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  1. Why would you need to prove you crafted them? I assume you’re not just leaving a dedi full of gens sitting in the open as a display piece. So if they’re in your base and someone gets to them are you expecting them to finish raiding you, steal all the generators and then report you?
  2. Pick bp's don't really get expensive as far as I know. Even the best ascendant one I've found only requires something like 12 ingots to make. You usually want good bp's to craft max damage picks for using with mantis on ele veins
  3. I don't think anyone wants defending to be much easier that attacking, just for there to be a better balance between the two. Bases already get raided knowing that there won't be profit, just for the sake of controlling servers or just out of boredom. Adding some kind of actual challenge to raiding won't change that. As for maintaining resource sinks to prevent stockpiling, uh, have you ever been in a big tribes base? I can't tell you how many dedicated storages full of resources, ammo, structures, etc that you'll find on just one of their controlled servers. You have tribe owned ones, pe
  4. I pretty much agree with just about everything here. I think one the major issues with Ark is that it seems entirely balanced around large scale megatribe vs megatribe wars, even when those decisions are far more detrimental to open world pvp or basically anything that isn't an all out server capping war. One of the major issues is that resources so incredibly easy to farm anymore, even if you reduce the damage on c4 down to 1/10th of what it is now it still wouldn't really make much of a difference. You can pretty easily craft 1000's of c4 at a time if you have decent farming tames or even ju
  5. If you aren’t limited to Aberration, you can try farming OSD’s on ext or red loot crates on genesis. Those also have bp’s in the loot table and can be easier to farm consistently since you don’t have to wait on drops respawning or night time on the surface
  6. I don't think most of the people here understand why gacha towers are used, or why people run gacha farms instead of going out to actually farm resources. The difference is that most of you are thinking of farming those resources to progress and play the game. The reason Gacha Towers are used is that someone can stick a character in the center of the tower and run a script/macro to passively collect crystals. It's not a player sitting there for hours instead of going out and farming. Yes actively farming is more efficient with time, but that doesn't really matter when you can leave the ga
  7. Realistically, there isn’t much that would stop gacha towers aside from straight up nerfing them into the ground, and even that is likely to have more gameplay consequences than adding spoil timers on seeds. At the very least this doesn’t really affect anything significantly outside of gacha farming, and adds a fair bit of extra effort to keeping towers running. It might not stop them altogether but the extra time needed might cut down a bit on the number of towers people can run.
  8. I don’t know why people hate on Pego’s so much. Just keep a stack of berries in your last slot and let them tame up, I like to keep a small collection of them that I pick up just roaming the map. And they’re so useful! Just make sure you pump all their levels into HP. I mean you need something to feed to Bloodstalkers when you tame them right?
  9. OSD are a good option, as was mentioned. Some of the brute dinos from Gen missions give decent xp. If you're really desperate you can run a grinder full of stone while mounted and that will give your tame xp, though it would take a lot of time to level one at a time that way.
  10. You can still craft shards to element with a Tek rep, no need for Extinction. You'll need a rep regardless if you want to craft raw element/shards into anything transferable anyway so honestly outside of farming bosses your best option would be setting up a farming outpost on a CI server. You don't need a top tier mantis, even a decent tamed or 1st gen bred one with a good hatchet bp will farm fairly efficiently. It's not as fast as Ext or Gen but more than enough to build up some element. As for the issue with trading there's plenty of people that will trade in poly, ingots, or other stu
  11. So do you also think that you're disadvantaged because you can't tame a giga on genesis? If you think you're getting screwed over because you don't want to bother transferring to any other server then that's more on you than the game. Transferring a character isn't anywhere near as risky as you make it out to be. Transfer over with nothing, learn your engrams, and jump back. It'll take less than 15 minutes to be there and back if you have any idea of what you're doing. I guarantee you could transfer over to a CI learn engrams and even craft some cryofridges in less time than you're spendi
  12. Yup, I could go hop through a dozen ext servers right now and I guarantee I could find multiple examples of that kind of cloning set up on each one.
  13. There's no way to enable that unfortunately. The best option is global font mod but that has its own quirks to deal with. Pretty stupid that it's not built into the base game by now honestly
  14. This would be my guess, maybe one has flyer movement speed enabled and the other doesn't
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