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  1. Hello you cheeky scrub lord who offered my dodo to this dino for loot, i wana know how you guys find these things, thanks!
  2. Hello you cheeky scrub lords who keeps taking my dang dodos just so i give you mah blood packs as payment Today i wish to talk about new ideas as well as a rework, this is a all in one that i think would be cool! This will have a list to make this post easy to read and understand, please let me know of yalls opinions! Bloodpacks: bloodpacks are in NEED of a buff, they take too long to heal...spoil fast, not to mention that cooldown is just stupid 1: blood packs heal at half the value of med brews, however if victim had swamp fever you will get infected and lose a tiny bit hp Frist time 2: blood packs can be used to make a new item called the medkit New item medkit 1: heals much faster then medbrews and doesn't spoil however does have weight, works on dinos but has a cooldown 2: to craft a medkit you will need a x amount of bloodpacks and medbrews, unlike medbrews medkits are a bit more louder, so use carefully, New damage idea, blood trail 1: survivors who are attacked that take damage leave behind a blood trail for a few seconds that sticks around for a x amount of time, items etc like doors, walls will have blood stains 2: same thing with dinos
  3. So many helpful and useful replys! Thank you scrub lords definitely!
  4. Hello you cheeky modest pelican who knocked my alpha dodo underwater to get h20 scrub lords Today i wana understand the whole water tank more and the rumors i heard Frist I'm hearing you can somehow get water without having to have a pipe that leads to water, if so how The second being is whats the point of these water tanks even? To give your plants a X amount of time before the water goes dry? Thanks!
  5. Hello you cheeky scrub lord who stole all my poor dodos soap, today i wana see what yalls opinion is on this idea, I'll make it short and simple and explain why Soft poly spoils too fast? Transfer issues cuz of it...you wana save em? Make soap, especially on abb, oil is free and soft poly is free The amount of soap you have is the amount of poly you got when you grind it down, what are your scrubs thoughts on this?
  6. Hello you cheeky scrub lords, today i wana ask you guys about something What are some methods you use to find your survivor, say i went to a server but i forgot where i left it This is for official pvp on xbox by the way, thanks!
  7. Hello you Michael Bay wana be that blew up my dodos mesh home scrub lords Today going with the theme, i wish to talk about the rocket turret, as well as to hear what yalls opinion is Me personally i like it, it's kinda cool, who wouldn't want a infinite rocket system to toss at your enemies right?....except there's durability! Seriously, this thing just sucks, i don't think it can use missiles but it's durability or the fact it even has one makes wonder what kind of beer wild card be drinking after they just dev raid someone lol Here's a simple rework of how I would change it Pros 1: increase velocity with missiles being the fastest, can lock on to targets 2: increase damage to structures as well as organic targets 3: it bypasses some armor Cons 1: turret turn rate is slow 2: slow reload times 3: a slight delay on the firing of the weapon Thats it, how would you scrubs balance this weapon platform, tell me your opinions and stop hurting mah dodos!
  8. Hello you cheeky pirates of the Caribbean who shot up my poor emotional support dodos home scrub lords Today i would like to hear what ye sea dogs think of these things, their effectiveness defense/ offense Plus is it scary to get shot by these things on giggas or stegos trying to soak your base!? Basically is it good against dinos Tell me what you scrubs think!
  9. Good to see yalls opinions but keep it friendly please or i will dodo raid you
  10. Hello you cheeky scrub lord that meshed my shadow cave to steal my dodos for the 40th time Today i want yalls opinions on the difference between the r reaper and it's normal counterpart Which one is better and how would you all level them? Please let me know!
  11. Hello you riot gear looking facility guard who keeps knocking out my poor dodos for no reason scrub lord Today i wana ask the most sus question of all ark properly, what is the absolute best way to farm these things on mass? I was goin go crazy enough and just farm em with the tek crop and greenhouse effect, plus you can just use the toilet to get yourself all the furt you could ever wish for But something tells me theres a better way, what do you guys think? Please tell me your opinions!
  12. Ahhhhhhh how dare you but in all seriousness yeah for feeding certain tames I guess if it last longer, how would anyone farm that much fish?
  13. Hello you hungry bob who stole my dodos from my house the other night scrub lords Today i wana ask this, why does fish meat exist? This includes the prime versions too, i have cooked both fish and raw meat and feel that fish meat just...sucks I was on abb one day and had to eat something, i had fish meat at the time so i eat that and normally eating 4 raw meat would be enough for me to survive the trip to base But my hungry bar was barely up even. When i did eventually cook it, is there something I'm not looking at? Please tell me your opinions, stay safe
  14. It's pretty interesting, perhaps the drops are from the arks It could be from rockwell himself wanting survivors to be at their "best" for reasons we may not know, to give false hope perhaps, but properly it would be very likely the ARKS, would be responsible since they are in the same system Sadly and obviously both factions died and will never see what happens, onto ark 2!
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