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  1. Can you explain a little about this strain caused by the pachys? I'm curious how exactly they reduce performance in any measurable way?
  2. Ok so put anything with a transponder node in the taming list then. Make it so that once you attach a node it shows up in there. But people aren't going to stop asking for an extremely useful feature to be returned just because there's a non-functional "substitute" that never even had half the features.
  3. Believe it or not they did have this feature and just removed it with the last patch. Every tamed dino that was active on the server would show up on the tame tracker when you logged in and any cryopodded creature you tossed out would also appear and could be tracked. You could even use it for tracking your tribemates, just by tracking the mount they were riding. It was great, but then people complained about it because opening up the tab could crash the game because they had tons of tames out. Now it only shows wild creatures in the process of taming again.
  4. Center and Rockwell can both be run with shotguns, you will need a procoptodon or beezlebufo for center though. That would get you Tek turrets and tp. If you have the players you can run alpha Rockwell with shotguns and that will unlock cloning chambers as well
  5. Flame arrows are an easy way to deal with that. Takes some time but the Dino isn’t going anywhere. That or anything that deals bleed damage and can take a hit or two. It sounds like you’re on mobile so I don’t entirely know what options are open there, but anything that deals percentage health damage it good for taking down heavily bred up tames
  6. Wow, I just found out that thanks to this comment the OP of this thread contacted the devs to let them know that they can revert the patch that changed the taming hud. We should expect to see a small update by the end of the day. Great work Draxus! Don’t get me wrong I liked the old taming hud way better, but necroing old posts to blame the devs patching something won’t change anything
  7. Tame a ravager, craft a crossbow and some ziplines then make your way around the map looking for a drop. If you find one out of reach use the ziplines to let the ravager climb up to it. Keep anything you want to bring with you in your inventory and be prepared to upload the ravager if you want to bring that with you as well. Portal has a few spots where drops spawn, one will show up in the lake right under the bridge as you leave the portal zone. But the Fertile Lake area has a lot more drops and they spawn much more regularly, all of them are accessible with a ravager. Avoid Karkinos (gi
  8. The problem is that breed lines need to be wiped. Reset everyone back to wild tames and suddenly you have a brand new fresh meta. PvP is always going to get stale without some sort of wipe. There's a reason why virtually every other PvP game (especially survival games) has some form of progress reset. Rust and Tarkov are good examples of this. When you look at the difference between 1x officials and small tribes vs ARKpoc and even MTS on the unofficial side, you can easily see why those are becoming more popular, while 1x and smalls have been losing players. Fights are a lot more interest
  9. Y'all are kibble taming your first argy? I thought I was getting fancy with my early game ovis breeding.
  10. Wait are you telling me that I shouldn't just draw conclusions based on screwing around in singleplayer? I ran around for at least 5 minutes to be sure I could form a comprehensive analysis based on simulating extremely realistic scenarios, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about.
  11. Humans are the most useless creature in the game - Primary attack does a measly 8 damage, basically pointless. Titanosaur is way better with 1000. - 0 damage reduction, you have to like craft these stupid clothes to try and protect yourself. - Dumb single melee attack does about the same amount of torpor as regular damage. - Punching takes so long to KO anything, and it damages me to punch stuff. I'll probably die before I KO something. - Pretty much useless other than fighting another equally useless human. - Other people can just bola me and then I'm just stuck
  12. Sounds like business as usual for official servers.
  13. Yeah sure, Tennant is Rockwell, but did anyone else notice that Vin Diesel was in that Ark 2 Trailer?
  14. It tracked every tame that was out when you logged into a server or that was uncryo'ed while you were online literally from the day it was added in with the TLC patch.
  15. I'm honestly more willing to believe OP has 200k hours in Ark based on the attempt at writing something comprehensible in this post. He clearly didn't waste any time in school.
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