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  1. Made a lot of tek dedicated storages (again) to house apex drops. Bred a few stegos for an experimental boss fight with stegos vs beta monkey. Excited to test it out. Made a cool elevator thing to get up out of my base (Im in hidden lake, I want to get to the wood on top and outside my base).
  2. Idek which carnivores were in the mesozoic era lol
  3. Carrot and potato seeds ive noticed are easier to gather from bushes. Corn and lemon seeds are a pain to gather. Any berry gathering dino a theri or above is good. Anything below a theri and youll have low chance at finding them. Good luck!
  4. If youve played ark long enough you know ark never gives you the dino youre looking for. Real talk though, it's super rare to find one. Ive played almost 2 years and have only spotted 5. On the Island Ive seen them on giga mountain (east mountain) metal mountain (mountain east of volcano) and east snow mountain. On Rag Ive spotted one in the highlands and one beside green oby. Check out those locations. Keep looking and you will find it! Good luck!
  5. Burned through well over 10K metal by making several tek teleporters and generators. Also made many runs to the snow biome for OP to craft those tek teleporters. Definitely will be placing one at base and the snow biome.
  6. I've killed one with a fire and lightening wyvern. 2 separate occasions. Took forever, but the fire attack really helps, and the lightening breath is pretty powerful too.
  7. Wyverns don't need saddles. You just ride em.
  8. Yes sir! This has happened to me too and it's soo frustrating! Was transferring a fresh 180 tek rex tame over from rag to the island. Downloaded it and my game crashed. Once I came back it was gone :(. Checked tribe log and all it said was couldn't find spawn area. Destroying creature (Or somethink like that). Tf does that mean lol. I learned my lesson and will always uses cryos now.
  9. Ah that makes sense. I was thinking of the old fashioned way where we go deep sea hunting with a shark or something.
  10. -No oxygen tank will make you have a bad day if you dive deep. If at the surface you'll be fine. Consider making lazarus chowder (reduced oxygen usage) or taming a diplocalus (breathe from their mouth. Ik, weird). If you have lots of mindwipes, pump points in oxygen, health, stam, and movement -I also live at hidden lake and ichtys are nowhere to be seen. I always find a huge amount in the south. Always a couple around herbi island, and always some on the southern shores. Footpaws can have some stuck in the river and its easy to tame them. Be careful thought because mantas also spawn ther
  11. Tbh I have to disagree. Manta isn't a super easy tame. First of all its a passive tame which makes no sense cause its super mean in the water lol. Getting the angler gel isn't super hard but with an ichty you'll have to crossbow kill the angler. Ichty won't be able to kill an angler very easily.
  12. I always carry a fab sniper, shotgun, fab pistol, and a longneck in my mount (in case I find anything to tame). Love the accuracy of the sniper and being able to shoot 8 times. Shotgun's great when I get thyla'd off my bird. Fab pistol is just fun. Closest to anything I can get in the real world lol. It's fun to go around one-hitting dodos and lystros with it lol. Longneck with shock darts in case I find something cool to tame. I feel like simple pistol is just stupid cause of its small capacity, and I just don't like the look of it. AR is blind with accuracy. I
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