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  1. Just keep trying until you get one. It's literally based on luck. After weeks I've still yet to find a high lvl lightening :). Do update us if you find a high lvl!
  2. Maybe you have your difficulty level set low? I haven't had problems as I've found 2 175 Poison eggs and 2 150 fire eggs. Also keep collecting the low level eggs so new ones will spawn in. And try to kill off the low level wyverns and leave the high level ones so they'll leave a high level egg (And so more wyverns will spawn in hopefully high levels).
  3. I can't really answer the loot and storage questions, but for the others: You are decently good leveled so you should be able to tame larger things. Since you're in redwoods, a carno or thyla would be a good choice. Thylas are great for exploring. With a thyla you can climb a redwood tree and tranq larger dinos safely (assuming nobody will fire a rifle at you). Also high lvl trikes would be good defense against dinos, not players. Once your friend reaches tranq darts at lvl 61 he can use them to tame bigger things like allos and rexes. A pack of allos would be a good choice but make
  4. Oh can’t bring flyers. Didn’t know that. Thanks for the help
  5. This is probably a dumb question, but would this be a thing that would work? 17 rexes 1 heal pig 1 yuty on auto courage and 1 quetz that im riding. Ill be above the monkey shotgunning it. This is in case my whole army dies (which it hopefully won't). But can the monkey throw its rocks up at my quetz? Like will my quetz survive if I go above the monkey and shoot it? Thanks for your help.
  6. I did the beta monkey fight. Didn't heal my rexes fully cause I Thought it'll be ok.. Only healed up to 15k and my rexes ended at around 5k. I better heal the whole army fully before the alpha fight.
  7. there are two locations where I've seen gigas. Giga mountain which is the eastern mountain. And the eastern snow mountain. Be advised they act like an a** when taming. They have the attention span of a two year old so they'll almost always run away. It can be a problem because they always peace out into the trees.
  8. This used to happen with spino sails for me. With inventory less than half it works. However, if I try it with sauropod vertebra I barely get any. Probably a bug.
  9. Completely agree. Many of the land caves I did were using a bary and others I used thyla. But to the original question, yeah bary are fun mounts in the water because of their stun thing so you should tame one ( btw If you're on the island idk why but its super hard to find a high level). Thyla is great for exploring since its strong, fast, and you can use weapons on it.
  10. I’m thankful for the boss fights arenas. I always find the arenas very cool and love the music in them.
  11. Went out hunting for thylas to get thyla hook claws. Only found three and those three were on the ground. The one time I want to get thyla'd off my mount no thylas come at me lol.
  12. I went out to get the beta and alpha tribute stuff for monkey boss (Island). Got enough meg teeth, spino sails, and theri claws. Now i just need the megalania toxin and thyla claws. Thyla claws aren't too bad to get. I plan on grabbing my rex and wandering in the redwoods until I find some or get thyl'ad off my rex. Anyone know any better strategies? Finally, need some megalania toxin. I know there are megalania in caves, but are there any other areas not in caves where I can find them? I really don't want to deal with more arthros, bats, and spiders.
  13. For the future, you can use this too. If you can get your hands on a quetz, ride it to above to megalodon. Since you're above water you can fire darts at it until its down. I like to use a platform saddle and keep a pelagornis on it since I can easily land on the water to feed it.
  14. I did the monkey fight on gamma SP. It was dirt easy. Rexes only lost around 5k health. The beta and alpha may be tougher....
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