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  1. Legacy will get new servers foe genesis, like we always had with other dlc. I hope so
  2. They will not put legacy servers for Genesis, since these are "obsolete" versions of official servers. That is why they're deleting legacy servers.
  3. I played this game since Aberration was released. I spent EVERY raptorING SECOND of my time keeping my entire tribe alive through this years.... For what? For this? I had MORE THAN 1500 DINOSAURS IN THIS GAME. I spent MORE THAN 3K HOURS IN YOUR GAME, WILDCARD. And for what? To respawn a rock and take everything I built and kept alive for years. I don't raptoring know what "anti meshing" coords are, because my entire tribe log is plagued by "auto-decay destroyed". I just can't understand how you can broke your game like this. I just- I don't understand.
  4. Anti-meshing in the tribe log... Server: LEGACY 505 SA (The Isle)
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