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  1. A procoptodon has good weight. But why not just use a storage box?
  2. You can just drop your item and let the other pick it up. Players can transfer between maps in the same cluster on official, so a player who lives on another server can come to island123 by transferring via obilesk.
  3. Mutations have about a 7% chance to happen. 50% chance it inherets dads mutated stat. So theres about a 3.5% chance a baby hatches at level 32, you're a bit unlucky but you're not doing anything wrong.
  4. I’m not sure if rockets work but I don’t like using them anyways. Catapults won’t work. Canons work and so do Meks with the canon attachment. You can build traps in a certifiable way to avoid the golem taking splash damage. The splash damage from the canon and especially the mek will mess up taking effectiveness.
  5. I love the theri. First of all I just think slicing things apart with those fingers is cool. They’re probably the best choice for most boss fights. Best gatherer of silk, tek dino corpses, fiber, and hide (pro tip, take a theri into the ice worm cave in ragnarok for a lot of hide).
  6. Consumables recover stamina super slow, they won't help it fly much longer. If you really wanna though just max your crafting skill with a mindwipe tonic and make a recipe from stimberries or rare mushrooms.
  7. Super fun to control, it's climbing mechanics aren't broken or janky like the thyla or deinonychus. Great early game tame for any situation. I'm dissapointed how it's only good early game though, it's made of metal but it feels like it's made of paper mache. The damage reduction against corrupted dinos is bugged and doesn't work, no imprint bonus, no saddle, no healing food, not even a mate boost. It's pretty fast but there's plenty of flyers that'll leave it in the dust. I'm hoping the new shadowmane creature coming in Genesis 2 will be a better enforcer. It looks like it can also telep
  8. Somthing to do with how tall they are. Try putting the lystro right under it. If you really want to level them up faster try making some cryopods and storing them in those when not in use.
  9. Plant Y Traps will yield slightly better stuff, but still not great. Gachas were nerfed a long time ago, and you won't be getting anything higher than apprentice. They're only good for producing resources now.
  10. Gigas are most common on the map valguero. Ragnarok is good too in my opinion. Make sure to use the wiki to learn every spot they can spawn https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(Ragnarok)
  11. I seriously doubt you could get the xp. You're unlikely to get the finishing blow. If you want easy xp at a low level collect explorer notes or craft rafts
  12. Dinos that can breathe water don’t swim faster with more oxygen levels, so it really doesn’t matter to them.
  13. Nothing can beat a roll rat. Not a galli or mana, not even flyers like the skiff.
  14. Yuty is a must have. It'll get itself killed without a rider (and can't even encourage your troops unridden unless you're in singeplayer) so it should be your ride. A daeodon will also get itself killed unridden, and doesn't heal enough to justify bringing it to most fights. I think its worth bringing to master controller though because its a very long fight so the pig can put in work.
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