadays it's so hard to get dinos on to the ring. Make it cost a lot and have a 24hr cool down or something like that. Maybe underwater tek powered domes, kinda like city protection shields on ext
  17. Is there any reason as to why your coming across that you hate legacy players? because it definitely seems like you have a biased against legacy players.
  18. This is bulls**t, We (legacy players) basically paid to beta test your game because we loved the game, years of countless bugs, rerolls, wipes we stick with the game, You come out of beta and announce new servers and that legacy wont get support, that's fine most loyal fans stayed anyway and endured months of griefing and trolls on top of existing bugs, thats ark life for you. you kill off some low population servers for new content, that's fine too helps keeps the game alive. but removing all legacy servers is absolute bulls**t(No legacy server is safe), it would appear that si
  19. i cant remember tbh not really helpful i know, i tried to replicate but couldn't, i just wanted to show that it could be done
  20. nothing major but you can "overfill" the dedicated storage just bad for my ocd ahaha
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