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  1. Grow a bunch of plant species R-1
  2. Have you found any consistent cause? The only time I've had this happen is during extinction titan fights, I uncryo the stego and it won't heal.
  3. I’ve had that happen on stegos before, but it works again when I cryo it and throw it back out
  4. Higher damage weapons will break it faster. Bring your highest quality weapons.
  5. Scorched just doesn't have much going for it tbh. Its a fun survival challenge at the start but once you get a footing on the map it gets stale. The weather events get annoying after a while. The map is pretty much just 1 biome. Not a good place for taming, not the best map for farming any important resource, and no unique content besides the phoenix (which isn't even good). I do really like its music though.
  6. Headshots will do more damage, and the hitbox matches your character size (make your pvp characters the smallest female possible to make your hitbox small)
  7. It should be able to solo red drops. Purple drops are scary no matter how good your giga is. If its pve, corrupted dinos wont damage structures so you can surround it with gates to prevent some damage. Dinos will also get distracted attacking the gates, so you can leave one alive so you can heal your giga with owls or whatever before starting next round.
  8. Dododex gives values for wild dinos, tamed dinos can have different stats. For tames, use smart breeder, so that means its 35 points
  9. From what I've tested it does not matter. Best to pump weight or movement speed
  10. Watertanks will automatically fill on any map whenever they're unrendered but need to be exposed to the sky to do so. What's considered sky access on abberation is pretty random, some places work some don't.
  11. They'll start drying up, if the crop plot reaches 0 water (after several hours) it'll die. If the plants are outdoors, it'll refill every time it rains, or will slowly refill whenever its unrendered. Breaking the pipe probably won't help
  12. If you dont have sky access or a water source anywhere nearby you'll have to manually fill them. I'd get like 20 tanks at least, and try to keep your crops to a minimum so you don't have to refill the tanks often. An industrial cooker can guzzle through that entire water supply, so you'll have to make a trip to fill a bunch of canteens every time you need to cook.
  13. Skiff can pick them up. It can be a bit awkward, aim the beam at their hip to lock on. Sometimes they will drop it but just try again. If somethings built on the stryder platform I think it can't be picked up.
  14. If lag is bad the pistol will literally not do damage. The fab pistols you find in drops are usually better anyways, I just use the tek pistol for healing and trolling people with stuns.
  15. Could mammoths have been scaring your giga?
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