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  1. Pego. They steal my stuff. Kapros at least they grab me and I can shotgun em.
  2. Here's my opinion. Gigas kinda ruin the game. I have fun taming them with the skill it needs (which I don't posses yet :)). However, in the wild they are too powerful. Think about it, my wyvern can kill a 150 rex within 30s. The giga, not gonna happen. My wyvern would die before the giga gets bloody. My point is, although they're a fun tame and all, they need to be nerfed. If anyone disagrees let me know why. I would love to hear your thoughts on my opinion.
  3. First pic basilo is a super easy tame. Just wipe out the mantas and passive tame the basilo with meat. Second pic is arthro and they are a-holes. They will destroy your armor and when you get late game they will also destroy your asc flak. Avoid close up encounters with arthros at all times.
  4. I landed on metal mountain to gather metal the other day only to have my argy walk off without me noticing. It went all the way to the bottom only for me to find out with a death message. Rip
  5. Theri must be on aggressive. Victim item collection and harvest both turned on. Sometimes theri has low weight and could cause problems. When I use my tek parasaur farm I never put my theri on aggressive: it creates problems. Just let parasaurs hatch. Go in the fence every now and then, ride theri, and murder tek parasaurs. I usually use C attack only for metal, but normal attack shouldn't cause a problem. Try riding it and see what happens. Also it's a thing that they do not want to harvest corpses, only kill them. Usually when another living thing falls near a corpse, while killing that
  6. Watch phlinger phoo's soling the ark series. It's really good in explaining how to get started. This is how I did it: 1. Thatch hut 2. Tame parasaur 3. Wooden mini base 4. Tame Trike 5. Metal tools 6. Tame ptera. 7. Evolve 8. Rest should fall into place. Keep trying and have fun while doing it. There will be some bumps along the way, but one day you will reach end game and it will be very satisfying. Good luck!
  7. I'm surprised no one has selected genesis yet?
  8. Yeah I also had trouble finding a base there but I loved the scenery. At first I through the crystal wyverns were mean so I ran away from one lol
  9. Debating with acro and whale shark. Will probably go with acro. Their adrenaline mode is pretty cool (from ark additions).
  10. Click on the map you like the most and then hit vote.
  11. Pick your favorite map. I pick Ragnarok.
  12. Microraptor. Also, is the ichytosaurus supposed to be ichtyornis? If so, then my first choice is ichtyornis.
  13. And the bugs that keep pestering us while we're minding our own business.
  14. Swamp. I hate getting kapro'd off my mount. Not to mention the snakes which put me to sleep.
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