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  1. I will say this once since others either do not read or missed it Roll backs don't normally destroy bases What i basically was saying due to a enemy tribe who not only dossed us but offline the sever for 16 hours, i said the devs should of rolled back severs that were hit in this manner back the correct amount War is heck in ark but when you got doss and worst offlisting by the dossers it's just a crime
  2. Hello you scrub lords, today this post will mainly be aimed at new players to og and or players in general (from xbox pov) As of August 15th, i have personally seen the biggest cheating in all of my ark career, offlisting, my sever was offlisted for roughly 16 hours, none of my tribe could get on With abb being so easy to mesh and lack of care on the devs part, if someone meshes on abb it literally is enough to destroy your whole base, severs as of this time and my knowledge was rolled back only by 2 hours The backlash is real, meshing was bad but you know w
  3. Hello you cheeky scurb who so happens to be under my base to see my dodo army grow, this will be a solution idea and some ideas how to counter meshers (without rules being applied) First off i want to say this, if there is proof of meshers and i mean hard one, a dev should roll back the sever to fix anything lost or damage that was done, this in turn ends the heavy cost of damage that meshers can and will do Maps like abb where devs generally do not care enough to fix it vs val and so on are not good to live in, even a mega tribe Keep in mind that your whole base c
  4. Regardless late or not this is just my opinion For me a dosser can cause alot of damage, if you can't get on and this goes for your whole tribe, your done for Ark is perhaps the best example of seeing how low people are willing to go, of all the pvp i have seen in games, ark is where you'll find the most dossing People can and will literally do anything to clap you, so when someone asks me "how much harm could they do?" Just look at any ark news, you'll see all the dossing...so much so you could make a news article your self
  5. I say mainly of the annoying dossing, i won't say as i don't neither know nor i am a snitch but literally there are people who are paid to doss So what if the dosser gets banned, likely he will have an alt account
  6. Hello you cheeky scrub lords, i will be talking about why i feel ark is dying 1: meshers, they are annoying as heck and make the game not worth playing at all 2: the biggest issue of them all, a dosser, no one stops em and if you wana survive your base from getting raided by a dosser you must have a tribe mate to counter the dosser "Send tickets!" I head you say, well unfortunately unlike the speed of Rockstar wild card takes so long to "fix" these issues that by the time they do you lost hours of work if not months of work And even if said doss
  7. But how does one build em, whats the tips and what not
  8. Hello you cheeky pirate wana be scrubs Is there any practical use of ocean platforms? Are they safe...how do you defend it And most importantly where would you put the plat, of course i am mainly and only talking about the big metal thing, i am not sure how one should build em
  9. Hello you cheeky scurbs, just an idea i had going in my head, please leave a comment! The idea is to act like the tek version for the water, however this will not be tek at all! These new bases must be powered by a generator at all times, generators drain gas at a slightly faster rate, they can be exposed by trodons only, the other option is to find it yourself ENTRANCE HATCH Can be metal or tek only, is one foundation with a special but loud hatch that is slow to open and close, takes 50 c4 to blow up a metal version and 100 for tek, if this unit hits
  10. Hello you cheeky hide in bush scrub lords, yall should know the drill by now! LONGNECK A fantastic yet simple gun, every shot you take against a target is a kick to the giggas balls, why turrets don't use this ammo is beyond me But unfortunately with great power comes a stupid as heck long reload time and you get only 1 shot, this gun takes absolutely high skill to use, very effective against dinos (if you lost all sanity and have the patience of a rock) and players Of course aim for headshots and so on, unfortunately this gun is hard to hide...it's lo
  11. Hello again lol The oil jar trick is spouse to work, i haven't heard them patch it yet, but the flamethrower is ment to set oils on fire and players, tap fire is the name of the game, just like real life I hope this helps!
  12. Hello you cheeky Pyro who has been camping near the ob to burn my character, today i shall explain the best cqc (yes even beats your comp arrows and shotguns) Weapon to ever exist for dealing with players You know true fear when you hear that hiss, makes you want to run to your thatch hut and hug your dodos....but it's too late, ladies and gentlemen, the flamethrower is perhaps the only Weapon...even prim that is highly dangerous Honestly let's get this out of the way, this isn't a flamethrower...it is more like a bloody blow torch thing, it's rangs is bad and doesn't
  13. Hello you cheeky prevview mode using scrub lords, i will discuss how i feel of this weapon Rpm and 40 bullets is pretty much the only good thing i can say of this weapon, even a good one struggles to kill a carno...so anything less then that this gun MIGHT kill It struggles to even kill players, this gun is an absolute joke, it kicks worst then that annoying earthquake on abb that happens every bloody 10 seconds If you wish to use it you must use shadow Is steak, otherwise even with brust fire you sill suffer, the range on this thing is basically it trying
  14. Hello you cheeky living under the mesh like it's fallout vault tec scurb lords, i will discuss the pros and cons and general knowledge from personal experience, please enjoy and leave a comment! SAWED OFF SHOTGUN This gun is very wonderful however requires skill to use correctly, for you gain only two shots and will be punished harshly for mistakes Most comfortable ranges is about 10 meters or so, it's pros is also a con in a way, wide spread will make it easy to take aim at your target but also means your range will suck ad a result This gun is very
  15. Hello you cheeky scrub lords, to keep this review short this is a all in one, please enjoy REVOLVER A simple gun with 6 shots, respectful accuracy and damage, rpm is meh however the reload as cool as it is, is slow however the gun is light and excellent for self defense against most threats This gun will punish you harshly as a result for mistakes, with only 6 shots you can't afford to be missing your shots, at the same time it's ammo even for a bob is very cheap and reliable, able to put down raptors and other smaller dinos easily and even players if one is left
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