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  1. Pvp xbox official Hello survivor scrubs It's sad to say this but solo is in a way basically impossible, rafts are just to easy to blow up and really? C4 isn't that expensive lol With op dinos and nothing but tek why can't we get fun things, what if you could run around with a machine gun!? Or perhaps a turret that shoots rockets, auto defenses that counter op dinos, where you can actually have to use skill Gg ez offline raid is so easy even a solo can do it "Play pve" it's boring and like others before me, you can't build anywhere, resources hard to come by etc Meshing and cheating is basically the only way for a small team or even solo to survive "Join a tribe" guess what, i not only lost the few dinos i had but my own dam stuff, you want people to stop meshing and cheating then balance the game It's sad that 400 hours of game can be stolen by sum 12 year olds Tek tek tek, all i hear or see is tek tek, not everyone can enjoy it, say what you want about pvp but when you got sum twats who been around longer and taming taking so long...you be dead by the time it's yours If the game was more balance then yeah, but 100 turrets isn't jack, good luck tanking meks and rock dude I play for fun and instead of raiding i love to trade and helping people out, i one day wana be able to raid the boss, kick butt and enjoy it Single player? It's boring as hell Pve? Nope Pvp? Yes because trolls just can't spam them thatch!
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