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  1. Yes, this is correct. I will edit my original comment, but this is the more correct answer. Server restarts reset the wyverns on Rag, you get two wyverns that spawn. After that it is done. It's also technically possible to get two eggs if you approach them from the right angles based off of spawn location and nest location. I've only done this once since October though.
  2. The Ice Wyvern spawns on Ragnarok are broken and have been since the third day of the Fear Evolved Event in October. They patched a Fire Wyvern overspawn on Valguero and Rag and in doing so broke the Ice Wyvern spawn on Rag. When there is a server restart, there will be two wyverns that spawn. You can get an egg from 1 of them. Better hope it's a good one! After that no wyverns spawn until the next reset.
  3. I'm gutted. I don't expect support as I am a legacy player - we accept that no support will be provided as part of the bargain for continuing to play on this cluster. I don't however expect to lose valuable tames just because Wildcard implements a new feature that destroys dinosaurs that randomly sink into the ground of their own accord. That's right...dinos sink into the ground all the time. How many times do you see it in your base? I can only assume that is what happened because I was offline in my safe quiet part of the island. I lost my island server last week. Again. No problem...transferred everything over to Legacy Island PvE 82. Creature of habit - I chose the same spot I have had for 4 years. My 255 Megatherium held a bunch of personal stuff, vaults, and dermis's from old friends and tames on previous servers. These were invaluable - more so than the tame. Gone. Somehow it managed to disappear due to anti-meshing. In a sandy beach area where nothing spawns in. Island - South East Shore. Just south of the lava cave. Here are your coordinates for the false positive: X - 298479.375, Y-183665.766, Z - 14039.4961 And the kicker - my purple 100 % imprinted giga with the ascendant 120 saddle just went poof. Same general area. X -297990.281, Y-183285.563, Z-13832.8841 You implemented a capricious automatic system that punishes players that do nothing wrong in order to perhaps one day possibly stop players that actively do something wrong. Fix your game. Stop punishing your player base. I was a beta tester once. I'm on legacy now - no support, and that's just fine. But don't make me beta test your new features and expect me to be fine with it. Fix your game. I don't want anything back - just fix your game and this new feature.
  4. Hi everyone, I have checked patch notes - and I cannot find anything about this. I moved 5 basilosauruses off of my old server to a new island server and since the move none of them are producing oil. I tried unclaiming and reclaiming to set if this would reset the oil production. Nope. Is this a transfer issue? A weird server glitch? A silent nerf or a weird glitch that needs to be patched? Anyone else having similar issues?
  5. One final piece of advice for those picking eggs off of the fallen log - I usually break the trees at the very front of the log (by biting them on my wyvern) and then walk my wyvern along the small edge. This takes a little practice. With the wyvern directly on the log, I will hop off and then snatch the egg. Some people do this with different flyers (Griffons for instance) - and it is far easier to walk this path with a smaller flyer. Once you have the hang of it though, having your wyvern directly behind you as you snatch the egg gives you a very short and safe egress from the location as the Ice Wyvern aggros. If the egg is not high enough, having my wyvern with me allows me to take out low level ice and try to spawn in a new wyvern by leaving the area and rendering it back in. Mix and repeat. I've had times where I eat 5-6 eggs in a row as I keep returning to this location. Eventually a 150 plus egg will come your way and you are a happy camper.
  6. I went through the four spawns that I know of that are still active on Ragnarok last night. I will list coordinates - they are consistent with the link posted earlier in the thread from Steam - though I have not been able to ever find 1 of the listed nests on that Steam thread. Going from Green Ob you will have a high ice mountain that marks the beginning of the ice wyvern territory. Death Snow region. Follow this mountain from Green Ob, with the mountain staying on your right. Do not enter snow region yet. Follow the mountain until you reach a pass that marks a path up to 1st ice lake. This pass will have Red Woods Biome and Snow. Take the path right up to Ice Lake 1. Stay on the far right of Ice Lake - there is a higher plateau above Ice Lake on your right. At the end of this plateau, with Ice Lake directly below you and to your left is spawn 1 on our trip. Coordinates 47 - 51.7 - In my experience this is the second most common nest location through the Ice Wyvern location. To your right, in the region where the mountain dips into the transitional Biome between desert and snow, you will occasionally have a wyvern hung up on one of the cliffs. If it is a good level, but out of render distance from 47 - 51.7, consider kiting the wyvern over to the nest location and having it aggro onto a Rhino or Mammoth. Go out of render distance when it de-aggros and you may be able to have a nest spawn in. Next two locations - continuing on from Ice Lake 1, follow the Ice River towards Ice Lake 2 (generally heading towards Red Ob). As you follow the Ice River at the end of Ice Lake 1, on your left will be Wyvern Spawn 2. It is on a higher plateau with trees around it. There is also an oil vein here and there may be an active oil pump. Location is 42.8 - 55.2. This one can be difficult to spot because it is somewhat hidden from view. If you pass this location and there is no nest, take a hard right back towards the Ice River and pass the river. You will see a long sloping snow hill that has a steep drop behind it. There is a large rock at the end of it. Location is 44.2 - 58.9. In general, these locations will have an obvious ice wyvern flying around in the ice river area. If you see an Ice Wyvern in the region, check both nest locations. Otherwise, these regions tend to be less likely to produce eggs. Next location - continue following Ice River towards Ice Lake 2, generally moving towards Red Ob. You will pass a large ice cavern that goes underneath lake. Approaching the Ice Lake 2 from River you will have a small forested region on your left at end of lake. There is a wyvern spawn here - (a very common wyvern spawn) but I cannot find the egg location that is listed in the Steam thread. It is supposed to be to the right, where there is another copse of trees and another oil vien/oil pump. Some of us wonder whether this spawn has been blocked on our map because someone has built a small base in the area. The final, and by far the most common Ice Wyvern nest spawn is ahead of you. Past Ice Lake 2, heading towards Red Ob you will hit the following coordinates by a fallen log: 33.6 - 68.8. There is a depression below you (and another oil vien/oil pump!). This particular nest location is also right next to a wyvern spawn (not all nest locations are right by wyvern spawns) and yields the most eggs in my experience. I have had multiple event eggs from this location that our tribe has used for trade purposes. If you do not like the level of the egg found here, eat it, kill the ice wyvern and fly out of render distance. I usually go to Red Woods and zoom right back. Typically a nest and wyvern will have respawned so I try to get a better result.
  7. Thanks for that - any gps confirmation would be fantastic. I really do appreciate the info though. Working from Green Ob to Red ob there are 4 nest locations I can confirm. I will provide gps coordinates for the 4 that I see.
  8. Is it possible to get the coordinates for this? I know of 4 wyvern nest locations - is this the one that is just above and to the right of frozen lake? Desert is ahead. I would be very grateful for any coordinates. All told I thought there were supposed to be 5 nest locations and I can only find 4.
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