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  1. I've found that rate of fire can be more valuable than the amount of torpor per shot. The tek bow is obviously best for this, but a high damage compound bow with tranq arrows can perform better than a crossbow or longneck due to fire rate. The reload time on both the crossbow and longneck effectively limit the number of shots you can take within the time limit. Since you don't need to worry about killing the mission creatures (as far as I can tell) the compound bow can be a better option even though it deals less torpor per shot. The bulbdog mission is the easiest of this mission type, ga
  2. Seems to me like if your solution to the Astrodelphis is to have your Astrodelphis then that would pretty much define imbalanced mechanics and completely justify the nerfs. Using the same creature as the only viable method to defend against it isn't really much of a counter. I'm not really sure how you come to the conclusion "only the space dolphin beats the space dolphin" = entirely balanced
  3. No offense, but I really don't think you're aware of everything the astrodelphis was capable of initially. Keep in mind that you could out range any turrets, kill virtually any player in 1-3 shots regardless of armor, and have more speed and mobility than almost any other tame in the game. I'm fairly certain your "A-10" comparison falls apart when you look at how they're actually being used on pvp servers. If that was in fact the only way you were using them, then it could explain why you found them so easy to defend against. Again I'd love to get a real answer as to what you found as a val
  4. I've seen multiple people make this claim, and yet never had anyone be able to back it up in any way. On the other hand I know of a lot more players who claim both from offensive and defensive angles that it was incredibly overpowered. I'd love to see a verifiable example of how easily they could be countered in their initial state at launch.
  5. I'm not sure what you're basing this information on but it doesn't line up with anything I've seen on official. Overcap tek saddles from the initial genesis part 1 launch ended up well below 124, and of the several astrodelphis saddles I've gotten that have over 100 armor pre-nerf they all came out well under 70 armor. I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that capped tek saddles are anywhere near as commonplace as you seem to suggest they are.
  6. The armor cap on official is 124, any saddles regular or tek over that limit are unintended and will at some point be reverted to something within the limit of armor cap. I'm not saying they don't exist, just that they aren't supposed to.
  7. That was to be expected as well realistically. The saddle is considered a tek saddle like tape/rex/etc and those don't get much armor above engram quality. I pulled a 232 armor saddle from a drop and knew it was going to get adjusted since that's clearly not intended
  8. Honestly, I don't really see how the patches to the Astrodelphis so far really affect its overall value in pve. So far the balance changes for them have been: an exploit fix that would have been patched eventually regardless of who said what about it at. a nerf to homing shot that prevents it from damaging riders, which is meaningless in pve where you aren't targeting other players anyway a melee reduction, which seems all around pointless since IDK who is using it's melee and not ranged attacks preventing turrets from firing at homing shot, again meaningless in pv
  9. Just don’t use Tek if you dislike it? I mean I completely understand why some aren’t fans of the sci-fi direction of the game if they started out more interested in the dinos and primitive survival aspect of the game. If you’re one of those people though I really don’t understand why all of that existing in the game is such a massive issue when you can just choose not get into that side of the game. If you prefer the early/mid-game side of things where you’re taming and breeding and running around in whatever gear you’ve managed to scavenge or craft then just… keep doing that. V
  10. Finally a sensible Gen 2 patch, nice to see Wildcard listen to reason for once
  11. Stay committed to that stone base life, that mindset will really get you far in pvp. Nobody is going to stay lvl 1 for long on gen 2, and if they're pumping melee they won't need the tek punch to get into a stone structure. Not to mention that a bit of drop hunting can get you a tek bow which will make short work of any stone base. If they are somehow managing to "skip leveling" (which I have no idea why, or even how someone can do that) it won't do them a lot of good since they won't have access to most of their engrams.
  12. I really don't understand this complaint. If you're playing officials then you could already immediately progress to endgame prior to Gen 2 with almost no work, either by joining an existing tribe or if you're playing pve just easily trade for top stat lines. If doing that ruins the game for you, then just choose not to play that way. If you want to progress more slowly then just play through at your own pace. Don't like the shortcuts added by gen 2? Just don't use them. Think the Exo suit is OP to start with? Then just take it off and craft regular armor. No one is forcing you to play in
  13. Gotta love that they left servers running with 100+ population during the week, then immediately lock it down when the weekend hits. I didn't see a single server running below population cap as of yesterday, and while ping was pretty bad at times the server I was on was fairly stable despite peaks of 140+ people online. Seems like a lack of foresight to lock down servers when they know they aren't running enough to hold the current playercount
  14. People think that the game should be played a certain way and dislike when it doesn't line up with their preferred play style. It's pretty obvious Gen 2 is meant to be a full on endgame map where you transfer in with an established character, but if they refuse to see it that way then all they can do is complain
  15. Sounds like the blueprint rolled insanely high durability. All saddles have durability as a hidden (and unused) stat. Generally the higher the durability the lower the armor value will be and vice versa.
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