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  1. 100% agree. Its pointless to even use tek items outside of extinction, if you want to clone something, rise babies with tek troughs, ect. its much easier to make a base on extinction and do it there, or even lose 80% of your element by making it into dust vs grinding bosses. Bosses aren't as fun after you've done them so many times, I enjoy doing element veins so much more. Doing them for the first time to get engrams and ascention levels is the fun part.
  2. This would be such an amazing change. I love these birds and have been breeding them, but they aren't too practical once you get a proper mount.
  3. That would ruin a lot of the survival aspect of the game if there's never the threat of night or storms. If your server doesn't like night you can change that in unofficial server settings
  4. Give The Basilisk Less Rigid Movement Basilisks are such a cool looking and fun to use creature but their movement looks very non snake like. It can't bend and has to make 3 point turns. The titanoboa has such smoother movement, being able to climb rocks and hills without half its model being underground. The ability for its body/tail trail behind it like a real snakes would make it so much cooler and easier to use. Not being able to quickly bite something behind you seems odd for a snake. Additionally it currently can't dig under rocks and trees, which I find very odd.
  5. Id play it safe and tame a trike or stego to soak it
  6. Sarcos can make okay cave mounts if they're a good level, but otherwise your best taming a Megatherium or thyla or just going in on foot and running past
  7. It also depends on the deinon's melee %, it reaches max strength at 600%
  8. In ark mobile they have pvx, which is a pve server with pvp zones in it (middle of island, carno island, caves)
  9. Apperantly I cant send direct messages because you're a new forum member, if you wanna tell me your discord or steam or something I can send you the info there.
  10. If you haven't played in a while the current rates is double what it used to be (1x is the old 2x), so be aware of that when looking for a server. If you want I can message you a recommendation for a server to play on.
  11. Valguero is a free map with a lot of aberration creatures (all except reaper if you use the mod the creator made, but I believe you can add it too). The aberration cave there is no where near as cool as aberration itself but its still a blast to play and explore still, but I'd honestly save up for the $20 it costs for abberation.
  12. One of the best dinos around. A bit janky to control but have the highest carrying weight in the game, and are the fastest way to get around (even faster than a mana) when leveled in speed. When full off air they have an 80% damage reduction (same as golems/reapers reduction) but also have the benifits of imprint, mate boost, saddles, and cakes making them an amazing damage sponge. They can be difficult tame due to spawning in wasteland though.
  13. Thyme

    Offline raiding

    This would just lead to abuse, people would make a shell around their base or block their cave entrance with an alt account in its own tribe and alliance it. If you dont like offline raiding its best to just play ORP servers.
  14. I tend to use them if babies keep hatching inside the floor, making me demo the foundations. They wont need to be destroyed to rescue a baby.
  15. They do lay eggs in the wild, and I believe (it may just be with ice wyverns) they spawn alongside an egg to, even if theyre male.
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