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  1. Just a friendly reminder to all who read this. Something will go horribly wrong on the august 25 update. Don't have your characters, creatures, or items in upload. Do not leave babies out. Lock it up and hide it out. Do not transfer servers! I repeat something WILL go wrong on the august 25th update. Don't be a fool!
  2. Where the fudge is the dunkleostus changes that you promised on Thursday july 30th? Why can't these clowns ever deliver what they say? At a certain point it just gets to be too much. I don't like insulting people, but you numbskulls take the cake I swear! Just stop promising stuff, put your noses to the grindstone and work!! Only talk what you know when you deliver it! I am beyond fed up with these LIES!!!
  3. But wildcard doesn't balance separately, so if it's a problem in pve then it's a problem in pvp.
  4. If there is a glitch inside then you are obstructing players from getting that glitch and completing that mission.
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