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  1. Yes it does. used to tame griffins there all the time.
  2. The OC Official server 93 is down. 

    1. SpazTazTic


      Official server 93 is still down 21 hrs later

  3. You do know legacy prim does have a ragnorok server right? It has for a long time
  4. Hahahaa your funny man people name them selfs that to hide there identity because of battlemetrics.
  5. damn. only 4 OC servers. i was upset there was no primtiive but now all we have are 4 servers that i cant even join because there full. non even a non tek server or no tame server.
  6. No i'm serious, look for your self.
  7. Update live on pc! The update size is 2GB
  8. lets not talk about your consoles here.
  9. before tek teir was even a thing me and many others looked at vanilla ark and decided it wasn't for us. now tek teir is out we still look at vanilla ark and say no that's not for us. so you don't see what the issue is? we still have non tek servers to go to?
  10. I really do believe primitive is the best way to play this game. i couldn't play it any other way. sorry you will miss out on the kind of fun i had in my 4000 hours in the primitive servers.
  11. Nope actually i was on the original PVP test server made by the mod dev but when we went on we where not aloud to pvp. then we created our own server with the mod and had great fun with it. but in the end it got old real fast and for a better experience i went back to normal primitive.
  12. Are you that dumb? primitive+ and non tech servers are not even close to being the same thing as primtive.
  13. You already removed half of the primitive servers as is. now most of us have been waiting patiently for our new servers and you announce last minute there will be none? not even one server per region? and no we dont want primitive + i used to play that before it was an official mod. i made my mind up about it. no we dont want normal ark or any thing else. why include primitive in this server wipe crap if your not even giving us new servers.
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