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This is a top priority for us and we've been working on a fix. Unfortunately our first 2 attempts did not resolve the problem for legacy characters (those who experienced the bug before the patch went

As already stated in this thread, the patch containing the Mindwipe is to be released soon. It's is coming to PC today hopefully then console.

I would really welcome the use of something like Bugzilla or similar bug tracking software available for input from the public.

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Mindwipe??? Genesis release

Mindwipe not working since genesis release, had 20 minutes until 24 hour period of use was over and the update dropped right before . Logged on and was unable to use, 24 hour timer went to 12,428 days?? Even maxed the chibi pet to get another level and nothing . Transferred servers, restarted, nothing. Anyone else with this issue ? 

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  • Joebl0w13 changed the title to Mindwipe not working after Genesis release?
Coming in a deployment today: Ferox level fixes, Ferox despawn issue, Bug Swarm nerfs, Tek Cruise Missile nerfs, baby Magmasaur feeding fix, Spooder taming bug fix, Ext crate/ele node crash fix and more Investigating: Comp Bow dmg bug, Capping bug, Mindwipe CD...and...a lot.
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  • Joebl0w13 changed the title to Mindwipe is Broken

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