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  1. I’m guessing you’re playing on the island. I usually do destroywilddinos command in command menu. This works for Xbox so it will work for ps4. After that look near north of herbi island, south of red oby, near blue oby, and around redwoods. Good luck!
  2. Daeodon Healing I will be raising wyverns without milk. I was wondering do I need a high level daeodon for better healing or does level not matter? Also how many daeodons will I need? Is just one okay? Thanks
  3. You could kite them away. Keep all your stuff in your base. Take only a bow and a couple arrows with you. Fire into one and run. Try to lead it away from your base. Also, where is your base located on what map?
  4. Ark Xbox freezing up This just started happening after the summer bash update. I play on Xbox solo Ragnarok. The game keeps freezing and then I get kicked to the Xbox home screen. When I log back on, none of my progress is saved. Is this happening to anyone else, does anyone have a solution?
  5. I have the same problem on singleplayer Ragnarok. It started right after the update
  6. Xbox crashing I play on Xbox singleplayer Ragnarok. Just after this update, everything is lagging and the game keeps crashing without saving. It just goes to the Xbox home screen. Is anyone else on Xbox encountering this same problem, and does anyone have a solution?
  7. Thanks for the tips. Can I ask where you set up in Ragnarok?
  8. So would you settle there or no?
  9. Ragnarok Highlands Would the highlands be a good spot for base locations in Ragnarok? I know there are allos and rare gigas, but other than that are there any other big threats to settling down in the highlands? Thanks!
  10. Ragnarok spawn zones What are some good spawn zones to start off in Ragnarok? I want a zone that I can start a starter base and not have too many bad things. Thanks
  11. Is it required to put stone in them? I thought they produce without stone
  12. Achatinas Do achatinas need to be in wander for the achatinas paste? I play singleplayer Xbox. Some people were saying just leave the achatinas anywhere and it produces paste.
  13. Gamma on Xbox Do the gamma up commands work on Xbox, or are they only for pc?
  14. So maybe it’s a bug that they can climb back on.
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