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  1. As far as I know it will never be above 180 element, I’ve found that making seeds with an iguanodon is the easiest way to feed them. If you really want element try some element veins, even the easy ones give a good amount
  2. Thyme


    Only that tiers eggs will work. You'd probably want to be cooking the higher tier anyways.
  3. I'm having the exact same issue, ever since that patch.
  4. Characters do have a timer although I believe it is much longer than items. Keeping a character on the cloud is a bad idea though as it’s more likely to get deleted in some way, like how uploaded items sometimes do. Whenever you transfer servers (which is really the only time you should be uploading a character) the spoil timers on your food is reset.
  5. I think they’re either invisible or will just be forced into a respawn like after ascension
  6. Seems you've caught on Oxy, Food, And Water are a waste. In the early game melee and fortitude can help but once you start using ranged weapons and have better armors they wont matter. Sometimes a single level of fortitude is smart because it makes troodons KO you in 2 hits instead of one (armor doesn't help against them). My characters stats aren't the most practical ,but I have 230% speed and the rest into hp/weight, lets me outrun basically any wild dinosaur and is convenient for just moving around.
  7. Whip, and I'd give a little bit more time, server lag could cause them to fail being picked up.
  8. You must learn it on extinction in order to craft it, so you'd need to find someone to craft it for you.
  9. https://youtu.be/gZfj-N00_KY Figured I'd do a little showcase of the rat. You can see at the end it had 295% speed, which is the normal max speed for an imprinted roll rat.
  10. Roll rats still fastest, no one ever remembers it
  11. Titanosaur could really use some saddle armor and bleed immunity, make it less easy to kill.
  12. DO NOT just hold W, you'll burn through all your gas, use it sparingly to go forward. Save some gas for your landing, if it has some in the tank it wont take fall damage.
  13. It comes down to whatever dinos you want to breed. If you want to be trading these less popular dinos you breed it may be harder finding people who want them. If you want to compare stats the best way to do that is the ark wiki. You can see things like how the bronto has better starting hp, but a diplodocus will have higher hp when leveled up.
  14. On official severs most dinos have been mutated to absurdity (trikes and pteras are used very often in pvp). Even some of the lesser used dinos have some strong lines. If you want something truly unique go for something weird like diplocaulus, morellatops, or pelagornis
  15. I was specifically talking about just average tamed manas, not the super mutated ones on official. Most people are rocking primitive saddles as well due to the rarity. A lightning wyvern by comparison starts with good damage, enough to kill basically every wild dino, so people just used their manas to travel, but now they're making them worse at that.
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