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  1. The dodorex can not be cryod or uploaded, just tested
  2. Tools have always dealt torpor, they just typically kill first
  3. They’re now inferior to gasbags in every way, breeding would be a nice buff
  4. A tame dino with no level ups will have all its levels split randomly among its stats and for each point in hp gets say +40 hp. For each level up it gets a percentage gain, so it may get an addition 5% hp for each level up, which is based off of how much hp it began with
  5. Polar bears, valguero Ice wyverns, ice golems and chalk golems can’t be cryopodded. If you get the raptor icon the dino inside is as good as gone
  6. This is some pretty good info, reminds me I need to get a new male ele gacha. The one thing I wish was that gacha drops scaled with a servers harvest rate.
  7. Plant Y trap, note, and titanosaur platforms of any quality above primitive are basically worthless
  8. Low level wyverns/drakes arent really worth hatching since they starve quicker from lower food stat, and are pretty pathetic at low lvls anyways. Most late game tames aren't worth taming low levels just in general (ex: golem, mosa, tuso, mantis)
  9. Earliest death I remember was by a Spino, I just watched as it walked up and ate me
  10. Probably the mana, so cliche I know. I just love moving around fast. It’s one of the fastest things in the game (roll rat and maybe gasbags can go faster) and has super fun controls, and is pretty good at killing things to death.
  11. Thyme

    Tek armor

    I think what he’s suggesting is allowing the dinos that can wear hats to wear the tek helmet (wolves can wear hats on ark mobile)
  12. No real reason to clone any breedable dinos, its very expensive and gives no imprint bonus. I typically only see clones or rare unbreedable dinos like zomdodos, phoenixes, or any unbreedable dino with cool event colors or some godly stats
  13. Thyme

    Enforcer buff!

    They were supposedly supposed to get a damage reduction vs corrupts but it never came to be. Attachments like the mek has would be nice for them too
  14. Tame some high level and breed a swarm, they’ll melt any wild dino short of a giga. I use them in caves occasionally for fun, they dominate but get stuck sometimes in there, not an issue when you have hundreds to replace em
  15. These would all be good additions imo. What I want to see is just the ability to put more weight than you can carry in your inventory when wearing tek leggings, they already allow movement when encumbered but aren't too useful in situations where you can't drop/whip everything (ex forges).
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