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  1. I like most of this but I have to strongly disagree with what you say about the paracer. It's already way better than the bronto imo, it's much faster and its smaller size makes it much easier to maneuver and lets it build a canons/ramps that aren't 100 ft off the ground. PvP wise its already a powerful soaker, and giving it more hp and the ability to stomp turrets and metal is pretty ridiculous. I think it could just use a buff to movement speed, being the lightest of the platform saddle gang. Bronto's model and animations are pretty outdated. It does very little damage for something so big. It doesn't do much useful besides being another piece of meat to absorb turret fire, mobile bases are too risky and can't carry enough weight. It's too impractical for hauling cargo or a mobile resource farming station because its so slow.
  2. Slowly transported the body of a sleeping tribemate who quit over a year ago from a decayed base location across the map to keep it in a safe spot at our base, just in case they ever log in again :,)
  3. I've done pretty well on ark recently, been stealing morellatops eggs from my neighbor, hit a rad bola throw against some fools ptera thinking he could kill me, starting giving guns to beach bobs because thats hilarious.
  4. I just wish both PvE and PvP were taken into consideration with each update. I know nothing about the games code but with the owl changes would it be possible to only have a cooldown on tames/players instead of wilds too? Same with damage nerfs to dinos like manas, having a reduction vs players/tames would balance pvp and not effect pve. A lot of people want the ability to transfer titans removed/nerfing their strength once transferred, which I'm 100% on board with even though I primarily play pve, It's something we never do anyways. Changes shouldn't have to be tailored for one game mode
  5. Breeding is a fun part of the game, disabling it would tick a lot of people off. They could fix the mutation cap, so people can't just infinitely mutate their dinos and have 150 points in melee. Allowing smaller tribes to get their hands on these super bred dinos as well by means like an update to oviraptor egg stealing mechanics could even the playing field aswell
  6. Unfortunately the alpha tribes have way more time and players on their side, so it'll be about a week before they're dominating the new cluster
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