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  1. Discovered that tek gates can auto open and auto close. Can't believe I didn't know that. I put a tek behemoth gate on my water base so I don't have to dismount each time to close.
  2. Tamed the 135 mosa! First ever mosa tame! Pardon the ichty photobombing lol
  3. Went alpha hunting with tuso (I know, interesting tame to take alpha hunting). Killed 6 alpha sharks 1 alpha tuso (that was scary). Moment I saw it I inked my way out of there. 1 alpha mosa. Brought a heal pig with me in a cryo. Whenever I need to heal my tuso I go to the shore, pop it out, chuck all that fish meat in it, and heal. Found a 135 mosa, will try to tame it soon. Did get stunlocked once by some a-hole eels who crept up on me, luckily I got out of there. That's all for today
  4. Tapejaras are a super fun tame! Theyre like real life drones. Not to mention you can take your friends on their triple seat saddle. I also really like how we can grab onto a wall and the driver can also shoot weapons.
  5. Made a lot of tek dedicated storages (again) to house apex drops. Bred a few stegos for an experimental boss fight with stegos vs beta monkey. Excited to test it out. Made a cool elevator thing to get up out of my base (Im in hidden lake, I want to get to the wood on top and outside my base).
  6. Burned through well over 10K metal by making several tek teleporters and generators. Also made many runs to the snow biome for OP to craft those tek teleporters. Definitely will be placing one at base and the snow biome.
  7. Its actually my first time using theris. For gamma dragon I succeeded with an experimental mammoth army. I used rexes for the monkey (cause I didn't have a good breeding line for any other boss creature). Luckily didn't lose a single one on alpha :). For spider (would use sloths but don't have a good breeding line for them yet) I also used rexes and had 11 losses on alpha. Theris I like because of the comparable stats to rexes and being agile. Rexes are pretty clumsy tbh and the dragon's breath kills them fast. Theris are actually pretty underrated for the other bosses and would be a good choice. What are your thoughts about them?
  8. Raised theris for beta dragon fight. Bred a total of 25, so I had some extras in case I lost any for some reason before the fight. Lost a total of 3 during raising because of starvation (Out of range from my trough :(). Now I gotta level em by killing loads of baby dinos (While raising these I kept my rexes on mating so I have 100s of rex eggs to level these with).
  9. Continued my rex mutations..... and accidently killed my best rexes. You guys know how the lightning wyvern can electrocute your tamed creatures. Well I forgot about that. A bunch of rexes had hatched below my awesome breeders and while killing the babies the breeders died too (They were low on health already from being raised super fast with insanely boosted rates). Luckily I had a couple more eggs from them. I hatched them and I reclaimed my best ones!
  10. If on SP you could also just do the cheat hurtme 1000 and it will just kill you instantly.
  11. I one time got stuck like this except in a quetz platform base. I was doing the "floating icon" and we can't even eat organic polymer to kill ourselves. You could try punching those rocks beside you until you die of losing health (Punching stuff makes you lose health).
  12. I couple months ago I had decided not to mess with the ocean again. I soon got tempted to go back and started exploring again. I kinda went on a taming spree. Got myself 2 basilos (1 high lvl). Also somehow got myself a 125 plesio. That was not easy. I ended up going around just swimming around it. I had a tek helmet, MC chitin shirt, JM flak pants, flippers, and ASC chitin gloves, so I had some good armor. While using a 200% damage MC crossbow, it didn't take long to go out. Sadly, my flippers broke midway while some sharks started eating me so I had to resort to riding my ichty while shooting it. Anyone who plays on xbox knows the pain of using a weapon and driving a creature at the same time. The creatures never go the direction you want them to when you're using a weapon. If I'm being dumb, pls tell me how to fix it. All is know is while using a weapon the left stick becomes the "steering wheel" and the "gas pedal". Back to the plesio now, Once it was finally down, I accidently hit it with another arrow :(. Once I got the the shore and got some prime from an innocent bronto, I started taming. It was at 100% effectiveness so I guess I didn't hit it! Got it tamed at 182, and really happy with its stats! Took it leveling and got some more levels in it.
  13. If you have tribemates and flyer carrying enabled, try having them pick you up out of it. If not, don't eat any food and eventually you should die and be able to respawn. The water problem you are having is most likely due to rain filling your water.
  14. I'm on SP so I guess I'm gonna have to do a lot of breeding lol
  15. In that case, I'll start breedng theris. What final stats (ready for dragon fight stats) do you recommend for the theris?
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