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  1. Whenever I type my game freezes me?
  2. Getting told too many platform saddles on server?
  3. Cannot log back into server, logged out to have lunch now it says can't retrieve server. What the hell is going on?
  4. What planet were you muppets born on wildcard. I payed good money for your Genesis season pass now fix it so I can play or give me my effing money back you robbing jokes. I didn't pay to spend all night in a queue !!!!!!!
  5. I didn't pay for your stupid DLC to be stuck in a queue all night. Sort out the crossplay servers you stupid muppets wildcard.
  6. As the title states, this update has got to be the biggest slap in the face ever to us all, no-one cares about your Ark 2 work, you will just be remembered for the mess you made of this game. Your constant messed up updates, accounts lost or corrupted. Events that players could not get into, servers constantly down. And the final slap in the face a 15gig update that basically gave us just coloured dinos and a chance at some loot, all packaged up as a Winter Wonderland without any snow. Logging on to this pathetic event was like taking a child to see a department store santa and his beard
  7. Cannot get onto official server since todays update, i have tried everything including internet reset but it wont load. It gets as far as landscape download then times out, i have had 15 failed attempts to load the game. What have you broken this time WildCard?
  8. Having same issue on xbox too constant host connection timeout its a joke
  9. Woke up this morning to find my two juvenile Sarcos had starved to death, this has nothing to do with render range as i logged out in the same room they were feeding in. A whole day wasted watching them grow i even stayed on to 1am to ensure they were eating fine and do first imprint. Wildcard you are a bunch of morons who could not sort an orgy in a brothel let alone fix your bloody game. How many years Ark been running now and we are still stuck with stupid faults. Getting all my friends to one star this game on Xbox until they sort out these stupid faults or at least lower mature
  10. Game crashed after latest update Sept 14 2020. On reload my game just freezes on the respawn screen as my body obviously died after crash. I can no longer get into game?
  11. After a lot of serious thought myself and friends have finally quit and deleted Ark. After a good year and a few months of playing including meeting some good mates having a laugh building some amazing bases and raising loads of Dinos, getting banned from forums for being naughty and with a final swim race in a piranha infested river me and my friends have decided there is nothing left to actually do. Weve played every map tried official PVP and PVE and even paid for a Nitrado server but in the end we always ended up just running around our bases bored. On top of that there are so many private
  12. I stripped naked with some mates and we swam races in the Piranha infested rivers, winner was the one who made it out alive
  13. I keep getting issue where all plants and grass disappears and my dinos become the paper origami versions.
  14. Spent the last 16 hours waiting for help from anyone as my private server disappeared from Xbox unofficial pc list after update and still waiting and contemplating removing Ark for good as im tired of the problems with the game and lack of support for them.
  15. Running my own Nitrado Rag server so today i spawned in a load of wood structures then build a huge wood and thatch bar on the beach including sea view area. I then spawned in war drums beer kegs and storage full of beer. After this i painted the whole thing pink including the lighting and proceeded in getting my Character as drunk as possible then had naked fist fights with Dilos and Dodos on the beach where i believe my body is still laid as my internet went down. All in all the best day ever on Ark. You can find my bar on unofficial pc server EU Fallout World, its on the beach somewhere bet
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