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  1. Organic polymer for sure. Hard polymer needs cementing paste and if you live close to snow biome, you can get loads of organic polymer easily.
  2. It’s a thing where when your looking for something it will be impossible to find it. What I would do is kill everything in carno island, all mountains, and black sand area north of redwoods. You should get many Rex spawns and some high level ones.
  3. I think Moschops should be short term because later on therizino is way better for fiber.
  4. I know of the chart, but how much temperature change does each AC do?
  5. Air conditioners I am trying to incubate some eggs. I know where your base is has to do with incubation. I live on the west peninsula on the island and am using 3 air conditioners and so far only my quetzal eggs are hatching. My spino eggs are having no luck. Can someone please tell me how many air conditioners are needed on average for most eggs?
  6. I’ve noticed the yuty ai a little weird too. While I was taming mine it kept trying to run in water and didn’t want to come out. It even ditched is carno pack
  7. Try do defeat every single boss on every single map
  8. I did attempt to trap it today. Lemme just say the giga is a complete troll. It literally knows your trapping it and goes away. I ended up rage quitting lol
  9. So I found him on giga mountain the island (very right mountain). Should I try and bring him to the bottom of the mountain in the trap, or can I make it on the mountain?
  10. Thanks for your reply. I was thinking using the quetzal method, but that would be hard when the giga starts to run. I might try to trap it using the 4 gates and then stand on the quetzal and shoot.
  11. Giga taming I found my first giga in singleplayer the island. Anyone have any methods to tame it solo without having to spend like 3000 metal on a trap? Thanks
  12. What is your update download speed. I usually finish my updates in like 20mins. I want to keep them so we still get all TLC’s
  13. Whenever I want new spawns in I just do the command destroywilddinos. It kills every wild Dino so a new assortment can spawn in.
  14. Yutyrannus. I love their fear roar and courage roar!
  15. Oh that’s pretty useful
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