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  1. If you're unsure take out as many mantas as possible with a crossbow, stay close to shore to escape when they chase you. You definitely want to get a basilo, a good level one eats alpha sharks for breakfast.
  2. Like when your player is in murder snow and has poor armor
  3. Best is definitely procoptodon for me. The super jump makes it so good for travel, it’s one of the few dinos that can compete with flyers. If they reenable wild raptor pouncing I’ll say that because it annoys me.
  4. If you wanna be nice you can find an ask the owner get a wild diplo to push them out of the way otherwise you can just teleport them into a fight and they’re no longer an issue
  5. You didn’t break anything, that’s how they’re supposed to be
  6. Make the Megachelon better at its job. The appeal of a mobile base on one of these was awesome, but after taming them I found them very lacking. I and many others were expecting it to work like a vaccuum chamber underwater, but it just gives oxygen, not so useful in an area where you can hold your breath for 15 mins and there's bubbles to breathe. I understand this may not have been a possibility to make though. But they simply still are bad as a base. They have limited weight and are targeted by every aggressive dino, which they cant even fend off. They have such a slow turn they struggle to even hit enemies, and simply cant even fight back when not ridden. Additionally it can be stunned, which I find odd considering turtles eat jellyfish. As a base you can't even build over 2 walls high. A raft has basically none of these problems, is faster, supports turrets, and can be made within minutes of spawning. If you wanna go underwater with a platform the mosa and plesi and way faster and can actually kill things. I don't see much use outside a flower garden and a bullet sponge.
  7. There are setting in singlplayer to reduce the distance things wont grow, and additionally you can grow the vegetation back instantly with re-fertilizer.
  8. Try to hide your base. There is absolutely nothing you can do to stop them from destroying it. A vault hidden in some rocks at the ocean floor can help you save loot to reestablish after being wiped
  9. Megachelon Taming Method I've been looking into taming one of these bad boys but can't find a definitve answer on how. I've heard to just swim with them, to passive feed them, to tranq em, and to lead micorbe swarms to them. I've also heard they're just bugged and can't be tamed. Has anyone tamed one yet and if so how.
  10. Thyme

    Buff Scorpions

    By the time you get an owl you can probably afford tranq arrows
  11. Did you power the bed with a tek generator?
  12. Pachy has nothing going for it, I guess an okay starter but a parasaur, iguanadon, or even a damn moschops would be better. Not sure what could fix it. Manta is just a dolphin thats harder to tame and likes to beach itself. Removing its ability to leave water and reverting the speed nerf a little would make it better. Lymantria is just an awful flyer. Ability to make silk would be okay but now we have gachas for that. Maybe it could help crops grow or help regrow wild vegetation in some way.
  13. If that does happen I would want a way to transfer the imprint bonuses, tribes ownership, new tek engrams, ect. to my old character once transfers open so that most my progress of the first few months actually means something
  14. If you wanna fight bosses, valguero, scorched earth, and rag all have only one boss battle that isn't extremely hard, but no real 'end' or ascension, just some tek engrams. Rag/val would give the most engrams. Aberration is my personal recommendation, it has a pretty fun boss with ascension, and he doesn't require a bunch of super bred dinos (your rock drakes and guns will be doing most the work). The map is just a personal fav of mine too. He doesn't give the best rewards for killing him other than ascension, no element and less engrams than rag/val. If you want all the tek stuff you'll need to do multiple fights across maps, with val being the best I'd say (gives many engrams). You can crank up the breeding rates on your server to make preping for the bosses a tad easier.
  15. Thyme

    PvP Rebalance

    PvP naturally brews a toxic environment, theres no reason to leave anything not destroyed in a raid, it just gives them more resources to attack back. Since raids are more in favor of attackers, large tribes can steamroll the entire map. Im really hoping they re balance the whole gamemode.
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