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  1. I uploaded a bunch of images to imgur given the quantity I have - https://imgur.com/a/VhaE5h0 - hopefully it provides some context. This is only about 40% of the pics I have, and those pics I took within probably about an hour of playing and looking into this... just flying around the map finding drops to check how they'd landed. It really was quite incredible, drop after drop was inaccessible unless I was using the 'cheat ghost' command.
  2. This is a real annoyance, I have loads of pics if dev team need to see any examples (although I doubt it, given the frequency). Crates getting buried in the environment all over the terrain, both sides of the map. Given I play single player and I can use cheat fly / ghost to investigate them, I have also seen numerous examples of creatures inside the mesh. I have a few pictures of those too if required. The large mountain bottom-left of the 'easy' map side (around 80 lat / 68 long) is 1 example - I've seen multiple types of creatures spawning (or somehow getting in) inside it, including a
  3. The TLC re-models are looking very good in the main, glad to see things like the Sarco get some care because some of the earlier dino's are definitely looking a little left behind by some of the more recent introductions. Not sure about the rex-roar pooping thing mind, 'toilet humour' is scraping the barrel a bit.
  4. That is not the same - you can't currently play games using keyboard and mouse at present without those 3rd party options, which will be rendered largely pointless when support is official - apart from offering the auto/cheat stuff I guess. You can only use them to perform actions that are supported by the OS - like typing in text entry areas rather than using the controller & on-screen keyboard combo for example. Full support is still just "planned" although it was leaked via the Polish MS website, so it'll be along soon enough.
  5. It's licensing and security between the platforms. Microsoft is very protective (rightly so) of all the avenues into the Live system - just look at the hoops you have to go through to even rent a Nitrado server (app via the Windows Store etc). They're not just going to give you an entry point into their network. Steam is completely different, they're a PC-based system and it's in their interest to allow Windows/*nix users to interact - they don't have a console network they've spent 15+ years building up to protect. As for the first point... yeah, it is the same (except you don't have to
  6. November now?! Such disappointment I know you're probably only the messenger here Jat, but... *loads longneck*
  7. The game servers (Nitrado) are not the product update servers (Microsoft/Steam/Sony). Completely separate things, so yes is the answer.
  8. If your server is not on the 'Xbox Kill List' thread (pinned topic in the General Discussion forum) then it'll still be there. They've said there will be some Ragnarok servers for Legacy, yes. No news on this apart from they might adapt some of the S+ stuff into the main game. I don't think they are too keen on some aspects of it (like unlimited pick up and move, for example) because of the obvious potential for misuse.
  9. I think they might have been trying to say that Primitive is very different to just a 'Non-TEK' server, so in effect they've killed off the Primitive game mode on official servers (unless any are to remain on Legacy, of course). I'm not sure why WC decided to go down this route (although I can guess), I'd have personally thought a couple of Primitive and this new 'Non-TEK' format could live alongside each other...
  10. They've said Legacy will get the DDoS etc patches, updates and more content etc. Sounds like they're just deciding to wipe their hands of the 'customer support' aspect of the servers, i.e. stuck dino's, lost characters etc. Nope. Right there in the first post?! @Jen can you share a little more on the save game part? The Xbox SE server I play on (which, I may add, seems to be always above 15/17 players and easily 30+ on weekends) is on the list. How would I go about hosting that save game on an Xbox console? Do I have to use Win10/UWP? I can't see how I would be able
  11. Not sure if this has been mentioned (and it's too late for the disc submission now I guess!) but I can't sort items in any inventories. You used to be able to single select one item and move it - so you could group all the wood and thatch together, for example, rather than have them in the order they went into the inventory. Can't do this anymore, it just seems to de-select itself with a little judder. On Xbox, by the way.
  12. No...? When have you ever been able to transfer from single to multi player? 8th August, it's in the first post.
  13. @Jat, I know you've said "maybe" with regards to Play Anywhere for the 8th August, but on a more technical note - is that version not basically just the Xbox game? What factors might prevent you guys launching it on the 8th? I want to know for hosting purposes, but depending on the rental costs it may be cheaper/negligible to rent vs the cost of 24/7 electricity on a decent server at home...
  14. It was actually answered earlier in the thread. The answer is "no news at the moment, they'll discuss and announce when there's something to announce". Edit: and then he just answered it again for you
  15. Really hope this isn't the death knell for SotF. Never got to play it and really looking forward to it coming to XB1, especially with the new desert map.
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