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  1. SPEED!!! Hello fellow scrub lords, i wana know whats the fastest land dino in ark, nothing but speed, mana counts! Can't wait to hear what you guys say!
  2. Hello fellow surviors!!!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful day/night! I'm looking for not only advice but what you guys think the best tower is possible, mainly a box tower vs a circle one, this includes of course normal gen to tek and any turrets and their use like tek turrets and what not Shield may be included too, can't wait to hear from you guys!
  3. Lol bobs! But still nice tips though ^^ we all gotta remember despite it being pvp its still a game, have fun!
  4. Ye, nice that i got other answers but mainly I wana know what these weapons and its ammos are based off of in the real world like the pistol ammo looks like 9mm etc
  5. Hello everyone, just want yalls opinion on something, I'll list them! What i wana know is what do you guys believe the weapons/ammo are based off on etc! Fab sniper Assault rife Revolver and pistol Longneck Rpg Can't wait to hear from you guys!
  6. From worst to best of turret dinos I try the magmasaur vs the wild dinos to test the pvp but i think I'm doing something wrong, never used dinos in turret mode and unsure of the special Ai thing
  7. I never knew! I was told raw metal is the way to go for them
  8. Anyone have any pro tips for these guys and the best resource? Also must i really stand next to these guys like for hours on end?
  9. I tried but not sure if I'm doing it wrong, could you show a video?
  10. Does anyone know how to clone the space whale? Pvp If anyone knows i would be thankful!
  11. Doesn't this make the item almost useless?
  12. Hello i have tried to use this on the lamppost, metal rocks etc and it doesn't seem to work at all! What gives?
  13. Thank you all so much! Any more tips or advice i would love to know!
  14. Mainly on scrap, what do you guys believe is the best way and with what dino vs tool Also for what map, genesis or Extinction?
  15. Hello fellow survior scrubs! How useful is this tool vs tameing the water dinos with it? I heard they can capture eels and dolphins but not sure of what it caj exactly catch...
  16. Hello fellow surviors! I hardly see anyone use the mining drill, is there a reason for this or are they bad?
  17. Many thanks! Of course i ask because wiki has been wrong a few times...
  18. Hello surviors! Best dino for getting hide, even tools!
  19. Many thanks bro! Do people actually use it? I'm the type that literally lets nothing go to waste and so far i gotten alot of scrap metal Not sure if its better then metal...never uses scrap before
  20. Hello fellow survior scrubs!! Whats the best tool and or dino to get scrap metal? This includes tek dinos, light poles, enforcers and so on Yes before you lovely people ask, this is Extinction!
  21. Big oof So i geuss rex wisw, tek wins!
  22. Thank you! I mean dinos that you can have of that Like rex for boss fights etc Which type you guys think is the absolute best? That's what i mean, sorry!
  23. Tek dinos Abb dino Genesis dino Which ones are the best? For example anky to rexs etc, over all Which special dino has the best? Same for basliksik if possible, i can't wait to hear from you wonderful people, leave nothing out!
  24. Hello, this cute AI is quickly getting very annoying, is there a way to stop her from talking at all?
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