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Day Zero: Server Information


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1 hour ago, ferraldwarf68 said:

So, as an xbox guy, will all be well on realease? Ive played for the 2 years of Game Preview, hella of a good time might i say, and want to know if my legacy server will be available to play after the update? And will there be legacy ragnarok servers to go and get griffins and ice wyverns to transfer to my scortched server? Thank you Wildcard for such an amazing game.

If your server is not on the 'Xbox Kill List' thread (pinned topic in the General Discussion forum) then it'll still be there. They've said there will be some Ragnarok servers for Legacy, yes.

1 hour ago, HarleyllQuinn said:

Hi, will the s+ mod available on player dedicated servers on Xbox at all? 

Keep up the good work ?

No news on this apart from they might adapt some of the S+ stuff into the main game. I don't think they are too keen on some aspects of it (like unlimited pick up and move, for example) because of the obvious potential for misuse.

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41 minutes ago, Racidon said:

So the new players are going to now have a few choices... PVE (with all the pillar spam I see PVErs complaining about here), Prim+ with all the associated bugs with it, Legacy with all the exploiters, New servers non-tek or full vanilla with salty zergers raiding them every day...

This game has been popular for 2 years pretty much everyone that is gonna buy the game for the multiplayer online experience has done so.  Do you really think there is this huge untapped market of "new players" that are going to magically appear and learn to play ark?  Ark is just another survival game on PC out of the sea of games nothing new to PC, but it's easily one of the best games to play on console in its genre. The new servers are going to be full of experienced players in many different tribes, so everyone will be raiding and trolling.  At least the true new players can play single player and learn the game. I'm looking forward to the raids and pvp ?

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20 minutes ago, Zekkala said:

Can't wait

You know,

For me at least and many others I know. Ark has provided some of the most  fantastic gaming moments I have ever had in my gaming career (which spans some 35 years now).

It is adventurous, ambitiious and challenging as a project, that much is obvious, but it is quite simply brilliant. The fact that they have managed to get it working on consoles at all is nothing short of a miracle given the resources that  they have to work with. 

So @Jat thank you!  to you and the team so far, sure I have been frustrated at times but hey ho its been a journey and one that I hope will continue.

Good luck today!!



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Vanilla and Non-Tek servers will attract people from Legacy Vanilla servers. Primitive+ will attract mostly Prim+ and a few Vanilla and Regular Primitive players during the first few days. Meanwhile, the majority of the Regular Primitive demographic has no new servers to attract them. Basically, they have nowhere to go that is similar to their current niche. 

I agree that Non-Tek does NOT need PvE servers - they will still have access to all their tools on a Vanilla PvE server, they can just choose not to use the TEK stuff. Prim+, however, does have a bigger need for it, as some  of the stuff on there is unique - it cannot be found on neither Vanilla nor Non-Tek.

WildCard could drop the PvE Non-Tek servers and turn them into Regular Primitive servers. But they already promised to make those PvE servers, so it wouldn't look too good - and their reputation might already have taken enough damage recently for them to not want to harm it further.

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11 minutes ago, KrissPlosiv said:

I was about to buy Ark because of the Primitive servers
Now it's gone...

I'm not interested into modern technologies in Ark...

What's the point of the dinos if we have firearms/explosives ?

I've been waiting for this day, and then, there is this sad news... so disappointed :( 

I really do believe primitive is the best way to play this game. i couldn't play it any other way. sorry you will miss out on the kind of fun i had in my 4000 hours in the primitive servers. 

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3 hours ago, Larhah said:

@Jat You just broke my heart with the news that we won't have access to the save files without paying a subscription. I just wanted to have the dinosaurs I invested real-world time into breeding available on a private server. But first it was impossible to transfer from Official to Unofficial, and now you're telling me I can only have them if I pay a continuing subscription for them? Will I at least be able to transfer from the paid unofficial server to my own unpaid unofficial server, so I don't have to KEEP paying Nitrado for a service I neither need nor want?

I have a computer ready to run a server, all the settings tailored to my preferences, I just can't get the dinos over there. Is my only option really to cheat-spawn new dinos (without the mutation stats the old ones had), cheat them to the colors the old ones had, and pretend that they're the same? If that's the case, I really wish you'd told us that up front, so I wouldn't have spent the last two weeks maintaining dinosaurs I erroneously thought I'd get save files for. You get to make whatever decisions you want, but I wish you'd be honest with us about what those were going to be so we could plan accordingly. I'd rather be disappointed and move on than have my hopes crushed and be more disappointed in the end. Especially since I could have moved things to a Legacy server that will survive the release, if you'd alerted us what "we will make the save files available" was really going to mean more than 3 hours before their server got destroyed.

I too thought that making the save files available meant I could play on single player/privately hosted. What a heartbreak! I am sorry for your loss (hugs)


And Nitrado? I dont like Nitrado, I tried them, got bad service, and moved my server over to HostHavok, good service, and later went with BluefangSolutions, also good service imo.

Are the files also available via BlueFangSolutions or HostHavok?

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4 hours ago, TmcPants said:

ok just asked, Prim is not gone Ced still doing Prim+ and there will also be non tek servers so there will still be Prim+ servers and non tek tier? i fail to see a problem?

before tek teir was even a thing me and many others looked at vanilla ark and decided it wasn't for us. now tek teir is out we still look at vanilla ark and say no that's not for us. so you don't see what the issue is? we still have non tek servers to go to? 

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So today is the day that Wildcard finally dump on all the people that helped get this game off the ground, we spent our money we bought scorched earth and still we are not worth squat. After months coming on here being told to put in tickets regarding issues i finally got a reply from Wildcard which basically said tough luck we wont be fixing Legacy servers your on your own now or start again.

Basically Wildcard have dumped on their most loyal fans, they have let us keep our bases but on ruined servers that they never had any intention of fixing. If Wildcard want to prove me wrong then feel free. Destiny Two launches next month so il be still surviving till then and after it will just be log in to reset timers.


A Very Angry Gamer

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