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  1. Hello, besides report is there anyway to defend ourselves against these annoying meshers!? How do devs find these cheaters if they hide literally out of our line of sight!? It's so unfair!
  2. When i tp it om official and i didn't get attacked at all
  3. Excuse my language but how the hell did wild card screw this up, i had a good giga i worked soooo hard for, almost max levels into melee I use the tp and lord and behold i lost my giga, twice I would expect this if the game just came out but it's 2021 wild card....i broke many nights, unhealthy as all hell to 100% imprint a giga because geuss what, they suck if it isn't 100% I'm so pissed about this, they had all the time and resources and is it fixed? Nope, good luck getting your giga or any dino back for that matter and wait almost a week and maybe you wi
  4. I will be short, the devs really need to get their act together, i sadly fell victim to a mesher and nothing has been done about it But god forbid if we put turrets in the mesh to stop cheaters, this is outrageous and not right, something must be done about this issue
  5. Hello fellow scrub lords, i would like to hear what you guys think is the best charge pet from worst to best From the cutest to the most practical light pet and why you think so!
  6. Hello again! Perhaps it's true but i do feel personally that rat holes are not against tos and shouldn't be, it isn't a mesh
  7. Hello you cheeky dirty scrub lords, today i will be discussing my personal opinion that is rat holes and all the pros and cons In my opinion, rat holes are not cheating, i rather deal with someone who is in a rat hole then a mesh base, as a mesh base can easily go anywhere to strike you or your base, have turrets in mesh to shoot at you etc The devs i feel do not understand ark and pvp at all nor the difficulty that is pvp, pvp now days is cruel and you will be punished for every mistake People will do anything to raid you, doss you...inside you, heck mesh
  8. Hello you cheeky suicide rocket runner scrub lords! Today i will discuss changes as well as ideas that would make ark more...interesting, give me your opinion and thoguhts please! Anti cryopod dish: since crypods are the meta, theres no stopping someone tossing a soaker into your base! Any enemy who tosses a crypod within line of sight of the dish will be destroyed, any that are in range but it can't see will disable the ability for enemies to toss out their cryos Dish makes it's present known and is easily destroyed like glass, range is similar to a tek shield, if your
  9. You think this being the last dlc they would go all out
  10. Thank you, perhaps I'll try it out
  11. It's sad, with all the meshing going on the damage could be your whole base With soaking being op as all heck, you think the turret limit would go away but no, i feel as a player they do not care for us surviors I could lose my base to a mesher and i won't get help, it's almost pointless to catch meshers as they will not use their main, with the amount of cash you could potentially make who cares if you get ban Just use another account and do it again, good luck holding out with only 100 heavys because your hours of work will get rekt by sum troll in less th
  12. Well late or not, it's a complaint that hasn't gone away, ironically the devs wana tell us the players how pvp should be done Yet they are not the ones dealing with it
  13. Hello fellow scrub lords, today i will discuss my opinion on the current issue that plaques ark, regardless if your a mega, alpha, some bob on the beach who insists living by giggas and rexs in a thatch hut, this affects everyone Heavys were a lazy attempt to "fix" the lag that autos caused, back in the day it wasn't rare to find like 200+ in a base, the only thing that sucked was ammo and boy did eveyone hate to do Maintenance on a tower In case you don't understand, it has to do with turrets "scanning" even out of render, instead of doing it the correct way the devs d
  14. Hello fellow scrubs, today i would like to discuss my opinion on the enforcer and what improvements could be done as well as buffs, feel free to add anything opinion! In ark i believe everything has a pro and con, the enforcer is no different PROS 1: it can be argued that the enforcer is the most mobile and flexible dino, no other dino can match the versatile of this thing! PROS 2: it can telport and in doing so you can avoid any damage! Pros 3: because of it's mobility and telport you can use this guy as a excellent mobile backpack, slap what you wana take with yo
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