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Sniper is basically the default weapon in ark pvp. If you’re going to use a gun in pvp 99% of the time it’ll be the fab sniper.

AR is not anywhere near as bad as most people think it is. It can actually be pretty decent, however the main issue is that using ARB for an AR vs in turrets and hit reg being as bad as it is makes it essentially pointless to use the AR in virtually any situation.

Simple pistol is the poor mans sniper. Damage isn’t great but if you have decent aim it can be a solid early game sidearm and the ammo is cheap and easy to craft. The fabricated pistol is serves the same basic purpose but requires a fabricator to craft, costs more and has more expensive ammo. Making it pointless to bother with, plus if you’re at the point where you have a fabricator you should just focus on getting a sniper and armor over a marginally better pistol.

Longneck is a good utility gun, decent for early game but slow reload times and being a single shot weapon aren’t ideal. 

RPG’s are basically the way to raid ratholes and any other base you can line of sight the turrets from. Great for raiding ratholes and anywhere else with cave damage as even the splash damage can break turrets guarding an entrance.

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23 hours ago, Blackmagic9000 said:

Fab sniper---looks like a dragonof to me

Assault rife---MP5 for days

Revolver and pistol----revolver is a colt walker for sure, and pistol reminds me of either a beefy 1911 or a Deagle

Longneck--Reminds me of old breech loaders However finding a particular one that doesn't use black powder is extreamly difficult and unique.

Rpg---modern day rocket launchers, not sure of what type exactly.


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I always carry a fab sniper, shotgun, fab pistol, and a longneck in my mount (in case I find anything to tame). 

Love the accuracy of the sniper and being able to shoot 8 times.

Shotgun's great when I get thyla'd off my bird.

Fab pistol is just fun. Closest to anything I can get in the real world lol. It's fun to go around one-hitting dodos and lystros with it lol.

Longneck with shock darts in case I find something cool to tame.

I feel like simple pistol is just stupid cause of its small capacity, and I just don't like the look of it.

AR is blind with accuracy. I tested it out with heading over to penguin island and holding down RT while swirling around. Not one bullet hit. Plus, terrible damage per hit.

Those are my opinions, lemme know what you guys think!

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On 2/16/2021 at 11:32 AM, Piffguru said:

Maybe im misunderstanding your question, but it reads to me that you are asking what real world weapons that the in game weapon designs are based on? I see people just listing the uses of weapons and what they consider to be the best etc. Maybe elaborate on your question a bit.

Ye, nice that i got other answers but mainly I wana know what these weapons and its ammos are based off of in the real world like the pistol ammo looks like 9mm etc

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