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  1. Massive Lack of Support !!!! So after vowing never to use an official server again my brother asks me if i still play this game, so guess what i logged back into an official on my old tribe. A few weeks into playing and building and generally enjoying a peaceful friendly island server i noticed that i was not actually the tribe owner just an admin. I contacted some old mates who informed me that the original tribe owner was long gone (over two years to be precise) and no longer gamed on xbox. So i did what any person would do and contacted Wildcards supposedly customer support fully explaining my situation and the fact it was impossible to contact the original owner nor was he even on the xbox anymore. Their response was a joke in fact it was blatantly obvious they never even read my ticket. It went something like this basically, that they could not get involved in personal issues and that i should get the original owner to hand over the tribe to me. This was a blatant ignorant response from a blatantly cannot be bothered customer service team that do not care one iota about their player base. Wildcard will not support anyone playing on their official servers because it does not make them any money and would rather we all ran our own servers, the tribe has talked about purchasing Genesis but will only as our original tribe but now we are thinking just buy something new instead that provides us better support. Wildcard have full control over their services from banning to deleting content, they could have easily dealt with my request if they could be bothered but once again proved what a lazy service they provide. If they prove me wrong and read what i actually said and fix the situation then i will happily come on here and apologise for my rant but lets be honest thats not going to happen.
  2. Heres how you get WildCard to take their heads out of the sand. 1. Dont play on the official servers. 2. Dont play on any of the private Nitrado servers 3. Dont buy any more content from them including DLC or Dino skins. 4 Flood the forums with everything you find negative. 5. Only play the game on your own non paid for solo map until they fix the officials. 6. Dont waste your time expecting anything useful from the Moderators. I love the game but only play solo or with my mates who have Xbox one X, I played from the beta and to be honest this game has the worst customer support ever and its made worse by some of the worst map launches ever too. Ive played solo now for the last two years and to be honest its more fun, i was in two minds about getting Genesis but i did and i regret it. I am in the process of proving to Paypal that the actual content i was sold is broken, incomplete and was falsely advertised as the video shows content that is not actually in the game so i should get a refund. It may be worth anyone else who used paypal to pay for this broken mess to try the same. Until then im just going back to my Island map that seems ok Also good to see that after two years away from forums nothing has changed and everything is still broken. Going to make this my last post i think for a while. And i love how the only reaction i got was from a mod, like i said they are just fan boys with a bit of forum power.
  3. I like this game a lot, but lack of support from WildCard stopped me from playing it online two years ago, i lost my temper so much that forum moderators found it easier to shut me up rather than offer any actual positive advice. The reason the online servers are so badly managed is simple, they want you to pay for your own Nitrado server and for this reason they will make it as hard as possible for you to have any fun on the official servers. Its one of the main reasons tethering also exists on your own non dedicated servers because playing on their with friends also spoils their nitrado income. Im sure mods will defend and disagree but i wouldn't expect them to do any different as they are mainly fan boys. Your best option to enjoy the game is either play solo or have mates with Xbox One X consoles to have no tether and run your own non dedicated. The pillaring issue has been around since the games beta on console and never been fixed so that tells you a lot about WildCards support.
  4. Tames dont Teleport Been a while since ive been on here around 2 years but thought id give the Genesis update a go (single player only). Anyway issue i have is that tames are not teleporting with me. I keep them in view as i port and keep them in the circle but every time i arrive at destination they are not there. This would not be an issue if i could ride them to other biomes but as it requires the teleport its becoming a pain. I have already lost my first spider tame in snow biome as i tried to teleport us both back to the swamp?
  5. After a lot of serious thought myself and friends have finally quit and deleted Ark. After a good year and a few months of playing including meeting some good mates having a laugh building some amazing bases and raising loads of Dinos, getting banned from forums for being naughty and with a final swim race in a piranha infested river me and my friends have decided there is nothing left to actually do. Weve played every map tried official PVP and PVE and even paid for a Nitrado server but in the end we always ended up just running around our bases bored. On top of that there are so many private servers now that are empty even the officials seem to struggle getting more than 6 players on at a time. I would love to see a server list from Xbox or PS4 showing an actual un photoshopped busy server at least half full. So its time to blow the dust off my GTA 5 and go get ready for RED DEAD 2 to launch, yes i've got it pre ordered may even try some indie games. I wish all that stay with Ark well and hope that when the new map launches its all you have hoped for and i hope WildCards future endeavors do as well Love to you all and Keep Surviving xxxxxx AngryGamer666 signing out for good xxxxx
  6. I would like to see the lighting effects fixed on Aberration, some areas can suddenly flash really bright which could set off a seizure. Also a fix for dinos disappearing under the floor and also raptors spawning inside buildings. Other than that i'm quite happy with latest update as i don't play on any of the official servers so most problems can be fixed with a spawn in
  7. I stripped naked with some mates and we swam races in the Piranha infested rivers, winner was the one who made it out alive
  8. I have learned now that if i sail anywhere near the Blue Tower on Rag i remove all my armour and weapons because every-time it crashes there on re-spawn ive normally drowned under the boat instead of on it.
  9. I crashed twice yesterday in the area next to the blue tower where all the tree bridges are on Rag.
  10. I keep getting issue where all plants and grass disappears and my dinos become the paper origami versions.
  11. Spent the last 16 hours waiting for help from anyone as my private server disappeared from Xbox unofficial pc list after update and still waiting and contemplating removing Ark for good as im tired of the problems with the game and lack of support for them.
  12. I just get the issue in Blue area on Rag where the game just shuts down to dashboard, I just make sure i am on a land mount in that area as i do not ever expect it to be fixed.
  13. Running my own Nitrado Rag server so today i spawned in a load of wood structures then build a huge wood and thatch bar on the beach including sea view area. I then spawned in war drums beer kegs and storage full of beer. After this i painted the whole thing pink including the lighting and proceeded in getting my Character as drunk as possible then had naked fist fights with Dilos and Dodos on the beach where i believe my body is still laid as my internet went down. All in all the best day ever on Ark. You can find my bar on unofficial pc server EU Fallout World, its on the beach somewhere between Blue and Green towers i think ( i was drunk in real life too) feel free to drop in there's loads of beer.
  14. Just a heads up to anyone saying hard reset your Xbox, DO NOT DO THIS. We had the failure to retrieve address issue all last night hard resetting Xbox does not fix it and on the fourth hard reset my sons Xbox popped and now will not power up. Just for the record im not blaming Wildcard for this just bad information, Xbox's are not designed to be constantly hard reset. Wildcard do though need to show that they are actively working on issues reported so that things like this do not happen to anyone else. We have taken his Xbox in for a repair today but my best guess is either his power supply fried or the motherboard has overloaded from constant reboots.
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