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  1. Tame dinos have different stats than wild ones, so wild calculators like dododex do not work. For tame dinos I'd use Ark Smart Breeding, because you can use the export option which is way faster than manually entering the stats into a calculator. Good for breeding plans and keeping track of stats too.
  2. I don't like what they've done to the mana, I'd do something different to balance it. I'd like to see multiple midair dashes back and damage distance scaling removed. These weren't causing the problems in PvP and left most PvE players angry. I think it ice breath should have the ice wyvern slow effect. Stuns will always be powerful, an apex should not be able to freeze solid. Additionally I think it needs some weakness. Manas are filled with explosive gas so it would make sense to have a vulnerability to fire/bullets/explosives. Taking say 5x damage from those sources would be detrimental in PvP but insignificant in PvE.
  3. Are the parents imprinted? That could make the baby stats seem lower. Also if one parents imprinted or has levels ups it could have the same hp but a lower stat. Invisible speed stat could also cause varying levels in babies
  4. Its better to just fill reservoirs using canteens, camels are super big and hold less water
  5. There are no good solo spots near water, gotta collect rain or bring canteens. Every source of water is out in the open.
  6. Sometimes it does bug out but it also requires a lot of food normally. Should probably keep it in a cryopod when not in use
  7. Alphas cant destroy corpses, theyll just chew on them forever, so you can just use a dead body to distract it while you shoot it. Thats how I always level up early on
  8. Alpha dinos give very large amounts of xp. Hunting them is definitely worth it if you can, especially with explorer notes buff
  9. The level it is when tamed has no effect on the xp, the level it is when its tamed (no level ups) is called the base level. No matter the base level the first level up will 10 xp, 11th will be 110 xp ect. The wiki should really say number of level ups instead of level. Your megatherium was probably level 25 when tamed, and if you leveled it up 10 times itll take 110 xp for the next level.
  10. For wyverns you can just build a big trap and kill a bunch of wild ones
  11. If you want metal abberation is by far the best. Set up a spot in the blue zone, the area near the surface entrace is a good example. You can also harvest stone from them and organic poly and chitin from crabs. The red forest on crystal isles provides easy charcoal and theres some great spot for pearls on the map too (34.9, 59.5 for example)
  12. Unfortunately you probably won’t get help, this happens quite often. You should only tribe up with people you trust, never accept a new player in.
  13. Ark's PvP just can't be played casually anymore unfortunately. Any moderately sized base will be found in a matter of days, and without 100 turrets in a cave and online tribemates its as good as gone. Building a tiny base in a sneaky spot can be pretty fun, but you'll be missing out on a lot of the games content, no breeding, boss fights, and never the gear to stand a fighting chance. Even then, with K mode and parasaurs most bases will be sniffed out eventually. I think it'll be this way forever honestly. Arks mechanics will always be a janky mess, the mutated dinos and duped goodies will always be there on offical, and the playerbase will always have toxicity. Still fun though in all honesty
  14. If the titanosaur is hit successfully a a few times it will stop taking torpor unless it moves a short distance, so if it doesn’t do the animation when hit lead it a little bit away. Dont even bother with a normal canon. Use a mek with cannon shells. They deal far more torpor and see easier to aim.
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